Welcome to the Southern Isles

Konnichiha traveller, and welcome to the Mantis Islands. My name is Jim Harris, also known as Yoritomo Ijiwaru, a Mantis Clan yojimbo and iaijutsu initiate. This site is devoted to the world of Legend of the Five Rings, a fantasy setting rivaling any other fictional world known to date. The culture is oriental in every sense with battling samurai, spell-casting shugenja, honorable courtiers, as well as evil oni and sorcerous maho-tsukai. Legend of the Five Rings, or L5R for short, has been around for roughly 10 years and continually grows in popularity. It started as a collectible card game like Magic, then added a role-playing game to its name (based upon the same world created for the card game,) then spawned a miniature war game (also based upon its fantasy world.)

To find out more on Rokugan than I could ever find time to share, check out these pages. Some pages will be highly in-character (ie you might think you landed in medieval Japan or China.) Others will be good old-fashioned 'merican slang. I prefer a middle ground. In my pages you will find sections for the RPG and CCG. I'm not rich enough for war-gaming, and that stuff isn't my style anyway.

This site is but one of many found in the Isles of Silk and Spice located south of the Rokugani mainland. We here in the islands swear fealty to the Mantis Clan and our lord Yoritomo who has brought our clan into the spotlight of Rokugan politics after 1000 years of being ignored by the "so-called" Great Clans. If you swear fealty to the Phoenix clan I hope you are not too offended by my pro-Mantis viewpoints. But you can deal with it or leave.

Please accept my apologies to the state of this island. It has been most recently re-colonized since the last great tsunami destroyed all buildings on it before. We are just now beginning to rebuild. I keep my peasants busy at work, so next time you sail this way we hope to have completed more construction.

To visit other Mantis islands as well as journey on to the mainland please visit my ports .

My training dojos offer playing strategies by myself as well as other L5R players.

My library holds stories and knowledge from fellow players of the game, as well as the current roleplaying campaign my RPG group is involved in.

If you need to contact me, simply drop a scroll off with your chop to my hatamoto and I will attend you at my earliest convieniece.