Enter a World of Pure Imagination

I hope you enjoy your journey. You will find many wonderful creatures here. Dragons, unicorns, faeries, and other creatures of myth abound in my world. As far as I know all the animation is public domain, so feel free to download it.

	Its nice to have you here again,
	Sit by my fire, tell me your tale, 
Or better still,
	Come sit by the fire, 
	Let me spin you my yarn,

To this world of wonder,
	Realm of Dreams, 
		and magic lives...
within these walls and halls of Kings,
		and Queens
and dreams of bards
	Tales of old...

Come with me to Xanadu,
	Middle Earth and Shangri-La
Where you're the Queen or King,
	if you dream,
	if you dare...
Come with me....

---Sean Kuchman---
---Archmagus of Noddingham---
(Thank You Sean!)

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