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Thank you for visiting Twilight and Roses. I have popped in with some free time on my hands and will be changing a few things to give the site a fresh look. If there are any graphics here that you wish to keep I would try to find a way to save them. Geocities keeps sending me notice that if I do not maintain the site they will delete it. Well I am here and attempting. I don't always have access to email to check these things and one day all this could be gone.

So help yourselves and just a reminder. Anything that has a signature is considered a copyrighted image. Alterations to those images or removal of the signature is a big "No, No!"

Once again thanks for the support of this site. Peace and Bright Blessings to you all!!

Please sign my guestbook. I love to know who has visited. Thanks again for stopping in and visiting my site.


Please upload or download at this time. Do Not link me. Everything seen on this site is the result of my "surfing the web".
These pages were made on a webtv, and therefore may look odd on a computer's browser. If you are not using a webtv, I recommend Internet Explorer for the best effect to view these pages.
I do not claim or represent in anyway that I have created the images or tools on these pages or that they are mine alone. Thanks again for stopping by. Please come back and visit soon.
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Page revised on: May 1, 2008.

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