This webring is for pages that have an Earth 2 couple theme to it. This includes pages dedicated to E2 couples and fanfiction pages that have fanfiction about an E2 couple



1) Has to be about an E2 couple, fanfiction about an Earth2 couple or couples, etc.

2) Has to be more than a page of links

3) No stolen materials (big no-no)

4) No character bashing

5) The HTML Fragment must be on your main page. If you have a problem with that then it must be somewhere where it is easily found



How to Join

If your page meets the requirements then fill out the form below. Afterwards go to the HTML fragment for your couple and copy and paste. Here is couples and fragments you get to choose from:


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All 3 code

This html code is for sites with that features all 3 couples, fanfic pages for example.



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Animated Code
Julia & Alonzo - Devon & John - Morgan & Bess


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New Code
Julia & Alonzo - Devon & John - Morgan & Bess



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Old Code
Julia & Alonzo - Devon & John - Morgan & Bess





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