Dannell says:
LONG LIVE THE LEGION! Ya'll are in luck, Legion fen! Settle in, kick back and dive into the fics or the pics!! Learn all about ya'll's fave Legionaire!! Most of all -- ENJOY! My good friend 'rith and Ah roll out the red carpet and break out the Kono juice!!
The Legion of Super-Heroes FanFic Archive, Home of the LegionFiction List!

'rith says: Welcome to our Legion fiction page! Come on in, stay awhile, kick back and read a fic or two. If you like whatís here, drop us a line!

Weíre here because we love the Legion of Super-Heroes. That should be evident.

But which Legion? The carefree Adventure era? The grownup Levitz era? The angst-ridden Gap era? The post-Zero Hour reboot?

The answer is simple: All the Legions. Some eras more than others, of course; Dannell and 'rith both most love the Paul Levitz era, spanning from (roughly) the Computo annual that introduced Jacques Foccart to the end of the Magic Wars. Here our heroes are mature and well established, each with their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Here the Legion truly is the Legion of Super-Heroes, not just an assemblage of heroes but a family that fights, loves, squabbles, and sticks together through all adversity.

But each era has its own appeal. Without the Adventure eraís hopeful and youthful tone, the 30th century would have been a far darker place; and without Jim Shooter, the Legionnaires might have remained just another vast team rather than a group full of diverse, complex individuals. Keith Giffen and the Bierbaums gave us another look at the Legion after a five-year gap following the Magic Wars, and this run dealt with some truly adult themes, as the Legionnaires rediscovered their strength in adversity. And the Zero Hour postboot returned us to that young and hopeful Legion, giving us our old friends again in an entirely new context.

For the readerís frame of reference, the stories below are marked by era as follows:

CLASSIC. From Adventure #247 to the end of the Magic Wars. Since this spans 30+ years of comics, additional notations will be added as necessary: issue numbers, author eras, and so forth.

GAP. Stories set following the five-year gap after the Magic Wars, from the reformation of the Legion to Zero Hour.

POSTBOOT. The rebooted Legion, from Zero Hour to the present.

Some cautions:

Much (but not all) of the fiction on the following page contains ADULT CONTENT. Such content will be clearly marked. Youíll find here--eventually--tales of angst and drama, pathos and pain. And sex.

Yes, sex. The Legion of Sexy--uh, SUPER-Heroes inspires us. Legion fans love to speculate; donít deny it, we see you nodding!--and though thereíve been tales printed in APAs and other forums, there hasnít been an online forum for the kind of adult stories we all love to read.

All stories that contain adult material are noted below. Stories may be marked m/f (for male/female sex), or "slash," which indicates sex between characters of the same gender: m/m for male/male and f/f for female/female. If such concept disturbs you, scroll down to something else. "PWP" means Plot, What Plot--an indicator that the story is mostly a sex romp with little other story content, although both Dannell and Ďrith strive to make even their PWPs exercises in character exploration.

Now letís go read some fic!

Feedback is adored and craved!

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