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The_Spotted_Folk's_Prix'in_Celebration_Traditional_First_Night_Of_Family_ Greetingused 5-evenings of:Prix'in_Festivalopening traditional-family- meals:a*timeless-meaning*for*all!


For_all_dying_unexpectedly/willing_serviced_beliefs'honored: who've*lived*inGood_Ways:as*seen*'The_ Red_Road'traveling it home:may*they*be*in'The_GreatForest'forever!

Most-of- TTC ,except*THIS**down-for-upgrading! What'll be done when it can! Ethan Neelix-info temp-listed:*THIS_PAGE*! Thanks:for support & patience!

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IMPORTANT:TTC(TALAXIAN_TRADER'S_CORNER)created for nonprofit-reasons asDeaf/Disabled_Fans_OF:Mr.Ethan_Phillips/Neelix_StarTrek: Voyager_&out-of-appreciation for hisTrek-alterego/other-work done!*Politics*activist-events*posted*belongs*to*us*as*involved-citizens!*What's*freely-expressed*here**WILL*NEVER*BE*Endorsed/Supported*Officially/ */Unofficially*By*Mr.Phillips*/Official*Websites*Authorized_People*Paramount_ Pictures_Studios*/*Viacom*/*CBS*/*UPN*/*WGN*/*CW*/Etc.,.ALL:'Star_Trek'*Trade Marks*'belong to'Paramount_Pictures_Studios/Viacom/CBS/CW&above: listed-groups!*NO*INTENDED-INFRINGEMENTS*!*NO*CORPORATE-GREED*ALLOWED!FansMatter*Here!*Offended?*There's*Less-Ethicial*Opinated* Places*To*Go!*NO:Sexist/Racist/'Isms'Siblings-Junk,Etc,*TOLERATED*! Elsewhere*Don't*Worry*Of*Being-Challenged*Have*Too-Many*Questions!HERE:*You *Won't*Find*Sanitized*Views!*Fans*Who*Only*Want*:Ethan/Neelix/Talaxian/ Star_Trek:Voyager-info:go_past_political-stuff!'Disabled_Fandom's_ Alerts:Human/Civil_Rights_&_Issues!(*NOT*REQUIRED*READING!*)

From:Honor_The_Earth_Benefit:Winnona_LaDuke:"Someone*Put*Their*Voice* To*It*StoodUP*&*Said*You*Can't*Put*That*Here*You*Have*Rights*To*Live*With* Dignity*Wealth*Is*Not*Just*About*Money:Where*You*Can*Speak*Your*Language*Have *Your*Ceremonies*Some*Security*Which*Your*Ancestors*Fought*For*Not*Be* Obliterated*"


_Columbus_Day_:To:Native_Americans:Like*KluKluxKlanTo:African_Americans, *'Chris'**didn't*DISCOVER,*us*we're* already*here!Who*came*after*would've*died*without*our*help!*No*blaming*1*ethnic-group*or*another:mistakes*come*with*being*Human*Let*all*history*be *known!

Justice:For:Ms.Anna_Mae_Aquash!*Her_WebSite:interesting data!*All:who've*suffered*of*which*shouldn't*be*used*to*divide*but*honored*/ who've*been*ripped*by*injustice's*mindless-hatred*of*what's*diverse:may*healing *be*found*no*matter*who*you*are/where*your*from!*Aho!*Colorado_AIM:new-info on their blog/website!UNNA-Contact:Info:Dr.& Noted_Author:Al_Rudy_James@

Current_Disability_Rights/Issues:LOCAL:TODAY(12-pm/MST:Mountain_ Standard_Time/Sept.8th-2009:Community_Wide-Protest:West_Colorado_State_Capitol steps:Outrage@Gov.Ritter'sacting-like:(Closet_Republican)Excutive _Orders:striking*numuerous*state-level-benefits:including:State_Aid_To_ The_Needy_Disabled)just*as*it*says:*those*who*don't*yet*qualify*for:* Federal_Level_Disabled_benefits:what*we*live*on*until*the*other* level*benefits*are*achieved:SHAME*ON*BILL_RITTER*&*ANY*DEMOCRATS*WHO*DID* THIS*WITH*HIM!*HOW*MANY*DISABLED*HOMELESS*IN*MIDWINTER*DUE*TO*CRUEL*ACTION?*HEALTHCARE*REFORM?*THIS*DESTROYS*IT!

SENATOR*KENNEDY*SAY:"SHAME*ON*YOU*ALL*WHERE*IS*SERVING*THOSE*WHO*NEED*IT*MOST?WHERE'S*YOUR*HEART?*HAVE*THEY*FLED*?*DON'T*BALANCE*THE*BUDGET*ON*POOR*PEOPLE *BACKS!"*violates*campaign*pledges*/clients'civil-rights/A.D.A. Ritter:your*giving*our*party*a*bad*name*&*worse*reputation!Democratsaren't*supposed*to*due*this*to*their**much*money*slid* its*way*into*campaign*pockets?*does*it*have*'corporate-welfare'/'corporate-greed 'written*all*over? this*isn't*denver's*'road*home'*to*end*homelessness*this*is *the*road*to*hell*paved*with*cruelity*nefarious*frozen*hearted*intentions...

Time*for*class*action*lawsuits*with*Ritter*Excutive_Order_Gang's Time*for:sit-down/take-over*ADAPT-style-actions*everywhere:beginning: with*Governor's_Office/Every_Democrat/Bureocrat_Who'S_Anything_To_Do _With_These_Budget_Cuts...I*WILL*NOT*ALLOW*MY*&*OTHERS*ONLY*MEANS*OF* *INCOME/CIVIL_RIGHTS/MEDICAL/HEALTHCARE/MENTAL/PHYSICAL/DENTAL/HOUSING/ RESOURCES*BE*RIPPED*AWAY*!*A*CALL*FOR*POLITICAL/PROTEST/CIVIL_RIGHTS ACTIONS*BY*ALL*PEOPLE*OF*GOOD*CONSCIENCE*ESPECIALLY*PEOPLE*WITH* DISABILITIES*TO*GET*THINGS*GOING!Shame*on*you*Ritter*!I*will*NOT*VOTE*FOR* YOU*&*ANY*DEMOCRATS*WHO'RE*IN*THIS*WITH*YOU!*IF*YOU*DON'T*REVERSE*THIS* UNJUST*ACTION*I*WILL*DO*EVERYTHING*IN*MY*ABILITY*TO*CAMPAIGN*AGAINST*YOU*SEE* YOU*DON'T*EVER*GET*ELECETED*TO*ANYTHING!this*is*what*an enraged*not*power less*Disabled_Democratlooks*like*take*your*chances*Ritter,i*am* not*alone...i*won't*abandon*my*party*but*unless*you*turn*it*around*pretty*quick *many*will*abandon*you....

NATIONAL:Why?CORPORATE-GREED-INSTERESTS INSERTEDthemselves into all of it? Don't want loosing their grip on their areas of specialized-ripoffs! Worst of all:convincing:Prez_Obama not to include/support:CCA=COMMUNITY_CHOICE_ACTpart OF:HEALTHCARE_ REFORM! Time to turn this around!.


For:THE_TROUBLE_WITH_JERRY_PROTEST_COVERAGE:go to listed sites below: protest-color-photos)


Current:action-reports/ photos@:

Locally:CCDC/Local_ADAPT/DCIL/Othersstill-fighting for ourRights covering:important-things affecting lives!


Shame*onU.S.A.:**those:needing-services*most*often*can't*access-less* making*themselves*below:*'official-povertyline'*&*attempt-meeting*hugely* increasing-paperwork/redtape*in*order-to-get*routine*medical-care!*Creating: cruel/ignorant*of*life-threatening-maze*this*does!

*I*REFUSE*GOING*AWAY*'CAUZ*I'll*Save*Rich*Folks*Some*Money!*No_Way!*Try* trading-places:comprehand*our*lives*are*like*when*dealing*with*monster-systems*they've*tried*to*drown*us*in!


Colorado_State_Democrats_With_Disabilites_Intiative_July_Meeting: announced later when I get the info! UsualMeeting:@Colorado_State_ Dems'_HeadQuarters @8th & Sante Fe.


Not allDemocrats'good'or:all:Republicans'bad'.Decent*ones* support:Disabled_Rights/Civil/Human_Rights!Action*Over*Apathy*Compassion* Over*Hard*Hearts*Service*Over*Corporate*Greed*

Special_Thanks:D.C.I.L.=(Disablity_Center_For_Independent_Living)/Colorado/ Denver/Boulder/Colorado_Springs_ADAPT_Chapters/Atlantis_Community other agencies/individuals too-long a-list-to-post! NOT_DEAD_YET/Boulder_ADAPT/ Center_For_People_With_Disabilities(CPWD)/Memphis_Tennessee_ADAPT/Memphis_ Center_For_Independant_LivingupdatedDisability_Rights'_News:

From:TTC/EndevorFreedom,Inc.Org/TV.Org:EXCELLENT_Wade_Blank/Other_Passed ON_ADAPTors_Memorial_Videos!.Sign-up:free account & enjoy all aspects!

From:TTC/Legacy-Unleashed:Wade_Blank-Update:TTC/Kevin_Spacey's_Fans'Yahoo Groups'EmailList:'Legacy-Unleashed':'When_You_Remember_Me'screen/video videocaps! OfKevinas('Wade_Blake'/Wade_Blank),Fred_Savageas('Mike_Mell'/Michael_Patrick_Smith)via 1-loyalKevin>fan! Email: catluvr643/! Thanks:'Legacy-Unleashed,Joanne,Email_ Moderator/Webmaster!Info-below

Wade'soldest-daughter:HeatherLee_Blankdied:Dec.-30th,2002@home of:unknown-complications,Denver,CO...Jan.-12th,2003,Capitol_Hill_ Presbyterian_Church's Memorial_Service:Downtown-Denver. Heatherborn: Oct.-6th,1970Had spinabifadea, accompanied parents proudly on many ADAPT-protests,Lincoln/Caitlintook turns riding withBigSisterin her lap/on electric-wheelchair!Heatherhad patience like her dad & a sharp wit like her mom! Still-missed along with other-familymembers who've passed on...survived byCaitlin & Molly_Blank,(her mom)Thanks toJulie _Farreir-Kuhn/CO-ADAPT/CCDCMember

Rev.Wade_Blank(Former-Republican_Conservative/Was-Liberal_Radical-Democrat Off-The-Wall-Presbytarian_Minister)lived*as*he*died:trying-to-save/help others:he tried saving his drowning-sonLincolnoff of:TodosSantos_Baja Californiacoastalbeach where he & family vactioned before next-round of activist-goings-on.Lincolndrowned as did his dad,Feb.-15th,1993. Old-friend:you're missed & loved by many...taught me to:believe-in-myself/my- dreams:you saw:*good*when*all*seemed*fragmented-pieces. Faith-in-me & your basic-affirmation inHumanity'sgoodness holds true! Miss your crazy-jokes & laughter,retelling of how you were changed by working withDr.Martin_ Luther_King,how*others*moved*your*soul*in*ways*making*you*a*better*person! "You*Have*To*Remember*Where*You've*Been*To*Know*Where*Your*Going*Empowerment*&* Freedom*Start*With*Yourself*Before*They're*Applied*Anywhere*Else*!"Rev.Wade_ Blank

Funnymemory:Wade'sbuilt-in'junk food-radar'managed-finding local-town'junkfood'-joints! Whole caravan-of-assorted-vehicles:stopped all got out, while poor clerk behind service-counter freaked-out@takeout-order given:50-70 hambergers/salads plus 100-drinks-to-go! As we grew & more drive out with us, order got larger:shocked-reaction fun to see!

DriveThru_Clerk:"Please repeat? What did you order, sir?"


Wade:"Hey, we need all of that to go,as soon as possible! Right now would be nice!"

(While sticking head out of driver's side window of bright-yellow large-customized wheelchair-lift van plastered withADAPT/ Cleveland_Browns/Broncos/Lakers/Nuggetsstickers.Expectedly gazing at clerk with a need-it-now-look! At head of huge vehicle-caravan waiting to go through-drive through)

Wade*loved*'McDonalds'outWest&'WhiteCastle'out East. Wade/Atlantis_Community/ADAPTreasons why'McDonalds'/other major-fastfood-places,*became*accessible*for*mobility-limited/other Disabled/Deafpatrons. Memories/photos/video/info:

New Rev.Wade_Blank_Tribute_Memorial_Video! From:A.D.A.P.T's_Washington_D.C. _Memorial_Spring_1993:On Google_Videos!

(1st-Internet_Wade-Memorial_TributeSitetemporarily-down for:redesign/ updating so don't freak if not found!)

( 2nd-Intertnet Wade-Memorial TributeSite:Anita Caeron's, both of us knew/trained under Wade personally as others!)

'The_Day_Billy_Broke_His_Head_And_Other_Tales_Of_Wonder'dedicated-to Wadehad excellent film-footage interviews of last he was alive.ABC did a tv-film based on his life/of:Micheal_Patrick_Smith:When_You_ Remember_Me'(Smith's)(poetry-collection goes by same title!)Kevin_Spacey had maincredit:Wade'scharacter'Wade_Blake(Kevin_Spacey)',he was amused by it/compared where character & own real-life ran parallel then diverted.Fred_Savage('The_WonderYears')/('Mike_Mills')did:Micheal


(Kevin's_Site) http//


(Savage_FanSites) http;//

(Billy_Gofus) Bushechoing who want:'to-help-'us by ridding us of our Laws/Civil _Rights!'Overcome'Disabilities?WE-live-with-them everyday! Where's Compassionate_Conservatives'when needed? Any-care about despairing-folks? Nope:they don't want*associated*with anything remotely-lowincome & or Disabled! Makes_you_wonder don't it??? Time-to-fight-back!


Justin Dart Info archieved@

Since unfortunate-actions by ourNational/State_Governments:good-people from all-backgrounds came forward to help,THANK_YOU:for courage & loyality!

Welcome*To:An*Exclusive*GateWay/Website*Dedicated*To*The*Wise*&* Gentle*Talaxian*Neelix*&*actor*who*brought*him*to*life!(Johnny/John) Ethan_(Frances)_Phillips!ThisWeb_Site'sAlso*Dedicated*To:*Ethan/ Neelix-Fans*:*Needed*Ideals*Of*StarTrek*Our*World*Can*Live*By*!Diversity*Keeps*Life*Interesting!*Who*needs*outdated-thinking*limiting* others*by*prejudiced*sterotypes*from*darkest*parts*of*Humanity's*/b>cess pool?*Let*this*be*a*Haven*For*Open*Minded*&*Open*Hearted*!

Ethan/Neelix/Talaxian/STVOY/Trek-Info Starts Here!

From:TTC/DIGIJOURNAL.COM:Very*good*Trek/Vegas_Con_Aug.-2009_ Ethan_STVOY_CastMembers_Fan_ConReport/Photos!

From:TTC/CONVETIONFANS.TODAY.COM/Great_Color_Ethan_Phillips/Bob_Picardo_ Photos/Short_Fan_ConReport!

Great_Color_Mulitmedia_Star_Fest_Ethan_Phillips/Bob_Picardo_Interview! From:JONJA.NET! :latest-news&Itemid=50|

From:TTC/The_Spirit_Of_Star_Trek_Parts_1-8/You.Tube.Com:Ethan_Phillips/Rev. Curtis_Webster:reviewEthan's_Star_Trek_Voyageracting-work with 'Neelix'& The_Talaxian's4th-Season'smost-powerful episode:'Mortal_ Coil'& the questions & issues it deals with...go toYou.Tube.Comin search box type inEthan'sfull name &The_Spirit_Of_Star_Trek _Discussioncomes up!The_Spirit_Of_Star_Trek_2_32909_Pt.1Not to be missed! Very honest & in depth talk by a master-artist on his craft! As with others transcripts posted later!

From:TTC/Denver_Theater_Pavilions:Saw*new*retooled*recast*Star_Trek worth*enjoying*many*times! Like*oldTOS=(The_Orignal_Series)yet* better*brighter*with*essences*of:oldTOScast*intact!

From:TTC/Leap_Back.2009.Con/Enterprise_Blues_Band:Ethan& bandmembers color-photos of their gig while performing/after! Excellent shots ofEthan playing his'Ziggy'saxophone & having fun!

From:TTC/L.A._Talk_Radio:Jeff's_'Out_There'_Ethan_Phillips_Audio_ InterviewCandid-45-minutes indepth-interview! Info: toSunday:March-29th_2009down -loadable-media towards middle!)


ScreenGeeks.Com:Ethan_Phillips/Bob_Picardo_Audio_ Interviews:funny(Warning:none*of*above/below*NOT*appropriate*for:kids* teens*family-freindly-users.Recorded:live@ StarFest:go & look for audio-invterview towards bottom

From:TTC/Starland.Com:Starfest_2009:Ethan/Neelix/STVOY/Trek_Fans:got to see ourFavorite_Actorin-person & up close

From:TTC/Spirt_Of_Star_Trek.Com/You-Tube.Comvideo-Ethan:On:'Mortal_ Coil'_Teaser:Ethan:"What's interesting getting back to:'Mortal_Coil'you reminded me of the ending:a very extrastentional show:since, youknow I always think fo that novel'Nausea'(by Jean-Clade Sarte)youknow, those characters with that huge chesnut tree:& youknow:he looks at that & gets nausated by it...he doesn't understand why that tree is there:its just*there*;there's no reason why:its meaningless:it just exsists:there's no essentail quality:the tree is just, umn,pure exisitence:& Sartesays:that means your free of everything;& we,uhmn, have to act as rightous men(& women/people)so in that way it leads into that show('Mortal_Coil'we'll discuss that..." that..."Deep!Ethandefinately*gets*it*!


From:TTC/PRWEB_RELEASE.COM:Horror/Comedy_Film:'Dahmer_Vs._Gacy'With:Ethan_ Phillipsas'X-13'a crazed clonewho has a love of gardening & farming. [WARNING:NOT FOR KIDS/TEENS/FAMILIES!ADULT LANGUAGE/MATERILA/HUMOUR!]Info At: http//

From:TTC/StarTrek_Magazine.Com:Feb/April-2009_Editionhas a few nice things to say about bothEthan_&_Neelixwith words & photos!

From:TTC/STARLAND.COM:Ethan_Phillips/Bob_Picardo are confirmed guests withDenver_Colorado_USA_Starland.Com's_April-17th-19th/2009.Their play: 'House_Call'reprises theirSTVOY/'Neelix'_&_'The_Doctor'/EMH'!


From:TTC/IMDB.COM/Ethan'snew film:'Dahmer_Vs_Gacy'he plays 'X-13'.It's listed as scifi/horror/action/comedy, currently filming now.

From:TTC/DailyMotion.Com/AXN.SFPortal.HU:Ethan'sin a group of blended clips towards end after musical performance! He's candid humorous & for real as always! Info: films

From:TTC/TrekToday.Com:Ethan'sinTim_Russ's 'A_Night_At_The_Bijou' a comedy of errors...more info:

From:TTC/Pushing_Daisies.Com:Ethanplays'Robbing_Hood's'Mr.Daniel_Hill'. Color screencaps:site listed below,click:2.07'Robbing_Hood'.His character's 3rd-page:3rd-row down. He's dressed:retro-1940's oldfashioned dective in a smart business suit! To see ful-episode go to 2nd-site!

FROM:TTC:All:Ethan_Video_Interviews_Listed:Will be transcribed/posted by date&room made or links to interveiw-pages!

From:TTC/YouTube.Com:Ethan's_ST:TNG_First_Contact_Interview!Short but interesting! Info:

From:TTC/AXN_SciFi_SF_portal_Talalkozo(Talaxian):Ethan& a fewCruise_ _Trekwere guests atBudapest_Hungary's_Palace_Cinemas_MOM_Park_ November-15th_2008_Eventhosted by:Magyar_Star_Trek_Klub/SFportal_SciFi_ &_Fantasy_MagazinEGreatEthancolor fan photos!Info:

From:TTC/Cruise_Trek.Com:Ethan/Other:Trek/SciFi_StarsareCruise_Trek's _'The_Blue_Danube_2008's_Guestson their current-run!A.O.L.(American_ Online_Com/A.O.LHeck)free-community/member-pages shut down:no warning or apologies! Info postedAkira_Imani_Jeffersongets it! Cruise_Trek'snew-pages:

From:TTC/YouTube.Com:Neelix/Janeway_Video!Cute*relationship*video: Star_Trek:_Voyager:Its_Your_Love(Janeway/Neelix) :)

From:TTC/IMDB.Com:Ethan's 1st TV-Show:'Benson'/'Pete_Downey'enjoyed via:embedded_mediaplayer-onsite.

From:TTC/IMDB.Com:Ethan'sstaring as himself in a acting-profession/ audition-process-documentary-film-audition with humorous/moving-reflections out:2010...

FROM:TTC/Cinama.Theapolis.Com:Ethan'sa combo action/drama/thriller: 'Big_Game'/'Mr.Foxx'info:


From:TTC/Radio_Dead_Air/Dragoncon_2008/Senseless_Acts_Of_Comprehension:Ethan _Phillips/Robert_Picardo_Audio_Interview! Link:

(Note:NOT for:kids/teen agers/family-freindly-users:adult material:language/humor) From:TTC/Radio_Dead_Air:Ethan_Phillips/Robert_Picardo Dragoncon_2008 Small_Interviews & color-photos! Link:

From:TTC/YouTube.Com:6_DragonCon_Ethan_Phillips'Full_ColorVideos!He entertainsFanslaughing via jokes/serious-questions/answers/memories from :STVOYdays:past/present/future-works.Ethan@his best:open* /honest/*for*real*as*you*can*get! Looks very good!Covers:everything from:spirituality to loosing his beloved canine-familymember to life-threatening-surgery leaving him frieghtened & staying up early morning not able to sleep... Ethan Phillips-Neelixpart 1)(Type in:Ethan_PhillipsinYouTube. Com's SEarchEngine Window& otherDragoncon_2008_Ethan_Phillips_Videos(2- 6)pop-up!)[NOTE:WARNING:Ethanuses adult-material humor & words! Not for kids/teenagers/family-freindly-users!]

From:TTC/Janet's_STVOY_Site:deep,excellent,well-thought exploration of Neelix'scharacter-developement from all-angles!

From:TTC/YouTube.Com:Making_Of(Out_Of_Omaha)California_Dreaming_Part-1: Ethan__Phillips/'Wayne_Porter'On_Film:"I,uh,think,its great:its,uh,very quirky & very funny,&uh,in,a way,its,uh,kinda a film about a borderline-personality,uh,I think,ginger,needs a little help!Its her trying to control everything & everybody else & just trying to be..."(small grin)

Actor's dressed in character outside of character'sOmaha,Nebraska, house's backyard being interviewed along with other castmembers on a early summer long afternoon filled with laid back easiness:seated against outter kitchen-wall with backdoor's hinges part-seen. Full-frontal upper-shoulders/ head shot:slightly to left.Ethan's in a white cotton workshirt with sleeves cut-off:pink/tan/light-pink/grey-plaids,unbuttoned open down to mid chest.He's wearing a black-baseball-cap with movie-company's logo,silver-rimmed glasses ready to slide down his nose,reflecting earth-brown warm eyes,face animated with his thoughts,effecting:'country'-look grey-sprinkled-beard,hair trimmed conservatively. Previous-scenes;clip:he appears_briefly in a 3/quarters left-side bodyprofile with lady-actor portraying his wife: Teensie'/Vickie_Lewisin smae pose leaning back on his chest.

From:TTC/November_The_Play.Com:Ethan:"(On_OPening_Night)Its like an old earlyNeil_SimonDavid_Mahmet, I guess, he's,I don't know,it surprised me! It was hystaricial,its like a gunshot:it goes off & it doesn;t stop!(OnNathan_Lane )He's a very funny guy, you know,he's starting to do cartoons, like, he's a cartoonist, I guess...Its great! Its wonderful!"

Ethan'stalking to multimeadia-interviewers @opening-night after-play-party still dressed as his character:'Turkey_Guy'/'Industry_ Representative'. His smile never leaves his voice, eyes or face, high on play's success/response: happy & enthused!

Micheal_Nichols/'Dwight_Grackle'.MN:"How about that!Nathan_(Lane) is magnificent,what a talented, strong significant actor!Laurie_(Metcalf)/ 'Dillion'&Ethan_(Phillips),its just a incrediable what they do! I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of this!"

Micheal'sdressed in regular street-clothes & out of character & opening-night-after-play party while interviewed.

From:TTC/Ethan's__Official_Website/Ethan_Phillips.Net/Com/Ms.Beth_Harvey_ Site_WebMaster/Email_Contact:Ethan's_Official_Site'sbeen*completely*updated with a new-look & pages...unfortunately:formerly-archieved & disbanded E.P.I.C.=(Ethan_Phillips'_International_Fan_Club)no longer-availble/online had shown both actor's & fans connections,loyalities & appreciations of each other through fans'contributed photos & artwork.

From:TTC/Creationentertainment.Com:Scarlett_Pomersshort video-interveiw from:Creation_Con's Eventslast-year what she had to say onEthan ! SP:"It(Makeup)took me about 5-minutes inThe_Makeup_Chair; where it took:Ethan_Phillips,who playedNeelix,he was there from 5:00-amuntil10:00-am'o'clock in the morning. Then they start shooting(filming episodes onSTVOY-set)& it was so funny:because he'd (Ethan)always fallsasleep inThe_Makeup_Chair& he'd be in same position like 5-hours-straight & we'd like always go up & make funny-faces@him(other kid-actors on show)take pictures of him like sleeping & stuff like that!

From:TTC/Bones_Fans_OnLine.Com:Ethan'scharacter:'Jerry_Lincoln' piano-bar-owner/open-mike-nite-mc:embroiled in local-murder-investigation:1 of prize open-nite performers found dead not-far from where performed. 'Jerry_Lincoln'gets warned-off from overdoing a shades-of-grey-hustle kicking-up customers & singers or off to jail...full show:'Wanna_Be_In_The _Weeds'full-color-screen-caps to check-outEthan'srecent tv-work.


From:TTC/New_York_City_Guide.Com;Ethan's & 'November_The_Play's'Cast_Members on their show & each-other. Transcript follwing:Ethan(On Mamet:"David wrote it from his head to us onBroadway He set out to make people laugh with a boulevard comedy filled with faricical elements & that;s what he did!"(Cast had only 3-week-rehersals & no workshops)

Ethan(On Lane):"He came in off-book,which is amazing! With all ofMamet's ellipses,ahs & uhms,but with all the changes that went on,during rehersals:he never took a note, he kept everything in his head...But that'sNathan:he has a encyclopedic Knowledge of theatre!"

Ethan(On Play):"In directing the Play,Joewanted an underpinning of reality to support the level of absurdity, so we looked at it like a real-drama:with writing automatically making it fun!"

Lastly,Nathan_Lane/Ethan_Phillips/All Cast_&_Crew _Membersdeparted: 'November_The_Play':July,13th,2008...The_Official_WebSite'sintact & functioning.

From:TTC/Bluehorse's_Neelix_Fan_Fiction_Site:Updated:new further adventures ofJaneway & Neelix!

From:TTC/The_Hollywood_Reporter.Com:Ethan'slowdown-film no-one ever*wants*to*see'The_Babysitters'/'Mark_Kessler'out:May-9th,2008/ Peace_Arch_Entertainment.Opinions on this already known:this*is*worst* role*ever*[Note:NOT*For*Kids*Teens*Familes*Anyone*Do*Not*SEE*Ever*!]

Ethan/'Turkey_Guy'/'Larry_Feldman':"The genisis of the play was when David_Mametwas flying 1st-class & on board were guarded turkeys that were going to be pardoned(byThe_President')@Thanksgivingtime.)I replacedNathan(_Lane/'The_Prez.Charlie_Smith')@The _Manhatten_ Theater_Club(New_York_City_U.S.A.)&atThe_Mark_Taper(Los_Angeles_U.S.A.) in'Lips_Together_Teeth_Apart'Before('November_The_Play')Rehersals, Nathanwas talking toVictor_Garber,saying:"WE can't find a guy to play'The_Turkey_Guy'".Victorsaid:"What aboutEthan_ Phillips?"Nathansaid:"That's a great idea!"I oweVictor_ Garber!"Ethanon:"'Neelix:was an alien covered in rubber,@the end, I figured out with my make-up guy that I spent 2,300 hours on the make-up chair!EthanonTrek_Fans:"Its fun to chat with them for a second! (Said with a teasing smile.)Ethanon his family's restuarant business: (His grandfather startedManhatten's Steakhouse:'Frankie & Johnnies.)"In 1921, my father took it over & ran it until 1985. None of us wanted to( Ethan& his 5-sisters)be a restuanter, so my father sold it."Ethanon fellow play castmember/actor:Nathan_Lane:"I've never met a more playful, braver or funnier actor! He's just extraordainary! Acting with him is like taking a thousand(acting)classes! We,(other play castmembers/actors:Laurie_ Metcalf,Dylan_Baker,& Michael_Nichols>)rootNathan,whose like a cyclone, he never changes lines,but, you never know which way he's going to go. Its very exciting out there!"Info@:

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From:TTC/BroadwayWorld.Com:Newer'November_The_Play'VideoClip![Editor's Note: WARNING:VIDEOcLIP*HAS*ADULT*MATURE*LANGUAGE/THEMES!*NOT*SUITABLE*FOR*FAMILIES* KIDS*TEENS*!]Part Ethan's('The_Turkey_Guy')in clean quoteables but rest ain't so presentable-dialouge scene from clip:only 1st-opening-scene: Nathan_Laneas'Prez.Charles_Smith'in'Oval-Office'sprawled in a white-broadcaded chair,dressed in formal dark-navey blueblack-tailored business-suitejacket/matching pants with a white dress-shirt/cuffs/cufflinks@ wrists with a darkred-necktie & a conservative-clip, black-business shoes with matching socks complete'Prez_Smith's'outfit.Actor's immaculately-groomed with no-hair:out-of-place,speaking of:which's evenly-divided 2-black bangs' wings swept-back off of a high-forehead:rest:in a professional-businessman's cut barely-collar touched. Seated:slightly off-center:stage-right with:'macho- presidental'-power items in background. Promenant:a tall white-paneled:3-shelf bookcase with eagle collector-plates on 1st-shelf,2nd/3rd:'rare-knicknacks'& embossed real leather-vound books. By his knees;a wooden low coffee-table with a fresh red/purple flower-bouquet, matching white-broadcaded couch with wooden endtables & white-shaded lamps.'Prez_Smith'sin full-body shot with left-facial-profile, head tilted back to look@Ethan/'Turkey-Guy'_ _Business_Rep.'Actor's in full-body-3-quarter-veiw shot/slightly-off- center-stage-left with left-facial-profile;his head's aimed down & glaring@ Nathan_Lane.through black-platic-thick-lensed'nerd'glasses.'Turkey_ Guy'sgarbed:in equally-formal expesnive-business-suit. Jacket seems to be medium-brown wool-tweed with light-pink dress-shirt & dark-brown pants;small- -gold cufflinks@wrists & dark-brown business-shoes with very-darkbrown socks. Wine-red necktie with huge-white-spots,sports-watch with darkleather-band & band & matching wine-brown oldstyle-used leather-breifcase with dual-buckle straps/metal-buckles:overstuffed completes image! Ethan'shands firmly-grip handles in front of his person. His dark-brown hair's cut in a businessman's cut shorter thanNathan's a full-mustache covers his upper lip.

Ethan/'Turkey_Guy':"Your dead!"

Nathan/Prez_Smith':"I'm dead?"

Ethan/'Turkey_Guy':"Your numbers are lower than Gandi's cholestural! After the elections,we'll see you at swapmeets,signing autographs! You, Looser!"

Ethan/'Turkey_Guy'turns to leave in disgust only stopped by a pleading outburst from Nathan/'Prez._Smith'.

Nathan/'Prez._Smith':"Get me thePork_Peopleon the phone!"

he gestures to the antique phone over on the coffee table.Ethan/'Turkey_ Guy'whirls around in response to the comment.

Ethan/'Turkey_Guy';"Oh would you please!To sell pork on THANKSGIVING???"

He throws his right hand out in further frustration, staring down@'Prez_Smith'in shock.'Prez_Smith' glares back up @him.

Nathan/'Prez_Smith':"WATCH ME!"

Scene ends.

From:TTC/Trekcore.Com:STVOY-Seasons-1&3 Audio-Caps online! Jetral'Neelix's premire-character-story episode audio-caps are now online!

From:TTC:found in the multimedia-section of:'November_The_Play'sofficial website are colorphotos of:Ethanin character along with his otherCastMembers!

From:TTC:A Warning:Site*NOT*To Visit:Whose_Dated_Who.ComThis Site:Lists Ethan Phillips/& his wife:Patrica CresswellUnder:' Dating/Gossip/News/Photos...Ethan's made it clear over the years:*TO*PLEASE*RESPECT*HIS*PRIVACY*OF*HIS*PRIVATE/PERSONAL*LIFE:Want to contact him? Do along requested-public contact-points:@convententions/public-events where its a part-of-things/write him:care-of-official contact-person/address/ email listed@his official & business website! Already listed here. Things like this stupid-site listed above violate the actor's privacy:& no decent-fan or otherwise would lower themselves to consider it!

FROM:TTC:Ethan's_Play:'November_The_Play'Premired_On_Jan.-17th,2008. Play Bill.Com'sbriefEthan_Phillip(Turkey_Representative_Industry_Spokes person_Interviewwith 1 great colorphoto:was picked up byTrekWeb.Com. EP:"I got a televison series that ran forever:StarTrek:Voyager& I was covered in rubber,for like,7 years...Then I fell in love withL.A.,(Los_ Angles,California,USA)stayed there & did a lot of theater out here atThe_ Pasadena_Playhouse&The_Geffen&The_Mark_Taper. I kinda flew in on my own nickel to audition for this & I bagged it!"

There's also other great colorphotos of:Ethanonstage with the play's cast& others of him for the encore/at afterplay_party! Play:reviews/photos/ articles@: NCC-Redesigned-Corridor.shtml(Look forEthan'sartitle in theTribblets headlines_news on the left)

For more info on:'November_The_Play'go to their website!(Warning:PerformanceMaterial/Language*Is*Adult*In*Nature/Humor*&*not*suitable* for*children*or*families...)

From:TTC/November_The_Play'.Site:The actor's cast/charcter-bio with black_&_white_head/shoulder shot's up The bottom:"This is forFrankie...

From:TTC/TV-NOW.COM/Internet/Spike.Com:Ethan's'Neelix'inStarTrek: Voyager's'-All-Season-Shows.SeeSpike.Comfor times.

Ethan as a variety of tv/film work during: May_2008/to:his current-listing@

From:TTC/StarTrek.Com:Apparently:CBSrevivingStarTrek.Combut who knows?

Subspace-Comms.Net:StarTrek.Com:GOING_OFFLINE_PERMENANTLY???CBS_ INTERACTIVE_Organization'sbeing:REstructured?? StarTrek.Com's supposed to be eliminated immediately! NOWay? Is this true? A downer for all Trek-Fans/Folkswho've been loyal for years including hard work & support in many forms to keepGene_Roddenberry's_Dream_For_A_Better_ _Tomorrowalive!

Ethan won A part of:'Turkey_Representative'.'November'by authorDavid_Mamet,withNathan_Laneas'President_Charlie_Smith'Its a crazy play touching on a lot of hot-button-issues:Ethan/srole's got to bethe funniest of'em all:'Turkey_Representative'?Its@'Ethel_Barrymore_Theater/243 West 47th-Street/MidTown_Manhatten_NewYork_City,NewYork_State,10036.Broadway.Com's_ Official_WebSite'sshort-video-interview withPrincipal-CastMembers,of course has, Ethanin it & here's transcribed-interview forFans'enjoyment!

'November';('The_Play')First_Rehearsal:When:Monday,Nov.- 26th,2007(Estimated Time:Early/Late-Afternoon-NewYork_City_Eastern_Standard_Time)Where:42nd_Street_Studios(NewYork_City,NewYork_State).1st-Opening-scene:Ethan& 2-other male-castmembers seated@a wooden/metal folding-table among others lined up in rehearsal-space:smiling for media with camras flashing & vidieos rolling. Upper-body full-frontal picture:actor's dressed in a light blue/white casual-shirt with full long-sleeves buttoned@neck & wrists, a medium tan-grey sport-jacket over that,black-leather belted medium-grey pressed-pants with dark sneakers. Group photo-opportunity with 3-male principle-cast:Ethan'son right_end:all:leaning a little-in for group-pose. He has on black-baseball-capOfficial_Play_Company's_Show_Logo Show_Logowith a turkey on the front. A small-smile tugs@ his lips as he mugs for camra! Scene ends. Found for a few seconds@video-beginning after it downloads from site. One can use pointer-icon to speed-up/slow-down frame-by- frame. 2nd-Scene:Ethan'sin a upper-body full-frontal-shot:head turned slightly to left,he's looking-down to right. His black'Play_Company' baseball-cap's off:hair's neatly trimmed,flicking over his ears,its@ collar-length:there's more grey-highlights in it now. What's this? Beginnings of a thick-mustache for his character,perhaps? They've finished their 1st-run-reading of:'November's'-script,few seated@ tables they left. Blue wall-length curtains as well as wall-size glass-windows are seen in background. Ethan'swandering@ will chatting & joking with others'tilBroadway.Com's Interviwerfinds him. Glances up@Interviewerrunning his right hand's fingers to smoothe down hair behind right ear. We hear his trained tenor voice speak in response to questions asked off-camra that we can't hear. When the actor's excited or has strong feelings:he stutters a little bit:once aware he corrects it. When performing his lines are clear & perfect...

Ethan:"Its,uh,its'The_White_House!Its ah,NOW& uh,its 'The_President'& he,ah,needs to get re-elected & he needs money,ummhn, all kinds of things happen!..."

Actor tilts his head a bit to right & he bounces on his feet a moment,his whole demenor brightens up as he comments on play.

Ethan:"uh,all kinds of things happen as he tries to get this money!

He actor glances back down then up,turning his head once more to left& his face/eyes & voice light up with humor & obivious enthusiasm! 2nd-scene ends. 3rd-final-scene:Upper shoulders/head-full-frontal-shot:Ethan leans in close,tilting his head to left,sharing his thoughts:expressive-features showing every emotion,mainly enjoying part of a great comdey-play: trying not burst-out laughing as he talks. Warm earth-brown eyes twinkle,his face creases in deep-smile-lines:he's is usual geniune-self,trying hard not to give too-much away.

"He('The_President:'Charlie_Smith')reminds me a litte of: 'Taft'but,no,I don't know!..."3rd-final-clip ends.

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From;TTC/IMDB.Com:Ethan's'Caveman'_Piolet_Episode/'Rock_Vote's'Red_Gold -reyer'tv-work.NOTE:Adult*Humor*Material*Not*For*Kids*Teens*&*Familes*!

From:TTC/YouTube.Com:New Ethan/Neelix_Fan_Videos! UPN(Unitied_Paramount_ Network)Q&A'96(Question/Answer_Session)'/'Behind_The_Scenes:Voyager_Running_ Lines'!Great candid & funny retrolooks for:Ethan/Neelix/STVOY_Fans!Transcripts up of:Trek_Expo_Tulsa_Ok_2007 & These newer-ones plus Ethan/Marty_Scenes:Chestnut_Hero_Of_Central_Parkwhen able! Info:'96) _Lines)

FromTTC/TrekWeb.Com:/ST:OMAG.Com(StarTrek:Of_Men_And_Gods)mentions Ethan's(The_Data_Clerk)character in:Act_One's_1st_3_Minutesfound onYou.Tube.Com! Complete;ST:OMAG's Act_One's Dec.22nd_2007-Release@5:01pm-EST(Eastern_Standard_Time)(7:01pm-MST(Mountain_Standard_Time)!

From:TTC/YouTube.Com:On:Fans'YouTube's Trek_Expo_Ethan/Kate/Bob_Videos' is seen aA.S.L.Interpetor/Signer(American_Sign_Language_Interpetor! Ethan even teases her with some silly comments & gestures! Also seen:Disabled/ Mobility_Limited_Fans'who come up to ask questions! SoEthan'sfinally gotten theA.D.A(Americans_With_Disabilities'Act)Message!Excellent!

From:TTC/Ethan/Neelix/STVOY-Fans_On_YouTube.Com:Great Trek_Expo Tusla/OK Videos+Posted_By_Fans_Of:Ethan/Kate_Mulgrew/Bob_Picardo!Hystarical! Tran- scripts posted here as soon as able to get them!

From:TTC:ETHAN_Films'Reviewers:Akira_Imani/De'vorah:1st:'Chesnut:Hero_Of_ Central_Park:(Akira):Love it! Ethan/'Marty'/little-girls/large-dog have a timeless & fun-message! Buy/rent/borrow/check it out from library, go see it! 2nd:'Hallowed_Ground':certain_standards I hold which don't allow me to go see again/recommend it:sorryEthanit wasn't something I'd ever enjoy & my opinions on things like this:you/all who stop by already-know (De'vorah)

From:TTC/YouTube.Com/Totally_Kate.Com:On YouTube's Site:Fan-made clips of:'The_3_Some':Ethan/Kate_Mulgrew/Bob(Robert)Picardoteasing tarnation out of each other & having fun!On:'Totally_Kate.Com(Mulgrew's Official_Site)great color-photos:all in candid laughing moments!

From:TTC:'Hallowed_Ground'listed in:NOT_TO_GO_SEE_LIST along with:'Bad_Santa'/'The_BabySitters'/'Sweet_Sixteen'& anything else along those types...blehck!

From:TTC:found 1 ofEthan'snew movie-trailers from:'Hallowed Ground'but before I give it's internet-location:usual_***WARNING:!THIS FILM CONTAINS ADULT MATERIALS/SCENES/LANGUAGE!/NOT-FOR-KIDS/FAMILES/WEAK- HEARTED/TEENS! VERY MESSY & GROSS Now that's out of the way:seeing Ethanas a pyscho-evil poccessed small-town fundie-preacher:so far from usual characters he plays & from who he is! Below:only scenes from the movie-trailer transcribed because they;re the only ones barely able to meet guide lines for here.Openingscene:Ethan'svoice & then appearance come in about half-way through the trailer:he's dressed in an old-fashioned out-of-date clerical stark black frock with an ancient-clerical white collar around his neck with a simple large white cross dangling from either a chain or thong down on his chest. He stands front & center leading a group of equally-evilly over taken worshippers down a street in the dark with only streetlights & torches highlighting the group. Sorry, I can't relay lines because they wouldn't be appropriate for this website's guidelines. I can't think of Ethan as badguy poccessed twisted-preacher:does not compute! Rest of lines/scenes I can't post either for considerations I've already given...for those who are over18- & the tralier-address:

From:JediKatie/CruiseTrek:great candid color photos of:Ethan & Bob Picardo from their trip!

From:TTC/The _Commuter_TalkShow:Webisode#2_Interview_With_Ethan_Phillips/ Marc_Wasserman/YouTube.Com:Transcribed_For:Fans_Who_Don't_Have_MultiMedia_ Support:Inside:Marc's Midnight_Blue-Lexis S.U.V.:We see a webcamra's front dashboard's veiw of the driver's side withMarc'sfull-frontal face/upper shoulders-shot.A nice workingJewishguy wearing a white-business shirt with collar/darkbrown tie loosened,interviewer's face shows early-middleage:he has a high-forehead with salt/pepper-greying hair swept back on top & sides with ends barely-touching overshoulders. He has a well-groomed short-length goatee echoing salt & pepper hair. NoGreecianFormulafor him:mature & feareless-enough to show he's lived real life! Medium-thick eyebrows with very dark-brown eyes shielded by piolet's sunglasses with a patriacian-nose, a mouth quick to smile & talk & smile/crinkle-lines to prove it!Marchas a phone-hands'free device in 1-ear hidden by swept-back hair(hey,very hip & nice-looking mature adult man! Cool!)You can tell he's driving & pulling over as he speaks loud enough for webcamra's mic's pickup.

Marc:"Welcome to anotherWebisode_Of_The_Commuter_TalkShow! Today we have a very special guest:You may recognize him as'Neelix'from'Star Trek:Voyager','The_Island',& a slew of other shows! And we are looking today for: Ethan Phillips!And there he is!"

Veiw switches to front window as interviewer drives up & we see car slowing to a stop in a well-keptLosAnglesworkingclass neighborhood with Ethanwaiting by a low-walled parkinglot on the backside of a small-shopp- ing mall with tall palmtrees. The actor's waiting in open-curbside parking by the sidewalk,standing by a dark-hued van looking as the camra pans to the left- passenger's door asMarccomes to a stop.Ethan'swearing a well-worn bright-red t-shirt, lightlue-jeans with light-toned sneakers, he comes up to the passenger's door, opening it:on his back:ever familar darkgreen/black backpack & a lightgreen/white baseball cap on. The actor puts it down on the floor by his feet & gets in with a hot cup of coffee.

Ethan:Hi Commuter! How are ya?"

Ethansets his coffee in a cupholder & reaches over to shake hands across withMarc. Marc:"Mr.Phillips ,Thanks for coming!"

Ethan:"Its great!Thanks for having me on The Show!Gosh its nice in here,uh!"

view goes back to front-dashboard scene with both getting comfortable, actor pushes his baseball-cap's brim back a bit & slides old-fashioned blackplastic-glasses up his nose.

Marc:"Thanks for meeting us on the raod!"


Marc:"Let's get outta traf- fic here so we can conduct this interview."

The driver turns to check mirriors & directions,rotating the visable-upper circle of the driving wheel,nosing their way into the local vehicle stream.Ethan:"Very Good!"

Marc:"So we just picked you up here?"

He gestures at the actor.Ethan:"Yeah"

Marc:"I see you just finished a workkout?"

The actor moves 1-hand up over his body, looking down at himself then over to the interviewer.Ethan:"Yeah, a couple of push-ups, a couple of sit-ups,youknow..."

Marc:"Do you do you do that everyday?"

"I so it about twice a month, youknow to try to keep in shape,youknow..."

Marc:"Oh yeah,what's the commute like from here to where you live?"

Driver waggles fingers of his hand not holding the steering wheel in a 'here/there' motion.

Ethan:"I live about 10-minutes, actually, from here, yeah...And uh,I'm used to commuting, I come fromLongIsland,(NewYork-City/ NewYork-State)The LongIsland-Expressway, World's Biggest-ParkingLot!"

The actor grins & lifts his eye brows up at comment.Marc:"So you know how it is, commuting with horrible traffic!"

The actor shakes head in agreement & sips some of his coffee as they drive on.

..Ethan:"I,I tell ya its something I've done my whole life, I, uh,I don't like it its something I don't take pleasure in...I'm really interested in ways to maek the time go faster>"

Marc:"What do you do along the commute to pass time?"


"I,uh, um,have books on tape, I listen to a lot of jazz, I'm a little tired,I apologize. I got up at:3:00(-amPST=Pacific-StandardTime)'o=clock in the morning. I took a breif-walk to the bathroom & went back to bed at:3:02(am-PST),but it did breifly-interrupt my sleep-patterns."

Marc:"Now, there's a commute!"

Ethan:"Now that is a commute! From my bathroom to my bedroom!"

Marc:"Now a lot of...

Ethan:"Irregular-traffic though!"

Marc:'Neelix'on'StarTrek:Voyager' ..."Ethan:"Refresh my memory:Neelix??? Yes?" The actor lights-up with huge teasing smile & laughs at himself>

Ethan:"Oh!Wait!,yes I*did*Do*that*!"(Both of them crack up while they laugh at the actor's joke.)"That's right! That's right!"

Marc:"That was you!"


Marc:"A question, I've been begging to ask:When you were commuting to the set of that show:did you ever wear your costume in the car, along the way?"Ethan:"OH, No, no no!Paramount(Pictuers'Studio)wouldn't*Let*that*off the set!They were very propriatery about that!*You*could*NOT*leave*the*lot8wearing*ANY*of*the*MakeUp! I would usually get there about 4:00(-am_PST)'o'clock in the morning,because the MakeUp took so long! So I used to tell people I got up a half-hour before I went to"

Marc:"Now, let me ask ya:what kind of car did you drive when you 1st-came toL.A.(LosAngles,CA)?"

Ethan:"AHond-Civic-1982,it had a 100,52-thosand miles on it,I probabely been across the country:8-or-9 times in that car."

Marc:"So that car's seen alot of commuter-traffic...

Ethan: "Tons of it, tons of it! I live inNewYork(City/NewYork-State)for quite a while.I drove all over the place. So it was used toNewYork: traffic.IT was rusted out, it was a piece of crap,by the time I got done with it. It rode really well. It was rusted out, a real bucket!"

Marc: "I see you drinking some coffee there...we're always prepared here(waves self-heating small coffee pot in front of camra & actor,pours a re-fill for guest..)onThe_Commuter_Show!

Ethan:"You now,ThankYou VERY much! I appreciate that!

Marc:"Let me reload you there!

Ethan:"That's good coffee!

Marc:"We have everything you need right here in the car..."

Ethan:"Its terrific to be onThe_Show!"

Marc:"One other thing before we go now,because we're pressed for time:what projects or things your working on, you'd like to plug?"

Ethan:"WEll, uhm,I just finished a movie,this week, called:'Big_Game',which is a thriller &,uh, I did a McDonald's voice-over this morning! So we'll see what comes up next!

Marc:"Well,that's fantasic!

Ethan:" Yeah!"

Marc:"We want to thank you,once again for joining us on'The_Commuter_TalkShow'! We're gonna pull-up,here..."

" Ethan:"Its terrific being on'The_Show'! Best of Luck! WEll Thank you very much for having me!"


"Thank you!

Ethan:"I'll lokk for you on'You.Tube'(.Com),ok?"

.They pull over &Ethangrabs his bacpakc offs the vehicile-floor as he opens the passenger-side door, a last smile for the interviewer & camra as he gets out.

Marc:"WE'll see you there,thanks fsor stopping by!"

Ethan:"All right buddy!, Drive safe!,ok"

The actor closes the door with a wave.

"We'll do! We had a great talk show,today, with our guest:Ethan_Phillips,star of:'StarTrek: Voyager','The_Island,''Bad_Santa'& a string of others we don't have time to go into becuase I'm getting on the hiway,again & Commuterout!"

Tntervieiwer finsihes speaking & looking into webcamra as he leaves Ethan,/b>on agreed-on drop-off point & joins stream of traffic going up ramp, camra goes off!

From:TTC/Ethan's_Official_Website/Updates'Email_List:NO*New*Activity*NOT* Updated*For*Several*Months...Have_Comments/ Questions_For:Ethan?Send'em

From:TTC/TrekToday.Com:Garrett_Wang(STVOY:Harry_Kim)relayed interesting moments withEthaninNeelix-MakeUp/Costumeon an outdoor-set...GW:" Everyone was complaining,Neelix(Ethan)was the only one who was quiet, but after 20-minutes of listening to others, he had a*nervous-breakdown*...

(Editor'sNote:OH*REALLY*?*He*was*frustrated*&*angry*after*hearing*all others*CastMembers*griping*,which *he's*rarely-one*considering* *exactly**WHAT*Ethan*had*to*put-up*with*on*a*daily-basis*with*grueling-cost*of*his*makeup/costuming*, on*top*of*being*outside*in*a*very-hot*outdoor* California-StateParklocation,*he*certainly*justified*to*let*go*since* everybody*else*-too*!*Not*very*many*realize*how*suffering*-hard*it*became*for* the*actor*especially*in*full-character*makeup/costume*,chances*of*heatstroke* dehydration*&*other*fun*things*dramatically-increased*for*Ethan!*Of* course*Paramount*would've*taken*all*measures*making*sure*all*their* employees*were*cared*for*those*dangers*still*exsisted8however*remote...)he started screaming at the rest of us:"*SHUT-UP!SHUT-UP!NONE_OF_YOU_HAS_TO_WEAR _A_MATRESS_ON_YOUR_HEAD_!*"(*SeeEditor'sNoteabove to see why*)While yelling, his teeth flew out! That was 1 of the funnier-moments on Voyager for me!"(Editor'sNote:Garrett:_More_***Respect/Consideration***For_Your_Former_Cast Mates/Freinds_Before_You_Put_Both_Feet_In_Your_Mouth_&Have_More_Sense_Before_ Embarressing_Others_For_Just_For_A_Joke!!)


From:TTC/ClubHooligan.Com:Fan_SeaTrek_Report_With_ColorPhotos! Ethan's quoted...also this was the lastVulkon's_SeaTrekever...its a good guess thatEthan & Bob Picardo also performed their play:'House_Call'

From:TTC/IMDB.Com:Ethan's New_Movie:'Trim/'Sid'

From:TTC/TrekCore.Com:STVOY-Season_1_DVD_Bonus_Feature_Screencaps! 17-pages of'em including great colorphotos ofEthan/Neelix!

From:TTC/The_Commuter_TalkShow_On_MySpace.Com:Marc_Wasserman's_Webispode_ #2_With_*Ethan_*Phillips*_!Just found on MySpace.Com 1 month-old but worth watching! Marc's Midnight-Blue Lexis S.U.V.picks our fave_ actor up from a well-kept workingclassL.A.neighborhood where he's had a workout seassion for heath reasons. Marc pulls up on the lefthand passenger's side, thenEthan opens the door to get in & settles himself in the frontpassenger seat. He has on a red-t-short, blue-jeans & white sneakers plus a forestgreen/black backpack & a lightgreen/white basball-cap on. He has on older blackplastic glasses pearched on his nose. Questions are exchanged on varied things on what the actors' car-commute was like in the earily days of his acting work including StarTrek , on his makeup & costume, what his current projects are. He lets loose he's finished a movie 'Big_Game' & aMcDonald'svoice-over commercial role done that morning....go check out the whole Webisode @

From:TTC/IMDB.COM:Ethan's lists 2 new roles:'Big_Time'/'Mr.Foxx' :action/drama/thriller &'Trim'/'Sid':drama.

From:TTC/STOGAM:has updated site with behind-the-scenes'treats & Easter -eggs!

From:TCC/Transfsormers:The_Movie_Website:sortaEthanrelated: Micheal Bay,who directed Ethan'sbreakout-film characterJones-3-Echofrom:'The_Island'directed'Transformers:The_Movie'based on'Autobots'TV-cartoon of the 1980's fame...not'anything'cartoony'!!!Worth the look-see! Former fan_gossip'd Ethanpegged for 1 of the major characters...the actor himself laid this rumor to rest in an Internet-interveiw while working on a different film.

From:TTC:From:TTC/IMDB.Com:Ethan a nice color-photo;full-upperbody formalshot/dressed in a black/brown-suit-jacket with a light-blue winged-button-down collar/accented with a navy-blue tie with light/dark grey silver/light/mediumblue-swirls/the actor's relaxed with a gentle smile on his lips & in his dark brown eyes/his black/brown hair is businessman-cut/sprinkled with grey/he looks over to camra, warm wooden-panel backdrop. Ethan looks the best seen yet, in this shot! Good one, Ethan very nice to see!...

From:TTC/TrekToday.Com:Bob_Picardomemtions longtime good pal/Former-STVO_Castmember:Ethan_Phillips/said in passing ENT_Producers'madeSTVOY_Castfeel unwelcome as they were gearing up for next'Trek-Series'but since thenST:ENT/STVOY_Former_CastMembers are good freinds via sharingTrek/SciFi_Events...

From:TTC/TrekCore.Com:they'e reposted_'Trekkies'_:Ethan'sin on the 8thMovie_Color_DVD_ScreenCaps_'NeelixMakeup'STVOY-2nd/3rd Season

FROM:TTC/SciFiChick.Com/AkiraImani_Jefferson:Great_candid_current_ living_color_photo of: Ethan/Fan(SciFiChick))Terrfic con report!

From:TTC/YouTube.Com:Ethan/Neelix stuff still up!

From:TTC/StarTrek:Magazine/May/June-2007/Number#15/Article:'A_Good_Day_To_ Die'By Mr.John Carriger.Summmery:Authorplays aKlingonin'ST:OGAM' (StarTrek:Of_Gods_And_Men')gives background/behind-scenes report withCast/ Crewcolor-photos! Pages:40-43/Ethan'son page-43:in page-middle!

From:TTC/StarLog_Magazine/May/Number#355/Article:'StarTrek:Of_ Gods_And_Men'/By Mr.Daniel Dickhultz/Pages:86-90/Ethan'son page:87/Color photo.

!*ETHAN*UPDATE*INFO*ALERT*!From:TTC:'StarTrek:Of_Gods_And_Men_'Website's Update-Alertfound in myYahooEmail-Inbox:where new- info comes from! The 1st-3-mintues webisode:'StarTrek:Of_Gods_And_Men_'has Ethanmajorly-in it! He plays:'The_DataClerk_'reporting-in for his dutyshift on a'StarFleet_SpaceStation'in a tucked-away mostly forgotten corner,keeping-watch over cyberspace-information & files in proper order in a darker'Alternate_Trek_Universe'.OpeningScene:'Mr.DataClerk'off-center-right:enters loudly through hallway-enterance leading to his workarea office,tossing a drink-can in a trashcan on floor. He steps-up to work station's padded-chair. Its lit with low-lightpanels & electronic rainbow-illumination of telltales, buttons, console-screens &Station- machinery blinking with background-noises of hundreds ofSpaceStation's staff's voices by intercom & regular whirring & chirping of computers & devices. His boots echo as he sits down, chair creaking,he mutters to himself sarcastically:

"*'See:'The_Galaxy'!*,they told me...'*Travel_To_New_Worlds*'"

We see:'Mr.Data Clerk'in a full-frontal upper-body-shot,camra-view:right-through console large workstation viewscreen, he reaches,running left-fingers in a familar-way over keys beep being touched. He contiues talking:dripping with deeper-sarcastic words:

"*Oh_Yeah*,_*Sure*!Get stuck in the butthole-end of the Universefor_the_rest_of_my_life!"

Delivered with dark-humor:he leans back in his seat.'Info-Tech-Guy': dressed with a bright-yellow workshirt over a dark navey-blue military-jump suit. Tt has long-sleeves to wrists & pants to ankles over military black-boots.Ethan's yellow-shirt shows past uniform-sleeves & has inche-wide collar:open'StarFleet-Standard-'V'neckline for jacket & mottled dark-green/light-tan/grey sleeveless-overvest upzipped to midchest along with uniform-jacket. If I'm reading the'Alternate-Trekverse-StarFleet' symbology correctly, Ethan's a low-levelSecurity-InfoTech',his yellow uniform-color implies this. On vest:re-enforced military lapels,left-shoulder:2-bright brass-pips which educated guessing says: 'Leuitenant' & a brass-octogon shaped insignia. There's a tiny breast-pocket with a simileather-drawstring,on right shoulder-lapel:no insignias & on right-side of the vest where one would expect it:a gold metal'StarFleet'-style com badge with an elongated-star in the center,sword-shape,evoking'The_Mirror_ Mirror'-Universe'.On right-sleeve of jumpsuit:a matching-yellow band of matertial with'TOS'-era gold-braid zigzag-marking:'Leuitenant'. EncirclingEthan'swaist:thick black-belt with a'StarFleet'gold- insignia matching his combage. He tends to still be a bit plump,not as he was when portraying his'STVOY'character:'Neelix'.(Middle-age? Or meds'side-effects? Dealing with either:a hard battle to win!)Completing outfit a medium-green military-type baseball-cap,no symbols/rank on it. Ethan's demenor:that of an office-clerk stuck in a no-where thankless-job,a day's salt/pepper-whiskers'stubble shows in face-close-ups as well-defined character-lines,looks like he gets no-sleep.

NextScene:'Security-Tech Geek'shown via a full-frontal upperbody-shot sitting in his seat,hands flying-over buttons & toggles,busy at work. Looks up at large-console's screen watching data there. Next in the corridor leading toEthan's office threre's a huge white-flash,camra goes back to'Mr.DataClerk' buried in duties, & a sinsiter-shadow flickers on both stationworker & console. Startled:he swivels to doorway where hallway-lights outlines a dark humaniod male figure,looms over Ethan

We see:'Info-Tech-Guy'back his chair up to workstation's edge, shock at how this person suddenly appears out of no-where. Full-frontal headshot ofEthan's exquisite vocal/facial expressions!

"Heyy, how did you get...?"

Appearantly:male-Humaniod has no good intentions as he telepathically-grabs 'Mr.DataClerk'by the throat without raising a hand. We hearEthan struggle & gasp for breath as a pysonic-chokehold bears down on him & his face crunches up in pain.'Bad_MaleHumaniod/Charlies-X':'Charlie-X'All_Grown_Up_Out_For_Severe_Revenge'From:TOS'Show_By_Same_Name! powerful full telepathic-heritage to use*that*kind-of-telekineisis on the poor little guy...

'Bad_HumaniodMale/Charlie-X'demands:"Where'sKirk!?!Where can I find him!"

More memtal-pressure placed onEthan's chest & throat.

"I,I..don't,ah, understand!"He barely gasps out.

"Answer Me!"


He struggles to finish as chokehold tightens.

" H-he died,gahh,12 years ago..."

"NO! How?!?"

"He died saving'The Enterprise'& Hudreds_of_refugees..."

"SAVING??? Show Me!"

Ethan'spanting,gulping air as'Bad_ HumaniodMale/Charlies-X'lets him go,telepathically-dropping him back down in his seat,Ethanpushes back his cap-brim,hurrying to comply,voice stronger now:no pressure encircles his voicebox.

"S-sure, its, uh, not like itsClassifided_Informationor anything..."

. His fingers quickly tap out neccessary commands & a video file clears up on workstation-veiwscreen. Both look at it as female computer-voice says:"Working."

"He died saving hundreds of people??"

"Billions of people, entire planets...I don't think there's been a single person whose had a bigger influence.."

"But, he didn't save me!, I didn't wait 40-years to be cheated!"

'The_Stranger/Charlie-X'abruptly leaves the same way he arrived, telepathically-forcing an over-ride command for 'Mr.DataClerk' to blow up the SpaceStation & including himself & all onboard for not providing the correct answer on 'Captain Kirk'. Helpless, tears on his face, he brings his right fist down hard on a certain control & SpaceStation implodes in fantasic-spray of flashing-debris. An TOS-Entrprise- type ofStarFleet-StarShip flies throughSpaceStationremains. Sides of its sport a'Mirror_Mirror-Universe-type logo. Music plays to a crescendo then StarTrek:Of_Gods_And_Men title pops up after...1st-3-mintues of'Act-One'end

YYYESSSSSS!!!! Those of us needing an'Ethan/Trek'- fix will be satis- fied in all ways that count! Characters/Story/Plot/Action/Makeup/Sets/ Costumes/Music/CGI...need I go on? EXCELLENT all around, kudos to all involved, in many ways superior to what was passing as'StarTrek'in waning days of:'Enterprise'. Webisodes_Acts:_One_Two_ThreeAll up & running! Will play in browser window provided. Go toST:OGAMforum for screencaps ofAct_Onealmostall of them are ofEthan , in-the-behind-the-scenes/cast-screencaps galleries:a few more of Ethan/Neelix. For: Ethan/Neelix_Fansdesparately in need of 'satisfaction'(& you'll get it too, garunteed!)head immediately over to theStarTrek:Of_Gods_And_Menwebsite:

Guess where I'm going when I'm done posting? Ethan-Movie-DVD-Screen Caps from: 'BadSanta'(UURRKKK)& 'The_Island'(Betterrr):

From:TTC:(Editor'sNote:Warning*Ethan's*Acting*Deals*With*A*Broad*Range*Of* Issues&Themes:Many*Are*Adult*Materials/Contexts*Language*!!!***NOT*!* FOR*!*:*KIDS/TEENS/FAMILY-ORIENTED-FOLKS/FANS*!****Does not preclude a varied-excellent body of multimedia suitable for younger-fans/family-friendly or those whose values exclude some of his other work. My own feelings on Ethan's *adult-materials*context/themes are already known! Never's any thing expressed here intended to devalue a great character-actor's career. I'm the-keeper-of-no-one's-conscience except my own & will continue to express what's liked or not on this favorite-actor's work. I'll say what I honestly think, & you, individual-fan, or person:who visits here may use it or not as you wish. When I write/post things felt-strongly about will be clear, not ever put down or hurt anyone. I won't back down on a number issues/concerns because that's how I am, won't hide or sugar-coat where I'm coming from...I've literally put it on the line in civil-disobedaince protest-arrests for just-causes,everyone acts on what they believe in, not all as to the point I have!)

(Editor;sNote:CivilRights-Across-A-Broad-Background-For-All Groups) For what I believe in, lived-through a lot of things most people would run from or pretend don't exsist. I'm not blowing my own horn, here, stating facts that've been a part of my life now & to come...I'm not perfect, I fall down into a lot of holes in the Road-Of-Life all of us do, I learn to avoid them eventually...1_of_Original_TTCWebMasters/Authors)

FromTTC/YOUTUBE.Com: Something nice to balance out above! On YouTube. Com's searchengine:type in'Voyager_Tribute' & Voyager/NASA_Release_Party' comes up! Go to that site & enjoy hearing Ethan's interviews on things! Post some cool Ethan/Neelix- stuff in future once we figure out which ones we want! Site refit/redesign still working on it but will go up this spring/summer!

TrekCore.Com's STVOY-Seasons1/2/3/4/5/6/&7 Bonus_Features'DVD-ScreenCaps Of Ethan/Neelix: not to be missed! Many candid ones of makeup & acting processes! Great STVOY/NASA DVD-Party pics!

Ethan& Bob Picardo Minneapolis_N_CreationCon guests! They did'House Call'/May-4/5/6-2007. Plus a repeat Detroit_MI_MotorCity_ComicCon performance/May18th-20th-2007!

From:TTC/YouTube.Com/Akira:Extremely funny Ethan's 1st-1995_StarCon _Denver GuestAppearance:With'The_One_Question_A_Fan_Had_To_Ask'On Neelix's Nose!(WARNING:AdultHumor!)

From:TTC/US.IMDB.Com/Akira:Ethan's new-tv/film works'The_War_At_Home's:'Be_Careful_What_You_Ask_For's'Bob Cooper'/'Not_Another_HighSchool_Project's'Pat'/'The_Danny_Comden_Project's'Myers'/'A_West_Texas_Children's_Story'/'Businessman_Part' 2- 12-year olds searching for decent'replacement-parents'to takeover from abusive-ones they've had. Set in 1960s'background, currently-filming in: Alburquerque, NewMexico. Hopefully will be a kids/teens/family-freindly-flick!:)

From:TTC/Amazon.Com/TrekCore.Com/Akira:Something*Fun*Family/Kids/Teens'-Friendly*&*Has*Ethan* In*It! 'Miss_Christy's_DanceClass:Jazz! Trek Core.Com:A_Day_In_The_Life_Ethan_Phillips'STVOY-Season-2-DVDBonus-Shots*Are*UP! Fans*Can*See*Just*HOW*Dedicated*Ethan*Was*To*Bringing*Neelix*To*Life*&*What*He* Went**Through*Castmates*Said*They*Never*Heard*1*Word*Of*Complaint*From*Ethan*&* He*Was*Always*A*Gentleman*&*Trying*To*Get*Everyone*To*Smile!TrekCore.Com*Is* Kids*Teens*Family-Freindly!Info:@

From:TTC/Akira:Ethan's*On*A*Boston_Legals's:'Desperately_Seeking_Susan'/ 'Whose_God_Is_It_Anyway?'/'The_Verdict':Last*Show*In*his*character's*story-arc :'Micheal Schiller'testimony damages his exwife's over their accused son's.[WARNING:THIS*SHOW*NOT*FOR:KIDS*TEENS*FAMILES!*ADULT-SITUATIONS/CONTENT/ HUMOR/SEXIST-THEMES/COMMENTS*]reason*posted*IS*because* ETHAN'S *on*it!*Info:@'fansite*same*rules*as*above!)'fansite*same*rules*as* above!)

From:TTC/Akira:Sort-of-Trek- related:Me, my older brother: Tyrese, Mark, our relatives/freinds involved in Transform_Columbus_Day_ Alliance/4-Sacred_Directions_March,protested against racism plus the colonial_mindset left behind in local/global thinking! Alot like a ADAPT protest, first nonDisabled_&_Deaf rally we went to! We held a StarTrek themed-banner honoring Diversity hadStarShip_AdApT logo! Awesome!

From:TTC:New-CoWebMasters:AkiraImani/Tyrese Jefferson/MaryWanbli-MoringStarBlueHorse:We'll work along-side Site's OriginalCoWebMasters/Creators keeping basic-ideas/tone:going.*We*Agree* with*them* Ethan *should*have*NOT*taken*offensive 'The_BabySitters'/ 'Mark Kessler' role!***As*YoungFans:We*find*it*GROSS*&*BELOW*what* Ethan*can*DO!***

Found*Ethan* color-screencaps:found on 'DesperatelySeeking-Susan Gallery@GMMFAN.COM/1-large-colorpicture@BOSTONLEGAL.ORG! He's arrayed in a fine formal lightgrey suit with a silk gold/silver-tie & a highgrade cotton dress-shirt buttoned to the throat with the collar-corners folded out.Info@:*For*Kids/Teens/Families)*For*Kids/Teens/Families)

From:TTC/DeltaStory.Com:Akira:Awesome:Ethan/Neelix Fan-ConReport-With Color Photos! From:Creation's ChicagoCon With:'HouseCall'

From:TTC/PRWEB.COM:Akira:Ethan's inStarTrek:TOS'FanFilm-Series'New Voyages':'Of-Gods-And-Men'

From:TTC/StarTrek.Com/:niceEthan/Bob Picardo's'HouseCall'from CreationEntertainment's LasVegas-StarTrek-40th-Celebration'scolorphotos: found in 4th- LVCon -page's 5th-gallery, single-half-frontal- Ethan closeup playscript-reading:6th-picture-in. Next:7th-picture-in/shows Ethan/Bob onstage.!

From:TTC/YouTube.Com:'HouseCall'& other-Fans'ConVideo-Reports:'House Call':'The Doctor':StarTrek:LV Con-06(Part-1)/'The Doctor's Collectibles':(Transcripts-later!)& funny-fanmade STVOY/Neelix videos!


"I*Believe*In*Humanity*We*Are*An*Incredible*Species*We're*Still*Just* Children*Being*Nasty*To*Each*Other*All*Children*Go*Those*Phases*We're*Growing *UP*Moving*OutWhen*We*GROW*UP*Man*Are*We*Going*To*Be*SOMETHING!"Gene Roddenberry, 9/4/85

"Tell me, & I'll forget, show me & I just might remember, involve me & I will understand" Anon.Quote.Thanks to TrekUnitied.Com's 'Christopher Pike! Awesome quotes from:'The-GreatBird-Of-The-Galaxy'himself! See below listed site-info!

From:TTC/The LegacyRecordings.Com/JohnDenver Page:*NOT*Trek,Denver*stood*for*what*t StarTrek embraces!*"My* Defination*Of*Art*Is*That*It*Creates*A*Space*For*People*To*See*Themselves*" JohnDenver html?artist_name=john_denver/

From:TTC/TrekToday.Com's-rekBBS/Akira:*The*StarTRek*4oth*Anneversary*Video *all*series/movies*&*a*worthy*tribute*to*all*holding* Gene Roddenberry's *&*others'dreams*of*a*better-future*world!*:"Look*for Neelix 2-thirds*into*tribute-video*from: STVOY-7th-Season's'Homestead'*when*he gets off e turbolift heading out on his last-trip through Voyager to joins* Dexa*&*Brax*& 'The-AsteriodTalaxians' *as**The*Special*Delta*Quadrant*StarFleet/Federation*Ambassador* realizes*whole*hallways'lined* with*an* Official*HonorAttachment* all-way'down*to* ShuttleBay* doors*leading*to*his*faithful-little-freighter:*Ba'xial.* Ending* HonorGuard* are:*enitire* SeniorStaff-Officers last*being* Capt.Kathryn E.Janeway herself* *Shock*&*amazement*show*on* Neelix's(Ethan Phillips)face*outpouring*of *love*&*respect*for*his*years*of*work*for*his* Voyager*family* Neelix's *2nd*&*final-appearance*is* from:*STVOY-1st-Season's CareTaker-Part-2*where*the*Talaxian's heading*awayteam*on* Ocampa*to*rescue*Kes(Jennifer Lein)*their* crewmembers*. Kes's*only*appearance*as* OrignalCastMember*is* from:* STVOY-4th-Season's'*The Gift'."*Akira*watched*an*hour*to*be*sure catch*everything!*Tribute:*a*labor-of-love*by*a*longtime* TrekFan:*goes* by*'ChrisotpherPike'/'SaveEnterprise's'Founder* From:From:TTC/:*Ethan's*Official*Site*Is*Up&Revamped!*New*Layout/Design!*Congrats-To:Ms.Beth Harvey & Of-Course:Ethan!As before:If you've any info/questions regardingEthansend:

From:TTC:nice fan-colorphotos ofVulkon-Cleveland/Ethan/Neelix/ BobPicardo/EMH/'HouseCalls'/Robbie DuncanMcNeal(TomParis)/KateMulgrew(Capn/Admrl.Janeway@

TypeEthan'swhole-name in search-area:good-images pop up below! Ethan'swearing a mediumgreen-longsleeved-shirt with cuffs-rolled back plus a baseball-cap with*ClevelandIndians'Sports'*Mascot*:?Chief?Wahoo whose*image*considered*racist*toNative_Americans*whatever sports'*activities*based*on*our*ceremonies:a major*violation*of*our* spirituality! Wahoo's compared*to*racist-images/sterotypes*used-wrongly*representing*ethinic-groups:recall:'LittleSambo'?'Redskin(s)? like*other prejudiced-words*for*describing*people-of-color*is*to* NativeAmericanslike*the*n-word*toAfrican_Americansother-photos:great*but*Ethan*please*loose*any*racist-baseball-caps*or*other*sports'icons'imprinted*items!*Find*Ethan*pictures* without*offensive-sports'mascot-logos*to*enjoy*there*out*there...

From:TTC/TrekToday.Com/TrekBBS: nice fan-conreport with colorphotos on STLV/Ethan/Neelix/Bob Picardo/EMH/'HouseCalls':@ /Number=6472814/

From:TTC:Nice colorphoto of Ethan @Creation'sLasVegas-StarTrek Con,8-18-06:dressed in a white long-sleeved-shirt, cuffs folded back @wrists, darkbrown pants, blackshoes, carrying books,wearing black-rimmed plastic-glasses & ready to meet the fans. He looks good, & hair's grown-out a little from businessman's short-cut. Photo found@ Getty'sImages from: Google SearchEngine under above title.

From:TTC/TV-NOW.COM/Ethan's on:'Love, Inc.','Cursed's':'Dr.*Elliot Schmallenburg, 1 of major-character's therapist,8-17-06/7:30pMST. He was dressed in a yellow longsleeved shirt & blackplants in a leather-chair with a notepad in hand, surrounded by 'therapist's office-set'. His part was funniest to the whole episode...

b> From:TTC;Ethan may act in: ElectricLodge-Theater's'King Lear', hasn't been listed on castpages'onsite., still working on 'The Switch' From:TTC/Trek Today.Com/:Ethan joined 'The Switch's'(Remake of 1991- Comedy/Thiller)cast,finishing'The Babysitter'.(Editor's comments already-listed on Not-To-Go-See-Movie('The Babysitter')) Ethan: "I'm doing a feature now:called:'The Switch'its, a thriller, filmed enterely without-dialogue, very interesting, I think." In'The Babysitter', he plays 'Mark Kessler' (discussed above)scheduled: 2007-release. (Remake:a sexist/chauvinst-man offed by angry ex-girlfreinds/Reincarnates;as woman/gets kicked-out of heaven/learns what's its like to be treated by men he once was!)


FromTTC/Life-Of-An-Actor.Com:Jan.-29th-Feb.-22nd_1987_The_SaltLake_Acting_ Company_Presented:'The_Foreigner'inSaltLake_City_UT:James_Morrison, Director.Wanted to balance-out what's writn below which's still meant w/reposted-quotes from 1 of my favorite-plays which hadEthanin it. Morrison:"Its such a fun-play to be in & people enjoy it alot!I immediately thought ofEthanfor the lead & we worked it out so we could do it..." Phillips: "I'm glad I came. its fun & you remember why you wanted to act in the 1st-place..." In'Foreigner':he portrays 'Charlie_Baker', a shy adorable hero-Englishman,who's brought to ruralGeoriga'shuntinglodge to rest & get away from it all. Because he's so painfully-shy, he pretends he's a foreigner who can't speak or understand English avoiding dealing w/anyone.Phillips:"WhenCharlie comes on, we have no-concept of who he is.*But*he*gets*involved*in*other people's*lives*in*a*goodway*a*lovingway*he*finds*out*who*he*is*which*is*the* answer*to*a*lot*of*problems*Foreget*about*your*own*self*get*out*help*somebody* You'd*be*surprised!"Morrison:"'The_Foreigner approaches manipulative-rise in extremism from a lighter-veiwpoint,(Hey:Republicansconservatives out there:this means you:pay attention!)"So you end up laughing at them for being ignorant & walk away thinking@the same time:its both funny & sad this happens."Phillips:",Shue's*whole-message*:is*that*nice*guys*finish* -1st!(still do).*That's*what*he's*really*saying*&* kindness*wins*out*you*laugh *the*badguys*right*off*the*stage:but*its*not*cynical*We*define*ourselves*by* being*of*service*to*aother*person*by*helping*others..."Ethanin 1987, more often than not, ethics he expresses, comes through in his work/characters he portrays....

From:TTC/TV-LAND.COM:'Benson'ran weekend-marathon w/ than's(Pete_John_ Downey)episodes.

From:TTC/ElectricLodge's/Patsy_Rodenburg's/BackStage.Com/Websites:Ms.Roden_ burghelming Electric_Lodgee's_Shakespeare's_'King_Lear'_Performaces!She mentioned Mr.Phillipswould be in productions she'd be involved with as posted on'BackStage.Com'snews/interviews from WebSite. jsp?vnu_content_id=1003214720/

On'House_Calls'Their play runs an hour.Neelixcontacts The Doctor. The EMH rudely-interupted in readying himself for another-date with 7of9 finally answers the nonstop emergency comsignal.Neelix/Dexa's younger-son, Brax's little-brother 'Alex'isn't feeling good, parents worried-enough by contacting best-doctor Neelix knows & trusts. DocZimmerman makes a longdistance-visitfor his organic-freind & family to set it straight! From:what I've read /heard, not-to-be missed & have you laughing as each goes out-of-character, adlibs, & tease. Its nice to visit'live'& 'in-person' Neelix & The Doctor , even if its only for an hour!

From:TV-Now.Com:Ethan's 1st-NetworkShow,'Benson',,the' 'Soap' spin-off:where he portrayed the Governer's Aide:'Pete Downey' began showing on TVLand Channel(Cable)June-2006:'Benson's on@11pm-EST( EsaternStardard-Time) weekday-evenings.

From:TTC/WireImage.Com: Ethan @32nd-Annual-SaturnAwards, great formal redcarpet arrival color-photos! Go to WireImage.Com's 'GalleryListings'under32nd-Annual SaturnAwards, Ethan's on 2nd- page in:looks excellent & poised, standing in front of: 'SatrunAwards' Banner! He's lost weight & looks his best:dressed-up in a black formal-suit with a light powder-blue shirt buttoned-down @the collar, with a shade darker-blue/whitestripe-necktie:stands in 3-full-frontal-bodyshots, hands interlaced in front, a gentle closed-mouth smile tugs upward at the lips, crinkling earth warm-brown eyes behind wireless-glasses. The actor's hair cut businessman short, but nice. Last-picture's a close-up head & shoulders shot.The Awards were at the Universal HiltonHotel, UniversalCity, California, May-2nd, 2006 late afternoon/ early evening...

From:TCC:I said strong-words:I mean all of them, I keep no one's conscience for them! I call things as I see them. No trashing of a fine-actor intended here, my consicence prompted me to speakout. As an activist in varied-areas, including WomensRights! Media:I find violating moral/spiritual standards I live my very-life by, I say something about it. I do care, even more-so, especially, if it's an actor/actress I really enjoy, pulling the Major-No-No. In this case, it's you, Ethan, if I didn't care or follow my heart, then I'd be silent. I'm shocked:& if your mad, at me, again, so be it. As you know, on certain-things I'll never back-down:sexist-pornocrap opening raw-wounds is 1 of them! Women as sex-objects? Underage teenage-girl attempted-rape? Domestic-violence/sexual-assault:fantasized:in anyform? Abuse/irresponsible-drinking/drugging? ETHAN What kind of message are you trying to say? When you read this, which I know, you will, Ethan , after getting mad & hurt by what's wrote:*CONSIDER*REASONS*WHY*Because people care, I care, about you, Ethan, your work, who & what you are as a person! Not to trash you or your work:just a huge-What-were you-doing THAT for & WHY? After bloodpressure goes down/anxiety-attack goes away, Ethan,* LOOK*AT*WHAT'S*BEING*SAID*&*WHY...If no-one cared, none would say any thing on this website, in letters or anywhere else! Sorry:if it cuts,depresses you, its said & done... Please find work you know your capable of, honors your gifts, honors you & who you really are! Did That reach, you, Ethan ??? 'The BabySitter' film you worked on:I find highly-offensive & below what your capable of! The book by Jane Austin,'Emma' on which 1995-film, & remake remotely-based, different from what Austin intended in what she wrote:a wonderfully-done piece deals with a teenage-girls's 1st-blush of womanhood on an older-man with gentleness. Not a grisley-ghost lowering author's orginal-intent to disguesting! 'Mark Kessler' a twisted-up type likes pornocrap? What happened? Shame on you, Ethan! Know better! I'm sorry if you get angry with me, you have before, I must speakout! Pornocrap? This is 'way far down below to nth-degree of what your artistic/acting talents are capable of! Very disapointed in you, Ethan,! *THIS*IS*A*FILM*I*WILL*NOT*GO*SEE*, minus-100-negative... SORRY, Ethan, you_BUMMED_ me_ OUT _on this! Get your act back together!

From:TCC/Out-Of-Oklahoma-The-Movie-Site:Is*Permanently*Down:Ethan'sphotos in/out of character are described & posted here for data & fans'interest. He's dressed in character, between breaks in a large color-behidn-the scenes-stillphoto:in a lefthand 3/quarters halfbody shot, peering over into a camra showing the privious-shot. Ethan's in-character as 'Wayne Porter' dressed in bluejeans, white-t-shirt with a cotton sleeveless orangeplaid shirt open partway at the collar. He has on his glasses & a grey baseball-cap with the red/yellow letters:'Bus'over the brim. Its Still:11/15!

From:TTC/Chestnut:Hero-Of-CentralPark-The-Movie-Site:Ethan's film released in:Canada, May-12th-2006! Apple-Quicktime largeframe down loadble colormovie-trailer! His character:'Marty'(uptown NewYork City highclass-doorman)greets 2-adopted little-sisters with their new-parents as they come up stairs to their new upscale-home in a high-income fancy very expensive townhouse! Kids sneak-in their rescued GreatDane (Chestnut) (brown-color of his coat)2-month old-puppy in a backpack! Marty's 1st-seen in an upper-fullfront head/face-shot dressed in snappy rich black/gold uniform including a nice hat! He smiles at them with with face/eyes/voice:"WELCOME To The'BigApple', girls!" He opens 1 of the heavy bronze/glass/wooden frontdoors for them in a full body left profile shot. Nextscene shows Marty & girls'nanny shocked faces as a grown large GreatDane runs past them following his half-pint Humans to a highsociety wedding-receiption in samebuilding where Chestnut has fun discovering newthings like weddingcake! Everyone freaks-out at a freindly dog being there! Last scene Ethan's in shows him holding dog by collar while sisters are confronted by adoptive-dad, truth-comes out, kids had dog all along! Chestnut saves day late:when theives break-in & he chases them out! Clip-ends.

From:TCC/TrekCore.Com hasSTVOY's Season-4's'Demon' online funny sweet-exchange between Neelix/Tuvok where a Talaxian steps out his cabin's door with armload of personal-effects in response to CodeBlue alert when accidentaly drops them & there's a Vulcan informing him there's no time or room for his things:speaking of a very-personal high-comfortzone:a big backpack filled(probably with goodies & personal-items)slung over 1-shoulder, then 3-pillows, 2-large plump-ones, with blue/gold-patterns, 1-small long neck-cushion with meduim-blue/purple flowers on dark-blue back ground, light-green/turquiose blue/bright-gold soft, large handknitted-blanket Neelix has kept since as a child, his mother made it(AdultTalaxian-SecurityBlanket! Sweet & cute!)A sort of silvery thick-thermal bedmat,& unusual-light green-gold Talaxian book by Jirex with a triangluar yellow-type emblem of: TalaxiGlyph with TalaxiGlyph-Cursive in yellow-script across leather-bound real book's middle! Tuvok doesn't even let the little guy have comfort of favorite book & 'securityblanket',then deprives Neelix of all of it leaving him to find somewhere else to rest sans what keeps him comfortable... Tuvok puts it all back in personal quarters.Neelix uses SickBay's biobeds as a solution for rest but gets into it with the EMH 'til Chakotey settles it as an order for all who want to get a bit of sleep!

In'Unforgetable': a deep Neelix storyarc where he comes through with compassionate-words-of-advice for a friend: Chakotey ,summerized:"*Love*Is*The* Greatest*Mystery*Of*All*No*One*Knows*Why*It*Happens*A*Look*A*Touch..."

From:TCC/Trekcore.Comuploaded 1 of the strongestSTVOY-Season-4/Neelix-episode: 'MortalCoil' , excellent- DVD-decent Neelix- shots!

From:TTC:Not-Ethan/Neelixrelated:worth mentioning! StarTrek:Hidden Frontier takes-up where TNG/DS9/STVOY left-off:its a FanFilm-TrekSeries, 1 of many on the'Net, unfortunately, it'll end after 7th-season. Characters:compeling & complex as any TrekSeries , & fills s void Paramount callously axed! I consider it best of all the FanFilm-TrekSeries in every-area:improved over some of TrekSeries exceeding well! Check it out@

From:TTC:Ethan's 'Jones-3-Echo'/'The Island' part-transcibed scenes: Jones-3-Echo's spotted waiting-in-line near Centerville's Meal/Dining Sections'steps. Camra goes by quickly, a brief glimsp, but you know its him. 1st-major scene!)

From:TTC:Ethan's 'The Island' scenes/dialog & his 'Your Face Looks Familar' bookquotes transcribed later instead of sooner..Thanks for your patience! :)


From:TTC/TrekToday.Com/ Its offical from Ethan himself sent to TrekToday.Com, getting snagged for 'The Transformers'Movie' was Fans/WebSite's gossip was*incorrect* he did score a movie-part in a updated-remake(see comments on:'BabySitters'/'Mark_Kesseler')Ethan wrote TrekNation.Com :"I'm about to do a role in a indie-film called 'The Babysitters' , we shoot in N(ew)Y(ork), May(2006)...When it'll be released is anyone's guess, but probabely it'll be@(film)fesivals before next summer." A kind of dark-comedy about male-menopause(andreo-pause), a man goes through midlife-crisis, he has 2-kids & fools around with their babysitter! Strong sexist-machocrap-overtones! Nor for kids/families/teens! Deals with adult-themes/issues! Info@

From:TTC/VulkonEntertainment.Com:Fans have posted great Ethan/STVOYCast mates' photos on their site plus in Fans'Forum', there's a few nice words on Ethan!

From:TrekToday.Com/StarTrek.Com:George Takei(Hikiru Sulu/TOS/STVOY) has a new video-inteview on his being Gay & how California's former Actor-Governer shot down marriage-equality-laws to include all people! Very personal & straightforward on former Trek actor's struggles & supporting Human/CivilRights! He's on a speaking-tour covering them!


From:TTC:Ethan's'Jones-3-Echo'/'The Island'Scenes will be transcribed &posted with visual/audio soon!

From:TTC/ViaInternet:Channel101.Com/AngryBabyMonkey.Com/BareBones'International-FilmFestival.Site:'The WrightStuff's 4-Episodes With Ethan's'Prez.Teddy Roosevelt'

From:TTC/ScottCC.Net: short sweet April-7th-9th,2006-Vulkon-Cleveland, OH, Ethan Phillips'Fan ConReport With ColorPhotos! with 'HouseCalls'

From:TTC:Ethan'sas the rest of us, being a fan of other actors, muscians & when he's able he attends their shows. A few years back at a LasVegas, NV, he saw Don Rickles& even helped out as the comidian's audiance-volunteer! He loves the rockgroup: 'Nine-InchNails',especially their lead musician, Trent Razor. Nine-InchNails' music, lyrics, etc, not for kids/families or teens! Adult-themed, same for: Don Rickles ,adult-humor & siutiations! Ethan's also played some gigs with former-castmembers: Tim Russ(Tuvok)& Robert(Bob Picardo(The Doctor/EMH/ ECH/Dr.Zimmerman)with his favorite instrument the saxophone with which he practices faithfully.He also tries his hand at the gitar After Nine-InchNails' Ethan enjoys jazz,folk, rock & classical music, he paints, writes poetry, plays, cooks & spends time with his family & freinds, among them his wife, & almost grown, college-age kids & 2 pet dogs...

From:TTC/BelowWebSite:Ethan's intreviewed/quoted in an acting/theater students'book on how to break in to his craft.

From:TTC/Bluehorse:Bluehorse's_Neelix_FanFictionpages are reposted with a new-chapter dealing onTalaxianbiology facts, they don't let most know about, there's few thingsTalaxians/Myleanswith-hold, but this is 1 of them.Neelixis caught in his species'reproductive-cycle,known as'Renewal',he's at full-racial physical/mental-maturity. Talaxians,once they're healed & past their xenophobic-scars brought onThe_War/Meteron_ascadeare open about everything but certain areas dealing with their lifecycle, their privatelives, some aspects of their faith, they get real quiet.Renewalis nothing to be ashamed of, they consider it badtaste & a breach of manners to discuss their mating habits & sexuality with those they don't know or respect & trust. This is something done more privately among trusted family members, close friends,co_workers, teachers, trained professionals,*NOT*with strangers or casual aquaitances... Talaxian/Mylean_Renewalcomes in 2-varities:First_Form,dating back to their mammaliod-feliniod ancestors, SecondForm with mutated from the First/b>& swept through-out most populations leaving a certain number of UnChangedClans withOrignal_RenewalMostTalaxians are enlightened enough not to be uptight with accepting members of their race working & intermarrying with those who come from theUnChanged_Clans but there's still a stigma attached. Many considerFirstForm_Renewal a genetic-throwback,something to be wiped fromTalaxian/Mylean hertiage,others defend it as separately special & unique to the species,to be preserved.Neelix_BeyaJexdaiis of theUnChangedbloodlines, & has to deal with what his direct ancestors had, butKesthrew-in some unchangable-twists,with herOcampantelepathic-skills when they were mates dating back to her race's'Elogium',but nowAdmiral Kathryn E.Janeway'sinvolved with things adds stranger angles to things...

From:TTC: foundEthan's'PenguinBlues, One-Act Play,(1 autograhed,1 not)Author's NoteQuote:"*Sometimes Life can put you in a situation where you can let go*",the character of:'Gordon'is patterned after somebody fans already know,now who could that be??? Reread this if you can,just as good/insightful/painful/& funny when as it came out! Not for kids! Adult humor!

From:TTC/TrekToday.Com:Ethan's Former-STVOYCastMember/CoPlayWreight/ Performer/GoodFreind:Bob_Picardoscored a part as aHearingpriest in'UniversalSigns'a film made by mixedCast:Deaf/Hard-Of-Hearing/ Hearing/OtherDisabilities/...may beEthan'sawareness of the broad Disability/Deaf_Communitieshe's a part of has rubbed off?


messed up...I may not always agree or even like some of your work, but I will honestly look it over with more than an assumed-onceover...

From:TTC:Ethan'sworked last year on another film-short:'Before_ Jackie'asCoach_Galloway

From:TTC/TVLand.Com:'Benson',June_2006! Ethanplayed'Pete Downey'/'The Governer's_Aide'on this'Soap'_Spinoff

From:TTC:Kate Mulgrew(Admiral/Captain Kathryn E.Janeway/STVOY)Quote: "The dinner, I had, with (John)Ethan Phillips last night...Whose seen him?'Neelix',of course! I spent the whole dinner just staring@ him! You fall in lovw with some people, once you meet them & you nver stop. I was just staring @him & remembering the incrediable graciousness of his being for 7-years onStarTrek:Voyager!The laughter, the hystirical laughter he gave to us, a wonderful freind! I cherish that you know..." Some sweet words on a great-guy from an old freind,something nice to balance not-so-nice stuff further down...

From:TTC/The_Reader.Com:a few insights on a dysfunctionalNebraska family attempting to vaction inCaliforniaits listed as a comedy, [But we'll see...I have never been too comfortable around guns, having had 1 pulled on me more times than I care to recall in a domestically-violant past by my ex, I still can't putEthan& a gun together in my head...] NOT FOR KIDS/FAMILES!

From:TTC/OLDEV.COM Archives:Ethan&Bob_Picardo'sradio commercials for local experimental popular electric-cars are still downloadable & worth listening to!


From:TTC/AkiraImani/Tyrese_Jefferson:'CerebralPrint:The SecretFiles'/ AngryBaby_Monkey.Com:aEthan-good cast/characterbio & downloadable movie-trailer! Unfortunately film/most of film-site/trailer areNot For Kids/Families! Ethan'scast/character-bio, ok.

From:TTC/Bluehorse:'Talaxian_Tales:Opposites-Crossed:An_Ambassdor's_Life' back online with a piviotal-part dealing with what's at the base of whatThe_SpottedFolk/Talaxians are all about!

From:TTC:read StarTrek:Voyager:A Distant Shore/10th-Year Anneversary-Anthology's'Closure'(Neelix/Kes/7of9)byJames_Swallow, Neelix & 7of9 get caught in a cavern-underground-complex & a life-threatening-injury for 7of9. Neelix goes to find help & because of unusual-properties of cavern minerals, his telepathic-link toKes:multiplied-geometrically & she comes to aid him/through him, this they finally get a chance to say goodbye & clear up things! A funny-tale:'Talent_Night' which hasNeelix & Chellin different events...

The_Island'Official_FilmSite:Bring home/own 1 of Ethan's great movies where he has major-screen time as'Jones-3-Echo','The Island'sDVD is out!Micheal_Bay's_Director's_ommentarysays howEthan's 1 of his favorite actors, how he brings:"A child-like innocence & humor pn Jonesy'"

From:TTC/TrekCore.Site:took overTrekPulse'sslot for now, quite similar in function, but not look! Has great variedSTVOY_Seasons'1-7 up, a large number ofEthanasNeelix !listed below.

From:Heather_Fischer:Loyal_Ethan_Phillips_Fan/TTC-Supporter-By-Email/ Inspired_By_Ethan_To_Become_Actor/Just-Finished_School! Congrats!: Ethan's been in new movies coming out! Official-websiteswith trailers/photos!'Out_Of_Omaha'/'Wayne_Porter'/[Ethanw/a rifle?Ethanplus rifle??? I just can't put them together! 1 of site photos shows him with it!:(There's another of him in character sans gun...]Official-site has nice cast-photo/bio!]Be*Warned*Not*For*Kids*Or*Families!!!Next:in both photos/downloadable film-trailer from movie's official site! Another nice good cast-photo/bio...Be*Warned*Not*For*Kids/*Families Or for a few others of us! 'Keith'/'Mr.Miles'.

Ethan&Bob_Picardowere@Vulkon's OrlandoCon:Fan photos of them with a great fan costume/makeup asNeelix /b>! In November_2005!

From:Heather_Fischervia email:Ethanwas in a Oct.3rd_2005-'LasVegas'-NBC-show:'DoubleDown_TripleTreat'as'Gabe_Labrador' .

From:TrekToday.Com/PSIPHI.ORG:'A StarTrek:Voyager:Anthologies:A Distant Shore:A Closure Excerpt',A Neelix/Kes/&7of9'tale:written byJames_ Swallowwho wroteTrekscripts that got accepted, including a few Voyagerones...Closure_Excerptcan be found@

From:TTC/Channel101's_Site:'The_WrightStuff'& 'The_WrightStuff-2'poking-fun 5-minute shortfilms of:The_WrightBrothers in 2nd shortfilm get another telegram from:'Prez.Roosevelt'(Ethan)badguys catch them & tie them to railroad tracks then a small cameo-inset of:' Teddy'pops in over them expaling what the telegram was for & how they're to get a 'Golden Spike'from same badguys. TheWrightsdepend on an old college-buddy to get them out of they're predicament. It turns out to beHarry_Houdiniwho fixes their mess & on they go to do as orders fromPrez.Rooseveltasks. Just as funny as the 1st-installment! Plus it looks like they'll do a 3rd! In the 1st'The WrightStuff'the brothers summoned by telegram to theWhite_Houseby'PrezTeddy Roosevelt(Ethan Phillips toRose_Gardenwhere'Teddy'firmly instructs them*to*make*sure*they*get*a'Treaty' don't get in'wrong hands', which it does while they track it down, rescue it & deliver it to where supposed to go with not-so-nice results. The short films are downloadable from site, filmed in Victorian/Keystone-Kops sepia-tones & 'historial'details of early 20th-century.Ethangive a very funny performance asRoosevelt manically'trimming'(chopping)rose bushes with a machete! Film was shown for free@ L.A.'s'Cinespace'on Hollywood Blvd, Late August-2005! Unfortunately, again this deals with adultcontent*NOT*suitable for kids/ families/teens!

AdultFan-Trivia:Ethanenjoys Howard Stern's programs from time-to-time when they're not rabidly sexist! Llistens to rockgroup:'9-Inche Nails'when they're not too graphic or gross.Ethanhas wide-variety of interests like rest of us:jazz/classical/folk/rock-music/writing/painting/ hiking/backpacking/birds/dogs/plants but number 1 is always his wife & family & kids/close freinds & coworkers as the rest of us. Remember actors are Human& have lives away from their work & privacy should be respected!

From TTC:located earilier film-website whereEthanwas in in'Endsville'as'Terry'...its a dockumentary-spoof containing adultcontent not suitable for kids!Parts are funny/others: problem with it was going to see it in a*NONACCESSIBLE*theater: a recycled church was 1 ofWoodstock_FlimFestival'svenue-sites where 'Endsville' was shown. We(I & Scott_Norman_Rosthenthal) were housesitting for: ElkaPark_NewYork_ADAPTmemberswhose recycled skilodge-home 8-miles on CountyRoad 16 curving through Catskills' Mountains scenery. Marina Brown drove me down to a totally *NONACCESSIBLE*SITE* where film was shown. I got tickets but to my disgust:*NO*ramps/accessible-bathrooms/or movie-closedcaptioning! If Laura Potter came in her manual-wheelchair, or me in mine, there'd be no way in! Marina helped me get around to a theaterfront-seat while she sat in aisle besides me. Good I brought my walkingstick/cane to keep me up! Most of show I enjoyed, mainly Ethan's part in it...I was ticked off at poor-venue-choice planning precluded Disabled/Deaf folks. I know it wasn't intentional, but it sure felt like it, after there was a question & answer-session for those who came to enjoy the film. I jumped in & asked why there was no accomodations for Disabled/Deaf theater/movie-patrons where it was being shown? *That& embbaressed hell out of alot of them as it was supposed to & make them think & not doing same boondoggle in the future. Crossed-communications led to some not-so-nice-words & actions down the road, for the record's sake they got worked out. I will never ever back down from: Justice/Disability/DeafRights/Issues/Problems & Prejudices go with them no matterwhere I go... especially if right then & there they have to be addressed & dealt with. No disrespect intentionally meant or given to any involved. Ethan, I know you where there, & you heard what was said & why. I came to see your film to enjoy it, unfortunately where it was held was 1 of great difficulty for someone with problems getting around/trying to use restroom-facilities/attempt-ing to understand a non-closedcaptioned film...I had to speak up no matter what... 'Endsville' itself was basically worth it, where where it was shown wasn't, a hard-lesson in Disability/Deaf/ADA-Issues was learned by all...( Ethan: you being 1 of us, recently coming out of: 'The DisabilityCloset' * honestly personally sharing your own struggles with your own Disabilities(DualDiagnosis) with roomfuls of fans at cons, you definately know better, your aware of what's right & what's wrong! You know about The A.D.A.(Americans With Disabilities Act) what's left of it attempts to protect your rights under law as well as mine as well as what ADAPT's all about! You've been there, where a large number of us have been before. Your quiting drinking years ago was the basis of your bittersweet & truthfully funny 1-act play: 'PenguinBlues' where the main male character sure is alot like you! Ethan: keep standing up for justice with us in your own way as you always have, it doesn't go un-noticed or nonapprecated!)

Back to film itself, 'Endsville' has an updated-site with down loadable movieclips that have Ethan in them as: 'Terry'plus a few film-photos.

From:TTC/TrekToday.Com/OceaniaSite/Belief.Com:Ethan'sFilm:'Untitled:003:Embryo'(Enrie Smalls) plays@ S.Florida's The HDFest 2005! The Belief. Site has nice pictures of Ethan as his film role of an insurance adjustor paying a visit/behind-the-scenes with Dr.Mezo's weird dream-giver gizmo! Plus his character has a music-theme ! You can see him in the downloadable movie-trailer onsite!

From:TTC/StarLog -September-2005'sout with a huge article & loads of picures on: 'The Island' on pages:47-50! Best of all: Ethan's aknowledged in article & on page:49 in the upper-righthand-corner is a 1st-ever image of Ethan as 'Jones-3-Echo' with the AfricanMerrickBioTech Hired SecurityGaurd-Who-Changed-His-Heart on his left & 'Jordan-2-Delta' on his right...all 3 are a bit dirty & disheveled but are determined & hold major firearms & are willing to use them! I would've grabbed the magazine @ local King Soopers of all places, but my A.N.D.(Aid-To-The-Needy Disabled)StateBenefits only stretch so far, but I was able to scan through to get this info out! Article-Author:Marc Schiavo?(got to recheck lastname!)

From:TTC/Hilde Garcia's Site:Lucky Lady chosen to play 1 of 5 Lady Talaxians by formerThose-Powers-That-Befor Neelix's Farewell scene on the asteriod with others of his race before chosing to leave Voyager . On her Site are great Talaxian Makeup/Costumes photos from memorable show!

(Note:Warning:Ethan's Movie:'The Island' NOT INTENDED FOR YOUNG KIDS/EARILY TEENS DUE to MatureContent! Ethan's VideoMovie:'Chesnut:Hero-Of-CentralPark's suitable for above age-groups & excellent media-choice for Ethan's Younger Fans! So are most of his StarTrek:Voyager/Neelix DVDs & videos. 'Chesnut' is due out late 2005. When attending Trek/Scifi events where Ethan's A_Confirmed_ Guest, check Ahead to make sure his guest-time's appropriate for youngerfans/familymembers. youngerfans//familymembers. Most times he's pretty cool with this, but other times Ethan's wellknown for a few naughty jokes not meant for youthful-ears!

From:TTC & Local Downtown DenverPavillions UniveralArtists'Theaters-On-The-16th-StreetMall UpOn The 3-Level:to a 4:10-MST(Showing-Of:'The Island'in Accessible(In-More-Ways-Than-1) Theater-15. Down in very-frontrow or on the 2nd-area with special seats forMovie-going family & freinds. For those Hard-Of-Hearing MoviePatrons who need ListeningDevices , they are provided free-of-charge.[Sorry Hard-Of-Hearing/Deaf MoviePatrons: NO-InHouse/Commericial-ClosedCaptioning, YET!!! Except-When-Movie-Goes-To-DVD/Video . Uusual 20-25 minutes of coming preview-film trailers rolled by, then 'The Island' came on! Got to see our favorite-actor in fullscreen-glory about 10-15 minutes in! Ethan has significant minor supporting-character screentime! 'Jones-3-Echo' is a far better filmrole than shallow-dualroles in stupid-excuse of a film, 'Bad Santa' ! Very good, Ethan , you did great in which your a minor supporting-character of goodheart! Nice to see your name in major credits! I look forward to future excellent developements in your multimedia-acting-work!

Ewan & Scarlett escape, learn horrid truth of their exsistance, encounter nasty folks from: MerrickBioTech who repeatedly try to'off'them, but don't succeed! They find a freind & help in Lincoln's nonclone(agnate)supervisor/workbuddy 'Mack' who lends them his creditcard & cash he has on him, he drives them to local trainstation & buys them tickets to L.A.(LosAngles) on a futureversion of AmTrack?HooverTrain? . They tracked again, Mack goes to get them a L.A. map & gets caught by MerrickBioTech thugs he screams for them to run as he's gunned down, sacrificing himself for them.

They make it to their train which takes them to FutureLosAngles(Dressed-up Downtown-Detroit, MI,)not far from WanyeUniverisity a few blocks away & a Recycled/L.A./Detroit-Cityscape complete with downtown-landmarks including elevated trains & tracks! (Too-bad they didn't film parts of Detroit still resemble warzones left from 1970's when of those 'citizens'who wanted EurocentricAmericans only in'their'neighborhoods & freaked out by racistrumbors non EurocentricAmericans to put it nicely were going to move into'their'areas/takeover. These Detroit 'citizens' tripped by learning they had an AfricanAmericanMayor who beat their joke of a votingchoice by a huge margin of votes. So began their flight to OutterSuberbia to'escape'shattering of narrowminded-reality, including former landlords/homeowners'bad-habit'setting fire to their own places to recoupe fire-insurance policies for funds to relocate...this I learned from longtime citizens & that's why there's a patchwork of neighborhoods with abandoned/burned-down next down to real-nice! But they're improving with each year & old racist scars are fading & less painful...)

In RecycledDetroit which looks mighty nice, they locate their sponsers with prior help of poor Mack.Meanwhile back at Institutionalized Pretty-PrisionCity & ButcheringCompany oops, The Holy Live-Saving(Taking)MerrickBioTech-Institute, Ethan & coworker-pals are wondering why/how Lincoln got 'Contaminated' & Ethan's character's concern, goodheart he is, asks the main-questions at'work'the next day. Lincoln & Jordan find their sponsers, but Jordan's not at home, & her sponser's little boy answers call. They get picked up by local-police who arrest them for Mack's murder. This leads to intense chase/action scenes for young clone-couple escaping the citycops with their enemies trying to take them out again invovling flying 'airbikes'. They locate Lincoln's 'sponser' 'Tom Lincoln multibillionare who got rich via his designing abiltiy. Tom wigs-out finding them in his huge lovely house, at 1st, he helps them, then after a secret call to Merrick he changes his mind & sets them up, he & his clone go for a ride supposedly for'help' & state' real truth' to all. Jordan warns her soon-to-be-lover someting isn't right before they leave. Tom sets Lincoln up once again, they fight while driving, then highcost rent-a-bunch-of-security-mercs show up & sponser gets shot while clone is for time being accepted as real.

Jordan isn't dumb & finds a nice handweapon to call her own amid former host's things & doesn't hesitate to aim it at Lincoln , then reads him right as her partner. They discover Human sexuality & their deeping feelings for each other, then devise a rescue plan for all those they left behind. Tom removed their id-wristlets before going bad on them, & for a short while they stay & enjoy their former host's home. Next morning an unexpected live-2way video-call comes in for Tom , Lincoln takes it as his'sponser'& by way of info learns what will happen to all other helpless clones not even knowing what was planned for them. Lincoln/Tom agrees to be picked up for a'rescan'for a new'policy-product'. Jordan allows herself caught by hired badguys, she retains & hides her handweapon where they can't find it. Lincoln/Tom takes his, they both regroup at Institute following through on their rescue plan. Lincoln goes 1 way with a master-accesskey Jordan gives him to"shut it down"while she goes to rescue their common-group of coworkers & friends who live on same CommunityLevel they do they stumble upon their freinds supposedly 'going to' The Island' . Instead their herded into a gaschamber remincent of NaziGermany's parading as a'transport-elevator'-front by MerrickBio Tech flunkies who're not listening to intended victems cries to stop & why & this isn't right, Ethan among them. Ghastly scence shows clones getting gassed while banging on door & walls, Jordan arrives just in time to halt it & threatens to gun down flunkies in cold blood asap unless they get the door open. They do & her freinds come pouring out coughing & gasping for fresh air while responding to her request they follow her to freedom. Along the way they gain weapons of all sorts. The MainEvil-BadGuy:Doctor Something who concieved & realized this whole horrible-mess is stunned at Lincoln-6-Echoe's rapid adapting to unknown events & unexepted swift maturity of undisplayed/unlearned skills demonstrated by recordings of hired-thugs & brain-scan taken 2-days before his adventure begins. His curiousity, defiance & unexpected escaping & skills severely freaks & tweaks Dr.Something out. He decides to murder all current-clones, including certain lines'living & all those in varied stages of developement: Leathal-Injection for most,GasChamber for those in clone-population who'win' The Lottery every few hours'til current-linages are wiped out & the new-'product'-lines take their place.Previous-evening 1st-group of about 12-current-lines of clones win'iincluding a stunned Jones-3-Echo who joins other'winners'in a celebratory visit to their pale-echo of a'party-place'. Lincoln & Jordan accidently come across winners'excitedly seated in 'The WaitingArea', packed bags on their laps, animated with chatter. Meantime, Lincoln's uncovered as a loose-'product' & his'sponser':the 1 hired-securitygoons killed., Lincoln fights to the death with his twsited creator & wins! Jordan encounters 1 of security-mercs who has a change-of-heart & helps her instead of killing her, he remembers how his father started a rebellion in his home African country & was branded as something non Human same as her. They come just in time to keep Ethan & his 1st-group of'winners'from being gassed to death in a chamber like a Nazi one.'Winners'stumble out with Jones-3-Echo fleeing scene in the lead.HologrphicGrid & computers go down via Lincoln-6-Echo's efforts along with huge double-turbines'gave power-generation for their once-closed society. society. Ethan's character leading, hundreds of clones leave for outside world, Lincoln & Jordan find each other again as hundreds of clones run by them, boiling up from old missilesilo opening:fanning out on foothill-top. Ethan flies by them at full tilt,stopping only a few feet from sheer-drop at edge of the foothill's side.(Damn, I didn't know Ethan could run*that*fast!, in these last few minutes of film, he can go! He looks real good:last-scene of Ethan standing on foothill's edge, wind blown grown-out midshoulder hair out, gazing at this brave newworld with suprise & wonder. Change-of-heartsecurity-merc contacts those under him & reports their contract is invalid & not to harm fleeing clones. Lincoln & Jordan escape to new lives on a beautiful-boat designed by their former-host named in Latin:'Rebirth' , they sail off into sunset while romatic music plays & credits come down & a last time we see Ethan Phillips in major-acting credits section....

From:TrekWeb.Com/Psiphi.Org:Ethan' & William Birne's StarTrek:CookBook is on its way to a 6th record-printing!

FromTTC;'THE ISLAND'OPENS TODAY!***ETHAN IS FANTASTIC! GO SEE IT!!!!*** From:TTC/StarTrek.Com/TrekToday.Com/TrekWeb.Com/TrekPulse.Com/SpikeTV.Com: Another Star Has Fallen From The Universe:StarTrek & otherwise: James(Jimmy')Doohan(TOS/TNG'Scotty'Enterprise's CheifEngineer) passed away from complications due to failing health & an often-feared & misunderstood-genetic Disability took former Prez.Ron Regan's life. He was well-loved by all: Fans, all Trek series & movies' CastMembers,Crew & Staff family, freinds, coworkers from other work he's done over the years. Many who knew him closely said he was very much like the stubborn,creative,caring Gaelic_Scottish_Cheif_Engineer_'Scotty' he put alot of who he was into his StarTrek TOS/TNG alterego & every performance he ever gave.JimmylovedFans& they:him,he was never put off by them or discounted their support of him & his work over the years. A loyal & dedicatedFan_Basefollowing is a form of ulitimate tribute to an actor's life & work, especially someone as deserving as Mr.Doohan. Condolances go out to his family, freinds, coworkers & Fans .Heaven better look out, becauseCheif_Engineer_Scott_Montgomery beamed up a last time! You will be missed & remembered in a goodway... Woplia Taunka Chantey Waste!(Lakota/English:"ThankYou From The Heart For This GoodHeart!" All the WebSites quoted are thanked & their WebPages are already listed onsite expectfor SpikeTV.Com

From:TrekToday.Com/Ain't-It-Cool-New.Com:Fan-Reviewer&Ain't-It-Cool went to a 'The Island'Preview-Screening & wrote:" Ethan Phillips(I almost didn'trecognize him w/out the 'Neelix-Makeup' but his voice is a very distinctive-voice!)has a great-part as a conspiracy-theorist who has no idea how mcuh he has underestimated the conspiracy!"

From:'The_Island'_The_Movie's_Japanese_Website:best film-clip w/ Ethanas'Jones-3-Echo'. Trailer-Clipframe menu-window opens up after you click on trailer-icon on hoempage of site. ChooseQuickTimeform of trailer, after it dowloads:arrows on right-side if used correctly will slow down movie-clipframe to move shot-by-shot! This wayEthan_Phillips'Fans can enjoy viewing their favorite-actor as much as they like!Windows' MediaPlayeisn't as good nor does it allow:moving frame-by-frame as QuickTimedoes!Ethan'sdressed in a white-uniform w/long sleeves-to-wrists, short-'v'-neckcollar, pants-to-ankles w/white socks & shoes, darkgrey-stripes run down uniform under arms, elbows & on back of neck going to midback.Ethan'sdarkbrown/black hair loosely curls to shoulders & feathers out to frame his expressive-face & earth- brown eyes.He looks good, slimmed-down for this role!No glasses, contact-lenses, or does a wig cover his male balding-pattern:what you see is what you get!Ethan's1st-seen along with many other clones of all ages/backgrounds, in a huge silver, white & grey futuristic community-area of a complex of buildings w/a large-mainscreen flanked by 2 immense thick-silver pillars with lit-white-light ring-panels centered in middle of columns on either side of it. On lifethand & righthand sides of mainscreen are smaller good-sized sidescreens. Located below mainscreen are upper wide flat platform forming top-step of a stairway exactly same width as it's upper-step. At sides of mainscreen are openings acting as entrances/exits, thru out community-area are other stairs going up & coming down from other doors, elevators & strange rooms & lots of glass-windows. Next scene shows few sitting areas are found, all are with same sterile-silver, white/grey color-themes. Interior-feeling & look of scene screams:'institutionalized-setting', as'Jones-3-Echo' climbs up steps, has his back to viewer, with others as all screens come alive with sights & sounds. 200 or more'Residents'quickly gather to see what's happening at screenpanels they get to, most riveted to 1-storey-high & wide mainscreen & its sisters on each side. Ethan's in movie-clipframe slightly off-center & to left, when he reaches topstep ending in a widefloor under mainscreen, a young woman of Eurocentric_American attractive-features comes on. Next-clipframe has him in middle of un-numbered 'Residents'crowd, shot gazing-down angle of cloned-adults of all ages/ethinic groups. None of them know what ulimately is their planned fates, bred & paid for living-spareparts, except that will change later as some of them learn what really goes on & do something about it. Next-scene:Ethan up front, in clipframe's lower left-side with part of smallerscreen & its right-twin showing,Ewan_Mac_ Greggorright-next to him withEwan's himwithEwan's /b>back-to-viewer. Enviroment echoes a 'party-happening place'in bars found in'The_Real_World', Jones-3-EchoconsidersLincoln-6-Echo's:only & bestfreind plus 1 other-coworker sip on safe nonalcholic-drinks hoping 1 of them wins'The_ Lottery'randomly selecting'winners'for fradulent lie of:'The_Island'. Ethanturns his head for a 3/quarter-view to left over his shoulder, then he turns back around to watch what everyone is watching. Attractive-image of:community-announcer lady is on speaking who won that night.Ewantakes up most of scene then it switches to 2-winners of:'SpinWin_Lottery,then last ofEthanseen in lower right-side of clipframe:a right-side profile of his face. TheJapanese_'The_Island_WebSite-Trailerends.

Next:'Good_Things_Do_Happen'_Trailer-Movie_Clip.From:The_Yahoo_Movies .Com:'The_Island'Site.Click on trailer-movieclips'listing-named as above: Yahoo_Movies'_Player-Windowopens up, movie-clipframe opens on-left, wait for it to download then enjoy! 2nd-best trailer found so far. Clip opens w/a looking-down shot on assembled'Residents'closely together staring @ a huge-mainscreen & its leftside-twin:humoungus-pictures of those randomly chosen for'SpinWin'_Lotteryflash across with their names in large- green letters @bottom,Ewananixiously watches with others, then his character's & Scarlett'simages stop & rotate, everyone claps as a mature female voice announces the winners.Ethan'scharacter comes up behindEwan'sleft-shoulder:he's in a full-frontal face-shot, silently- mouthing same words the lady's voice says:"Step up:your time has come, your moving out to the island!". Scene goes toScarlettwho jumps up & down, excited backlighted by red-illumination as screens shift, going over to her freind(Ewan) whose also'chosen'.Ethan'sseen a 2nd-time over Ewan'sright-shoulder, watching:in a 3/quarter-view of his head, face & upper-shoulders, on righthand-side of clipframe instead of lefthand-side, gazing inScarlett'sdirection. Behind him on left-sidescreen:is part of his huge picture-portrait briefly flashed on leftscreen with a few bright-green letters of his character's name. Last we see ofEthanas he crosses in-front of:'The_Island's'2-main-characters, to left, then that's it of him in clipframe. Other tailer/teaser-movieclipsEthan's in them for a spilt-second, if you slow them down enough for a moment & then & 'freeze'that 1-clipframe...

'The_Island'_Cast_Members_&_Crewattended their film's premire-opeming inNew_York_New_York_City:July-11th_2005while rest of us to see it on July-22nd_2005!2-counting & worth a wait for his film to open! Far better than'Bad_Santa'of 2-years ago~WAY*TO*GO*ETHAN!!!MAJOR*MOVIE-SCORE!!!KEEP*ON*KEEPING*THEM*ON*THEIR*TOES!!!SHOCK'EM*WITH*FULL*RANGE*OF*YOUR ABILITIES...

Media-files! Photos/Abridge_Club/Bugster soundfiles:


STVOY_Ethan_Interview:Ethantalks of makeup-hell went through playing 'Neelix'as aKlingon!(from deadly'Killing_Game's_Hirogen_Holo_ Decks)Deemed it worth hybred makeup-work for a'Klingon_Talaxian'! Ethan'sin'Voyager_(DVD)_Release_Partywith otherTrek_ SciFi_NASA-guests:found onSTVOY_Season_-DVD's_Disc-7's_'Hidden_File':04/ Voyager_Release_Party.

Ethan_& _Robert_Picardoperforming 1 of theirSTVOYcharacter-based-play'HouseCalls'shots by a fan@

Ethan /b>was aEmerson_College_L.A._Center_Toluca_Lakeguestspeaker on acting in:tv/film/theater on their campus in 2003!


Ethan'sfinished-theaterwork:'You_Can't_Take_It_With_You'ended. His'The_Island's_CoStar:Ewan_McGreggor's_StarWars:The_Revenge_Of_The_Sith's out & film he worked on withEthan:'The_Island'next! Film-info listed except:'StarWars'.Look for fave-actor on convention-trail later this year:con-info listed already! Don't get'Conned'by dishonest event-organizers who trick everyone!

From:StarTrek:Voyager's_ Season-7_Secial_Features:Braving_The_Unknown/ Moments_&_Memories:Kate_Mulgrew(Capt/Admrl.Kathryn_E._Janeway):"The man is an extraordinaryHumanbeing! In 7 years:I never heard that guy complain! Always uplifting, generous of spirit, he's deeply & truely kind! When we lined up in that corridor(Neelix's'Voyager'_Homestead'_Farewell_Walk)was a little execruciating...goodbyes are awful, we don't understand them, really.WE are animals after all, we don't understand why we find ourselves sobbing."

Robert_Picardo(The Doctor/EMH/ECH):"There were quite a few tears that day:we all saw that as the beginning of the end:even tho'that episode was 3 or 4 from the final 1. It was the 1st-warning we were really on the brink of it all being over & that was a sad day."

Tim_Russ(Tuvok):"That was much harder to shoot that day for all of us, I think than the moment in which was of the lastday,was anticlimatic, for me. Prior to that, the dayEthan_Phillipsleaving the ship was more emotional all around for each of us."

Ethan_Phillips(Neelix), March-20th_2001:"You know, doing a television series this long is like being in a medieval-villiage. You know, everybody's got a function:the seamtress, the makeup-guy,the hairstylist,the foodservice people,the camra, the crew:everybody has something to do, everybody works as a this gated-fortress of:Paramount(Pictures_Studios)Everybody makes their daily bread, its gonna be hard to say goodbye to all-of-that..."

Ethan's:upperbody-full-frontal-shot with expressive-features seen, dressed in a light-blue plaidshirt, has goldwire-rimmed oval-shaped glasses, of all things:aDenver_Broncosbaseball-cap on, brim pulled- slightly down! Pensive in expression/tone:frenquently-looking down & away from camra. Behind actor:aVoyagercorridor-section not torn down yet.

Special_Features_Photo_Gallery:many images of Neelix/Ethan_&_Cast_ Membersfrom:'Homestead'

From:Geffen_Playhouse@Brentwood_Theater_L.A._CA:Ethanperformed'You_ Can't_Take_It_With_You's:'Paul_Sycamore'/April-12th-May-22nd_2005. 1000893134/

From:Trek_Today.Com/Trek_Web.Com/Game_Winners.Com:Special_Edition:StarTrek: First_Contact's_Behind_The_Scenes_Ethan_Interview:talks of cameo-guest tspot.Game_Winners.Com's Ethan_Interviewfound on 2nd-disc, site tells how to get to it!



From:Trek_Pulse_.Com:Trekkies-2_DVD-screencaps up with 2 very nice ones of our faveactor in'Neelix'_Makeup'outsideStages:8_&_9 plus a few of him in character fromVoyager. They have moreSTVOY_DVDscreencaps ofSeasons'1-7 up, many with greatNeelixshots in them! Info below:

From:SciFiWire.Com:March_2005's_Ethan_Phillips_'The_Island_Interview! EP: "I'm glad I don't have to wear the makeup! I really appreciate that, I save myself 5 hours a day sitting in a makeup-chair.'The_Island':science- fiction, but more of a thriller taking place in the future. Its not aliens or outterspace,things like that. Its more like the evolution of science & what's happening with genetics, things like that."

He played:'Jones 3-Echo'...

Space_Comshowed'Cruise_Trek_Documentary'a lastime:3-26/27-05@ 9am/5:30pm-EST. It had an inepth-interview with Ethan & other clips he was in...

History has a way of repeating itself! Decades agoFansfought to giveTOS(The_Orginal_Series)a another-season ! Facing same old/newfight to keep current-series on air! Not as good asSTVOY(StarTrek:Voyager), worth continuing in face of farces out there in tv-intellectual-wasteland passing themselves off as'creative-entertainment! Without us, there'd be nothing to begin with! So-named:'Powers-That-Be'forget it's us, not them, attempting to provide:'creative entertainment!'Save_Enterprise' over, last 2-show-finale:'These_Are_The_Voyages'...tribute to 35 years ofStarTrekemphasis: ENT/TOS/TNG,!bummmerrrr!Fansalways find a way to bring it back! The show that will never die!

Trekkies-2_DVD'Ethan's_Aliens'sample sound-file.


OlderTrek/SciFi_Fansite showsEthan'slove of animals:(mainly dogs & birds & all critters/mothernature/plants!)aFanwho volunteered @ a local con:brought his freindly, cute parrot along. Said feathered-critter got alot of attention from a growing group of people including enticing 1 certain actor from backstage to check things out! A friend caught things-in-the-moment-photos with parrot climbing up Ethan's arm & shoulder to his delight!

From:BeliefSite:Untitled:003:Embryo:Great MoviePicture-Stills/Trailor/Behind- Scenes-Pictures With Ethan In Them!

StarTrek.Com lists who contributed toStarTrek_Communitywho've passed on over time. Condolences go out to their families/freinds/co_workers. StarTrek.Com posted a tribute to:who started all of StarTrek , period, Gene Roddenberry! He's gone 15-years now, Oct.24th, 1991!

From:AkiraImani-Jefferson:Akira reports November 2004 CruiseTrek Ethan Phillips pictures uploaded by same fan who took them on Snapfish.Com. Great candid-shots ofEthan(STVOY:Neelix)_&_Robert(Bob)(STVOY:EMH/EHCP/The_Doctor/Lewis_Zimmerman)performing their play as theirSTVOYcharacters in their 1st-play:'HouseCalls'. Thanks, Akira!


Star_Trek.Com's Star_Trek:Voyager_Clips archieved in media library.

Actor/Saxophonist_Ethan'sinterviewed by Nov./Dec.Vol-29,No.2 Saxophone_Journel's Greg_Banolzakfor indepth article under:'Career_ Management'.

Ethanhost for:Utah's KUED's'Living_On_The_Enviormental_Edge'_Show's episode dealt w/a lighthearted-look on what can be done to protect the planet & our homes! Episode showed 12/10/04!

From:Pocket_Books/2005:Star_Trek:The_DarkSide_Of_Paradise:Ethan_Phillips & William_Birnes team-up again after'The_Star_Trek:Cook_Book'for anotherSTVOY-novel! Product_Code=reach_DVD.html

'Taking_The_'Con'_Out_Of_Conventions'/By Scott_NanceIndepth report on what happened to Slanted_Fedora good example.

From:Akira:Ethan/Neelix _Fan joined a coolStarTrek:'Cruise_Trek'_Yahoo Group':Fanswho've been on cruiseliner- Star_Trek themed-run. Cruise_Trek, says by reading by Trek-Fans like a week-long-con on water in a huge smalltown-size boat filled with onboard/offshore-activities among with unique-events with Trek/Scifi_Actors,etc. Fansshared on their email-list great/group/individual-encounters withEthan_Phillipsfrom the November_2004_CruiseTrekMany shared photograh-files w/groupmembers:Mark groupmembers:Markcreated an album-site onSnapfish.Comwhich along with CruiseTrek-YahooGroup are free!

http://www.cruisetrek/ tsc=SYE/otsc=SALB/

StarTrek:Voyager:Author_Christie_Goldenhad chatsession withFans when recalled a special-breakfast-encounter withTrek/SciFiguests &Fansfrom a con backEasta few years ago. Was working on'Marooned'(taking place weeks afterNeelix & Kesbreak-up after a horrid evil alien hijacksKes'sbody & mind:their mated-status ended by her choice. In this:she gets forciablly-kid napped by a alien-pirates after an effort-filled hoax to lure the StarFleetvessal close enough to grab her. Neelixscenes as well as other characters were like watching an episode!)manuscript which she had with her. Arranged forEthanto read asNeelixfrom manuscript:blew her & everyone else away!Her many-post Voyager_EndGame_Books:StarTrek: Voyager:SpiritWalk:OldWounds & Enemy-Of-My-Enemy' update everyone with great plot-twists/unexpected character-challenges...sorry"noNeelix cameo/chapters this time. She's indicated future-books will have a certainTalaxianin them!

From:Janet's_StarTrek:Voyager_Sitelisted belowSTVOY_Season-3'supdated-interesting interview-quotes in which Ethangives an indirect-aknowledgement-of-thisSite& howDisabled /Deaf_Fans/Issueshad affectedNeelix! Basically-paraphrased he said that a person(1 of us here from:TTC/Starship_ADAPT)"ADisabled group of people related toNeelixsince he was different from others as often(we)are percieved as different." What was this based on? In 1998 one of our members went toVulkonin Marrietta/Atlanta,GAto seeEthan there:she'd been diagnosed with cancer/given 6-months to live(they got to cancer in-time & she survives still intact!)& wanted to see/meet him before she died. She came on behalf ofDisabled/Deaf_Neelix-Fanswanted to let him know they're around & why. During guest-talk question/answer session she said why she came this shocked & movedEthan& said he was honored for that:"'Thankyou'would not cover it all." After guest-talk he stuck around to visit-privately with this fan while waiting for a airport-ride to come. Made sure it was ok with con-organizers, came down off of the small-stage to talk.

"Would you like to know reasons why I am here?"


Actor's head went up & down in agreement.

"Yeah, I really would, if you'd like to tell me."

"I wanted to find out if you were*for*real*& not an act,or just another stuck up celebrity...."

"Am, uh, I*for real*??? Am,uhmmn, I, real to you as a realHumanbeing in this moment?"

"Yes, your for real, that's why I came...I wanted to know for myself if what came through in Neelix was more than*just-acting*..."

"Uh, Thankyou, I, I don't know what, ah, to, to say.! All my fans matter, everyone of them, you took time & effort despite your challenges to travel out here*just*to*see*me* does something special & powerful*to me*. It means*I*matter*as*both*actor*and*as*a*person*.*If*I*made*your*days* better*through*my*work*then*I*accomplished*what*it*is*I'm*supposed*to*do... Thankyou for coming here,I uh,truely mean it from my heart..."

Said fan further shocked by unexpected hug recieved after mind-blowing response. Sat down beside her & they visited, he had backpack & fanny pack in seat next to him, plus ever-present bottle of spring-water @hand. She said she'd been dealing with severe domestic-violence & it was hard, if she died, her young sons would have a great role-model in Neelix to look to. Ethan sat up straighter & took basball-cap off:this was news to him.

"Me?!? A role-model?Neelixas a role-model? How?"

Said fan listed number of postive-traits directly affected her kids each week whenSTVOYcame on &Neelixwas in it.Neelixwas a father-figure/a surrogate-mentor/a-teacher-of-sorts/a nurturing-positive role-model-on-how-to-be-better/of-what-not-to-be...How would death effect not only her young-sons:other_kids as well?(In referring how it affects her own family in general & others?)How was he aware thatNeelixhad such a strong-influence for greater-good through television? Her youngest called: Neelix:'KittyKat-ManforTalaxian-whiskers & spots he had." He smiled :on hearing it & then his ride came & he had to go & to miss his flight-out. Their conversation'd given him alot to think about, a final-hug of encouragment & then he slipped-out a sidedoor to his waiting airport-ride. Fan went home to more chemotherapy & other fun exciting things when dealing with severe health-problems/domestic-violence-harressment plus 2-young kids who didn't quite undersand all was going on. Switch-to-now:kids are doing well in most areas & are almost grown up/they &their mother outlived cancer/domestic-violence-threats were dealt with in proper-ways & life goes on. All remain steadfastEthan_Phillips'Fans & will be for life. Explanation already given & why thisSitecame into being. Things have ways-of-connecting others'lives in a loving-positive way & a great-gift no-one can ignore!.What grew out of fan/actor-visit:were seeds of:'Once_Upon_A_Time. Ethan'scharacter echoes some of those-issues...weird,huh???

From:TrekPulse.Com's_StarTrek:Voyager's_DVD-Revieweron'Je'tral appreciation forEthan's obivious acting-capabilities & work as Neelix!

Reviewer"Ethan_Phillipsgave*'The_Performaces'*of*series.*He* gives:*Neelix*a*depth*seennote:with*only*a*few*instances*each season*has*a*supreme-story/issues*to*tell:Neelixgets*it...)We*finally see*there's*more*to:*Neelix*8*than*caricature*we're*used*to*seeing* in*past*&*more-so*in*later-episodes.*Ethan_Phillipsgave* emotional-performances*makes*(me)*reviewer*infuriated**they* didn't*utilize*Ethan's*abilities*in*future-episodes!*(Note:same:for:*Jennifer_Lein(Kes)*Note:said-abilities*did*get*excellent-workouts*in*later-shows*up*to:last-1!*Jennfier*got*trashed*in*'Fury' Fury'.*Creatively*used-to-up*to*'The_Gift'*shouldn't've*been*let*go!

*Background_History_On_Neelix:Micheal_Westmore_StarTrek's_MainMakeup_Artist* was*inspired*by*Orginal_Walt_Disney's_Cartoon_Feature:'The_Lion_King's Timone-The-Meerkat*&*Pummba-The-WartHog'*'Timone'*voiced*by*actor:Nathan _ Lane*&'Pummba'*voiced*by*actor:*Ernie_Sabella*Their movie-alter- egos'*influences:*left*a*mark*on*Westmore**when*he*created*Neelix's* looks.*Main-credits*go*to*actor-who-brought*'The_Talaxian'*to* life:*Ethan_ Phillips*all-else*behind-the-scenes-*in*StarTrek:_ Voyager*who*contributed!*Trek_Makeup_Artist:Mr.Westmore*turned*to* The_National_Geographic_Magazinefor ideas.Neelixhad unique-orgins:his legacy as a well-lovedTrek-icon:will be messages:of-being-of-service/of-love/ compassion/nurture/respect/forgiveness/of-laughter/&-learning-from-mistakes-&-honestly-owning-up-to-themNeelix:became a-teacher-of-life-&-of-message-of-love-&-hopeStarTrekalways been about inspires all!

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Media_Magazine.Com:1995_Gallery_Clip-Interview:On_Neelix's_Makeup Openingscene:Ethan'sseated onVoyager_Bridge's_Captain's_Chair! Full-frontal-upper-body-shot:he's wearing:'Talaxian_Trader's'medium green-long-sleeved-workshirt in full-complete'Neelix'_Makeup/Costume_From: CareTaker_Part-2'_On_Neelix's_MakeUp:EP:"Its very organic,uhnmm,it molded real-close to my skin so its not as confining as it might look. Uhmnn, worst part is contact-lenses"(Wears charcter-prescription-painted-contact-lenses for eyecolor-effect:ambergolden patterned after both lemur/feline eyes!)points with left-hand's index-finger to eyes.EP:"I can't see perfectly,I can't hear".Points to ears.EP:"very well,so,uhmnn,there's a little-bit of sensory-deprivation going on. I,uh, after:10-15 hours,it gets a little-tacky,uhmn,but,its a lot-less uncomfortable than I thought it would be. When I uh,1st-put-it-on,its great it's not ugly @ all...I think he's very attractive!(big smile lights up whole face!)You should see other-people of his species!" Eyebrows go up & smile gets bigger as Ethanteases himself on-camra.

Media_Magazine.Com:Ethan_Phillips'_Audio-Only_Interview_On_Neelix:EP: "He's a very brave man,uh,very manipulative,he has uh,a big heart...I think he's sexy-guy!(giggling)I do! When they find him,his living-conditions are disguesting & morose! He's equivalent of a 24th-cenury homeless-person,he spends his time collecting-debris,crap,stuff,you know,he's very thorough...He has a good sense of humor,he welcomes a chance to join the crew & live on a luxerious ship...he's *the guide*,he knows everybody their gonna need to know, that's a good guy to have onboard!"

Media_Magazine.Com:Jennifer_Lein's_Audio-Only_Interview_On_Kes:JL:"You have these 2-incrediable,independant,different-creatures who meet in this dry-waterless,barren-wasteland...filled with fighting-scavangers,not ideal-circumstances for a match made-in-heaven!(laugh)That sort-of-thing,triumph of it:is that these 2 can actually-bond,see beauty in each other, become lovers /partners&freinds:having some-sort of relationship created out of these circumstances by 2 very unique-people!"

From STarTrek:Voyager's Season-2 DVDs*SpecialFEatures:'A*Day*In*The*Life*Of*Ethan*Phillips'Interview' on*last*7th-disc.

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