Uncle Trapspringer's Quotes


The Companions

"Flint paused to glare at the half elf. 'That doorknob of a kender would take so long telling about the time his Uncle Trapspringer was in a similar predicament that he'd totally forget what he was supposed to be doing.'" (114)

Bridges of Time

Spirit of the Wind

"'Merldon Metwinger says his daughter married Uncle Trapspringer.'
'It's distinctly possible, Kronn said. 'Uncle Trapspringer is quite a catch, and I know for a fact that he's been married seven or nine times.'" (8)

Other Books

The Soulforge

"'Uncle Trapspringer was my mother's aunt's third cousin on her Father's side by marriage,' said Eider Thistledown.
'Isn't this amazing!' cried Tasslehoff. 'Uncle Trapspringer was my father's cousin's uncle's wife's second cousin once removed.'
'Brother!' cried Eider.

"'-and then Uncle Trapspringer said, 'Are you sure that's your walrus?' And the barbarian said-Oh, hello, Raistlin! Look at me! I'm tied to a chair. Isn't this exciting? I'll bet Sturm would tie you up if you asked him politely. Would you, Sturm? Would you tie up Raistlin?'"(240)
((Tas, who else?))

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