Julian Caesar

Hi, guys.

A while ago, I went through my guestbook and my mailboxes, and I sent the message below to everyone who had visited or sent me comments about the site.

Hello, everyone,

Firstly, for those of you who aren't sure which of your many on-line friends is sending this letter to you: I'm Violi, and I created and currently maintain the Star Trek site called "Julian Caesar." It features the Julian/Jadzia and Garak/Bashir relationships through the mediums of fanfic and lyrics. And it's about Julian Caesar that I want to relay some news about today.

Those who have visited my site recently (within the last month and a half or so) have noticed my interim index page, saying simply that I'm remodelling the site and it will be back up in the next few days. Well, it's been more than a few days, and I'm surprised I haven't received more e-mails pointing that fact out to me.

The truth is, I've decided to temporarily close Julian Caesar. With my entrance into high school this year, I'm finding my schedule too demanding to keep up with all the aspects of my on-line life, and unfortunately, I have no spare time right now to finish the renovations I began in August.

Notice that I said "temporarily closed." It is my hope to completely finish the renovations and put up some new material in the future. When that will be, I honestly can't say. The reason why I don't want to close Julian Caesar for good is that it has been my most popular site, and people are enjoying what they're seeing on it. I don't want to turn JC into a site that never changes, seeing as I receive so many visitors, and that wouldn't be fair to them. So instead, I've opted to shut it down for the time being.

However, when I do find some time to complete these tasks, I will be e-mailing everyone again to let them know of the site's changed status. (And if you don't want to be notified, just reply to this letter and tell me so in a line or two. I won't be offended. Honestly. *g*) By then, maybe real life will have calmed down a little bit, and allowed me more time to spend working on my sites.

I'm sorry that I have to do this. Julian Caesar was my first webpage, and it's grown in quality as I've learned my way around the Internet and the wonderful Star Trek community that exists on it. I thank everyone for the support and kind words they've given me over the past few months, and I hope you'll continue to stay in touch with me. I always find time to write to my friends, no matter how busy I am.

Good luck in the next little while to everyone, and... Julian Caesar will be back.

~ Violi ~

I'm taking down all my rings for the time being, and when I'm ready to re-open the site, I'll rejoin them. Thanks again for your support.

My URL: http://fly.to/jcaesar

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