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Konichi-wa! Hello! Welcome to my webpage!  My name is Reiko, and I am a fan of Wingman, an anime/manga by Masakazu Katsura. And this is about my search for ANY information/pics/fans  about Wingman.
****Ok, I'm aware that I havent updated this site in a LONG time, but I finally woke up, had some coffee, and am completely revamping this site!!!!***
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  A while ago, I opened up an old box and found an old video tape of mine. It was a video tape of  a Japanese cartoons, and on it were two partial episodes of an anime called 'Wingman'.
   The show impressed me, and I wanted to know  more, so I searched the internet.  I could find little to nothing about the  manga,let alone the series!  It was such a freak accurance  that I HAD to make this website!(and besides,I had too much  time on my hands...)  ;-)
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French Wingman
This Wingman pic is from Karwapo's Image galery, who graciously let me use them. Go here to see more.
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I am constantly looking for info/pics! If you have anything  you would like to contribute please E-mail me here.If you are sending a pic please give a detailed discription of it (Y'know, where and when it's from, who it is, that stuff).   I highly welcome fan pics! But this is a family site, I will not accept anything that does not fit with 'Family' !!   That's about it  :-)
Wingman is owned by Masakazu Katsura.This page is in no way trying to infringe on someone's copyright. This is a fan site, by a fan.It's just ment to entertain and educate the world about 'Wingman'. And all that leagle garble!
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