Space Station Appreciation

Welcome on behalf of the Cardassian Union and the Centauri Republic!

Hi, I'm Lady Keela Shanri, and welcome to my site! It is going to be a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Babylon 5 site, with two parallel pages.
Each page will consist of fanfic, humour, opinion forums, and episode reviews dealing with each of my favourite alien races from each show: The Cardassians, for DS9, and the Centauri for Babylon 5, as well as discussion about the shows in general. And best of all, YOU are highly encouraged to share YOUR opinions and contribute your own fanfic or humour! If you like B5 or Star Trek, this is a chance to get your creativity and/or your opinions "heard", so to speak, on the Internet.
Sorry, no Klingons or Narns allowed.

The Deep Space Nine page does not exist yet, but will be coming soon. However, feel free to go through the jumpgate to visit Centauri Prime, which is pretty much complete. Have fun!

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