Disney's The Black Hole

A journey that begins where everything ends...Disney's "classic" SciFi film, "The Black Hole."

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The FAQ - Answers to questions you may have about Disney's film, "The Black Hole."
Pre-Production/Concept Art and Production Photos - Have a look at some of the original art concepts for the film, and some behind-the-scenes photos.
Widescreen Frame Gallery - Have a look at some widescreen (2.35:1) images from the film!
Theatrical Trailer - Have a look at one of the theatrical trailers for the film!
Miscellaneous Photo Gallery - Images of merchandising, memorabilia, and more.
Text Archive - Here are some period reviews and articles on the film.
Audio Clips - Here you'll find some audio clips from the film, mainly of deleted dialog not used in the final film.
Links - Here are some links to other Black Hole pages.
Film Collector's Resources - Here are some resources for the BH film collector.

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