All around you the light seems to dim and shimmer as a powerful gate spell surrounds you like dark velvet, blotting all out until you seem to float in blackness....

Suddenly bright windows seem to slide open in the darkness, showing a hazy oranger sunset, a breeze drifts from them carrying the scent of orange blossoms and the heat of summer.
Some of them are large enough to step through... release your fears or at least your good sense -_^ and step through...

It draws you towards it like a moth to a flame....

Do you fight the urge to step through it or give in to to the siren song you feel resonating in your bones?

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The realm of Tir'na'bainne'gile'láir was created and is upkept by Darkhorse
Please observe netiquette and take nothing more than mirth and memory with you when you leave this place!