Welcome to the Vorta Appreciation Webring!

Scary how their facial expressions correspond, eh?

     Finally, a place where all the Vorta websites can find a nice connection to each other! Imagine instead of laboring to find new Vorta sites (not saying that's all a bad thing; I'm still constantly searching), you can just click on the webring and be taken to several relevant choices instead of sifting through episode guides! A home on the web where all Vortaphiles can be have their cravings for pics and info of their favorite Vorta sated!
     Read the rules below for adding your site to my webring; there's really not a lot.

Requirements for addition to the webring:

1. It must have Vorta content in it. One or two pictures does not count. No Vorta-hate pages, but for Yelgrun I'll make an exception. >:)

2. The more stuff about the Vorta, such as info, pics, wavs., fanfic, the more consideration I'll give it. But, since there are so few Vorta sites existing, I might accept all the submissions. ;P

3. It can be a section of a larger webpage (such as a Dominion page) as long as there's a significant amount of info on it about the Vorta.

4. It can be about the actor him/herself with content from other movies or shows provided there are a few pics or whatever detailing his/her role as a Vorta.

5. I'll accept Vorta fanfic submissions and post them here on the main page if you don't have a webpage. All ratings welcome.

6. As much as I hate Yelgrun, people out there who might have actually created a page in his honor can submit them, too. ;)

7. Don't copy my Keevan page or Very Bad & Scary Things will happen to you. You can download whatever you want from it and use it for your own page, but don't duplicate.

8. Please check your spelling and grammar on all your pages; it's really annoying reading mispelled names and words (unless they're typos or if English is not your native language). Punctuation and capitalization are NOT optional!! I'll accept non-English pages (German, Japanese, Italian, etc.).

9. If you've met all these requirements, then submit your site below! Or you can e-mail me first if you're not sure about something.

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     If your site's been accepted, then go HERE to copy and paste the HTML fragment onto your page.

Enjoy some yummy pics of Jeff Combs from his guest appearance in "The Single Guy!

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