A little bit about myself...

Hi! I'm TjTiggs. I hail from London, Ontario, Canada. (A very proud Canadian!) My primary hobbies are Star Trek (Voyager and Deep Space Nine), other science fiction and fantasy shows, including Highlander and Robin of Sherwood. Travel, in particular, European travel, is something I can't get enough of. These interests will, I hope, be reflected on my web page, as well as my own personal shrine to Gabriel Byrne. These things seem to have nothing in common, except my interest in them. I hope that you'll find something in here that will picque your curiosity.

A little piece of home - London, Ontario, Canada

Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine, Highlander: The Series
and Robin of Sherwood.

Pictures of my trip, favourite places to visit and a link or two to some of the resources I used in planning my trip.

My own personal shrine to my favourite actor! A few pictures, a filmography, and a few reccomendations!

Links to some of my net buddies pages and a tribute to all friends everywhere.

Question of the month and some wise words from my kamakazi puppy!

happy souls have stumbled into Tiggs' Universe!

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