Ice's PBeM page

Welcome to my PBeM page. Here you will find information
on games that I run and games in which I am a player. Right now, I am running Vegas 2090 and Haven. Vegas 2090 has been going for about three years now and has a setting similar to Shadowrun. Haven was just recently started and has a fantasy setting. I have been extremely lucky with the quality of players that take part in both of the games. Both games use rules that I have specifically developed for PBeM and have modified as the games presented new needs or shortcomings.

I am a player in The Great Glacier, an AD&D 2nd edition game that takes place on a...well...Glacier. The other players are great and it has been going well unless you count the fact that my character slept through the last fight.

Vegas 2090
Set in a world of guns, computers and magic.

Set in a fantasy setting of warriors and wizards.

The Great Glacier
Set in an AD&D setting where I play a fighter/thief.

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