“Many, many moons have I traveled the shores and forests, plains and deserts, mountains and swamps of the area known collectively as The Savage Coast.  In that time I have seen history being made, prophesy being fulfilled, and nations being born.

   As the chronicler of the Free Tortles of Zul, I have placed information relating to this area in my tome, so that future generations may benefit from my experiences and observations.  It is to them I entrust this knowledge in hopes that through understanding, we may yet live in a peaceful world.”
                                                     Ahanko Tidewader
                                                    Tortle Elder / Chronicler of Zul

Welcome to the new and improved website designed by Savage Al.  I decided to put a new spin on things here.  Instead of just repeating the material from the Campaign Manual, I’ve decided to personalize this a bit by using my own version of the Savage Coast that I use in my own games as a basis for this site.  My version isn’t all that different from the “official” version laid down in the books and in the various net almanacs, but I have changed some events and am going in my own direction with this realm.

Many thanks to all of you that have responded favorably to the material I posted on the Mystara Message Board.  I’ll be trying to incorporate some of it on this site as well.  Another thank you goes out to my wife, for without her, this site would be just a figment of my imagination
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I apologize the for not updating this webpage for several months now.  It is my sad duty to inform you the the founder of the this webpage has departed from this world and ascended to Pandius.  He is missed by friends, family, and peers alike. His work shall not be abandoned.  I will endeavor to share his vision with everyone.

Last updated March 8 2002