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Elysia:  The Secret World

In the ancient days, before modern men kept records of meaning, mother Gaia gave birth to a new world. Elysia was her child, and in her the Old Gods found places for them and their chosen peoples to dwell.

This is the chronicle of a game written by good friends of mine. It is my intention to try to highlight all the events that happen. If you are curious about the game system, drop me a line, and I'll pass on the questions.

Brave New World An oppressive government holds the United States in the grip of martial law for decades, all because of deltas -- people with superpowers.
Welcome to the Brave New World. Did you remember your gun?

Brave New World is the newest roleplaying game from Alderac Entertainment Group, the folks that brought us The Legend of Five Rings and 7th Sea. Come on in to the website of the irreverant rebel, the encaffeinated ONE, as he gives us the scoop on the truth, the partial truth and nothing like the truth.

This Defiance site is owned by the encaffeinated ONE.
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Deadlands Welcome to Raccoon City, Colorado... circa 1876...