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The Sept of the Rock River
Welcome Traveler to our humble site. You look tired. Here drink this. It will be okay you have nothing to fear here.

So you want to know about us and our fellow Tribes well that could be a long tale indeed. You have come to the right place as there are none better then the Fianna to tell you of your heritage.

What, you don't want to know of the other Tribes?

Well then I will teach you of our Sept and maybe you will come to understand a little more of our way.
Caern of the Whispering Wind and the Sept of the Rock River

Well let me tell you a little bit about myself and my fellow Garou here at our Sept. I am the Ritemaster as well as the token Fianna, I don't consider myself a token but others might. My name is Storms-in-Silence and I am a Theurge.

I would like to introduce you to our Challengemaster Judge Hurtzmore, he may be a Get of Fenris but he is a fine Philodox.

Our master of Teaching the Young is Simon Peace-Talker a Children of Gaia Ragabash. Needless to say the young learn alot more then the Litany from him.

We also have a wanderer in our midst and as yet he remains uncommunacative. Near as we can figure he is a Silent Strider Galliard and and he sure has the Silent part down.

Our Caern is located near the great metropolis of Chicago. I won't tell you excactly where as we have enemies from the Wyrm in our area that would like nothing better then to destroy us.

Rage is a collectible card game based upon
White Wolfs popular Werewolf the Apocalypse Role-Playing game. In it you play a pack of werewolves struggling to save Gaia from the Wyrm. Sound neat doesn't it?

As a Silver Pack member and Playtester I can tell you there are lot of exciting things coming up for Rage. So stay tuned and I will let you know when our Sept is having Challenge (Tournaments) and Teaching (Demos) Rites performed.
I have been working on a Excel 97 Deckbuilder for Rage and hope that you may find it useful. Click on the following to get the Rage Deckbuilder
If you have any feedback for my site or the deckbuilder then you can e-mail me here.
Rites of Challenge and Teaching

The following Rites will be performed on the Dates indicated:

Currently there is no Rites scheduled for Rage.

All Rites will be performed at Tomorrow is Yesterday 5600 N. Second St. Loves Park, Il 61111
Rage Links
The best spoilers section for Rage on the net that I have found is here at Little Bears Gurahl

For another completely different view of our world I found it here at the Unofficial Official Nuwisha Home Page.