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If your browser is antiquated (really old), it may not support frames.  If you're not sure, then choose No Frames, although you will have much less navigational control.  Quite a few businesses are still using older, non-frames capable browsers.  The handicapped's screen readers have a really hard time with frames.  And those outside the US are left out of framed pages for various reasons.  If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.xx or better, or if you are using Netscape 3.xx or better and live in the US, then it would be safe to assume that frames are supported.  I recommend at least Netscape 4.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.  But don't worry about making the wrong choice!  I've included a safeguard within my script that will automatically detect whether your browser is frames-capable or not.  When ready, click on one of the green icons that you see below and get ready to enter Tom's Page of Cool Links!

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