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His father was the greatest of Heroes, saving the entire universe from subjugation time and time again! Now he must continue that tradition , his powers are the same, but his outlook is different. He wields the mighty Nega bands and has the Celestial insight of Cosmic Awareness. The universe is his inheritance, for he is its Protector as he struggles to find his place amidst the Heavens, his buds call him Genis, but he's known and feared by his enemies as....

The Sensational Captain Marvel !

Captain Marvel # 104

Planet of the Gods- Part II

By Ralph L. Angelo Jr

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Last issue...


Captain Marvel was sent by the Cosmic Unity to investigate a world unknown by all, save the unity itself, and to form an opinion of it for them. Upon landing there, he was astounded to learn the planet was filled with human-looking beings who appeared to have the physical strength to place them in a Hulk-like league. Then he came upon several thugs in the midst of a mugging. And that’s when it all went bad...


“Do it Clievo.” The head thug, “Zorn” shouted out again. "Take his hands off and take those glowing bands for yourself!”


Clievo nods and the wicked looking blade he holds descends, as an agonized scream pierces the air!


Only it’s Clievo who is screaming, as his hand , and the knife within it turn to ash! A glowing corona envelopes Genis-Vell, covering him head to toe in solar energy, his body heals from the power of the Nega-Bands almost instantly, and he is suddenly upright as Clievo drops to the ground, holding the stump that was his own hand in abject terror! 


Genis looks at him, as he hovers above the ground, surrounded in a glow of solar energy. “You guys are real tough arentcha? First you try to rob and do who knows what else to a woman with a baby*, then you try to cut my hands off for these bad boy’s?” He points at the Nega-Band on his left wrist.

*See last issue

“But you can’t stand the heat yourselves, can you? To bad, cause there’s more coming.”

Instantly, Genis-Vell whips his hands before him, and releases concussive blasts of photon power, smashing the leader, Zorn from his feet and through a stand of trees, toppling several of them like match sticks. Then his face suddenly darkens ,as the stars seem reflected on his countenance, and he rockets skywards, easily avoiding one of the other punks darting leap! The thug slams had first into another tree, shattering it, and rending himself unconscious.


“Man,” Begins Captain Marvel, “You geeks are strong, but you’ve got no durability. That’s good to know.” He lands as the last two, Zorn and the now handless Clievo attack once more, both dazed and confused, and hurting, jump to attack Genis once again, throwing wild punches, and just trying to wrestle him to the ground.


But Captain Marvel will have none of that! He darts below the leap of Zorn, his face glowing like the stars themselves once again, and he suddenly darts upwards, his right fist smashing into Zorns abdomen with a loud


Instantly Zorn shots upwards as if shot from a cannon, into the trees above, to fall an instant later to the ground.


Clievo just lunges, trying to tackle Captain Marvel, But Genis suddenly reacts faster then the eye can follow, with a spinning wheel kick to the handless punks face, smashing him with the concussive effect of a large bomb!




Clievo’s unconscious form lands on his chin and slides across the grass, to stop at the boot of a quickly approaching figure. The figure of one of many policemen (Or their close approximation on this world.)

“You there! Halt!.” The burly alien shouts in his own native tongue, which Genis’ Nega Bands automatically converts to interlac*.


*Intersteller language


“Oh this I DO NOT need.” Captain Marvel protests, and suddenly flies away, arcing out of sight, and leaving a glimmering photon trail behind him.


“Orlocs domain!” The Cop swears, “The scientists were right, the spacemen HAVE come!”


Above the gently spinning world, Genis flies towards his spacecraft, the “Rapier Wit” and enters its access port, then he flops himself onto a rest cot in a corner. “I don’t get it. Why’d they send me there? What was the purpose of this?” 


“The purpose Genis-Vell, known as Captain Marvel, was to inquire of your trusted opinion of this world. Your human aspect is what we are inquiring to.”

Genis turns to see ‘Eon’ floating inside the cabin beside him.


“Hurrumph. I figured it’d be you. What do you want to know?” He asks the nightmarish floating head.

“To put it simply, are these people worth saving? Are they worth surviving?”


Captain Marvel bolts upright on the cot. “What are you talking about?” 


Eon continues “The Cosmic Unity is considering eradicating this world and all upon for the threat they pose.”


Genis is shocked! His face goes blank, and his tongue hangs out as he stares at Eon, completely stunned. “Are you serious? You’re going to kill an entire race , and entire world?”


“Not I , Captain. The majority of the unity. I suggested that you investigate for us. Quasar is on another mission, and you are our other protector. But you are out amongst the stars your entire, if short life. Your perspective is different. In this mission , you were my only choice.”


“So you’re telling me the fate of an entire race is in my hands?”


“Such is the role of the protector. To save the majority of worlds, of life in the universe, should one world be destroyed? You are to answer the question, Genis-Vell.”


“I have to decide the fate of a world? This is not right.”


“It is what you are meant to do. It is the Protectors duty to justly act to save, to protect the universe from great threats.”


“And these guys are a threat? To whom? They don’t even have rudimentary space travel.”


“Not yet, but there is a reason for that, Captain Marvel.”


“What are you talking about?”


“We have stunted their space faring plans. We have destroyed their entire space program through small miscalculations imparted on the minds of their scientists. Rockets have been destroyed on launch pads, space capsules have been lost with entire crews aboard. Those in the Unity have acted to preserve the whole of the universe.”


“But why are these people such a threat?” Genis asks, still stunned by what he is hearing.


“Captain,” Begins an almost exasperated Eon, “Think about this. The strength of these people. They each are possessed of a physical power that dwarfs your own. They are as powerful , or more so then the mightiest of beings of any world in existence. An army of these beings could over run the universe in a few short centuries, beginning a rule of the iron hand that would last for millennia untold. They breed incredibly fast. Each birthing is twins, at the very least. Their world is large and land filled, so they will not overrun it any time soon. Those beings you battled in the park are a prime example of this race. This is what they are like. They fight each other, they kill each other, in horrific numbers. They have created a semblance of civility and civilization itself, but is it only a veneer? Their weapons are akin to Earthmen’s, yet their ability to moderate themselves is not. If they were allowed to develop, would they become a world of peace and be a force for order in the universe? Or would they become one of chaos? Cutting a blood stained scythe through the stars, where no world could stop them, could halt their progression?”


“So basically you’re telling me this is not set in stone? Nothing is a definite?”


“There are many divergent futures, Captain Any of which is a possibility.”


Eon stares and the air shimmers before them both, showing scores of dead warriors, but many times that fighting one foe, who is tiring and obviously about to fall under their sheer onslaught.


“Thanos.” Genis murmurs.


“Yes, a hundred and seventy five Earth years from now. The race he battles are this worlds people. The Magari .”


“I thought he’d never return from where I sent him.*”


*See issue 91.


 Genis turns towards Eon and continues “Then they must be fighting the good fight, fighting him. He’s as evil as can be.”

“No Captain, not this time. In this future, he is the last defense of the Sol solar system. Earths heroes of that generation have fallen. As have every soldier, warrior and creature that has been sent against these aliens. The Magari become a ruthless force for universal domination, that no one, due to their sheer numbers, can withstand.”


As Genis continues to watch, Thanos falls, driven to one knee he continues to fight, as many of the Magari pound him with unrelenting fury, until finally, he disappears beneath their flailing fists, and dark ichor sprays their view, then all goes black .


“Is there no future where they simply become a part of the universal neighborhood? Where they simply fit in?”


“Yes, of course there is.” Eon continues, and the air before him shimmers once again. This time revealing an idyllic scene on Chandilar, the Shiar home world. Many races, including Earths Ambassadors surround a ceremony welcoming the Magari as citizens of the Federation of universal peace.


“What’s wrong with that scene? I don’t get it, you show me one where they are bloody barbarians who kill and maim everything in their paths, then another where they are welcomed with open arms. C’mon, you just proved they should be saved.”


“Captain, that was but one instance out of thousands of possible scenarios.”


“So? You mean to tell me it was the only instance out of any of those scenarios where these guys actually didn’t kill and subjugate everything they came into contact with?”


Eon pauses a moment (For dramatic effect? Who can say.) And then speaks once more.


“Captain Marvel, in countless thousands of possible outcomes that I have viewed, that was the only one where the Magari became a force for good in the universe.”


Genis plops himself into a rotating chair that stands near the “Wit’s” forward area. “This is unreal. You want me to drop the guillotine on an entire race of people, a whole world. I don’t get it? Why not just do this yourselves, and call it a day? Why involve me?”


“Because if you can give me one reason to spare them, they will be.”

“How come their world is way out here?”


“Members of the Unity placed it there in the worlds dim past, knowing what would become of its people.”


“If they knew, why didn’t they simply destroy it from the get go? Why wait until an entire race of beings has to be wiped out to save the universe?”


“So you agree then that this race must be wiped out, so the universe may continue to prosper?”


“NO! Absolutely NOT!” Genis roars angrily at Eon.


“You want to see a reason this world should survive? Then follow me.”


He dives out the hatch of the Rapier Wit, slicing down through the planets atmosphere, his cosmic awareness plays across his face, as he arcs towards an apartment style building. He lands on a platform outside the window, and lifts the window, walking inside. A woman stands in the kitchen area of the home stunned and frightened by his appearance, and then her demeanor relaxes slightly.


“You.” she exclaims “Who are you, what do you want?”


Genis smiles softly, it is the woman he saved in the park earlier. “I want nothing from you, and I’m not here to hurt you. I want you to speak to my friend.” Instantly Eon shimmers into view beside Genis, and the young woman is immediately startled by his appearance.


“Wh-what is that?” She stammers


“His name is Eon. He is a very old, very wise being. I need you to talk to him for a few minutes. It’s very important. Also, can you show him your baby?”


“What? I-I’m not going to get my baby involved with anything. Now you better leave, or else I’m calling the cops.”


“Look, Miss, you should do this. You have no idea what you’ll be accomplishing, but trust me, it’ll be good, very good. Look, I saved you before, didn’t I? You and your child both? Trust me. I promise you, no one is going to hurt you..”

“O-okay. What do you want me to do?”


“Talk to him. Just talk. Tell him your name, how old you are. What your dreams and aspirations are. Tell him about yourself. Tell him about your world. Tell him your parents names. Make him know you.” 


“Can you tell me why?”


“No.” He answers. I can’t , but trust me, this is something you want to do.”


She stares at Captain Marvel , then shakes her head. “You’re one strange man, Mister, but somehow I trust you. Okay.”


“Good, I’ll be outside here on your balcony. Just call me when you’re done”


Genis sits on a chair on the woman’s balcony, staring across the city. The sun shines brightly and the sounds of children playing can be heard everywhere. How could this world become the threat these guys foresee? Sure those idiots I fought in the park are the bad side, but there’s got to be a good one too. I hope this girl is that side.” He thinks to himself.


An hour passes, and then Eon appears in thin air before Genis.


“It is time to go, Captain Marvel.” And Eon disappears. Genis looks at the girl who is peeking out the window, her baby in her arms, and then she shuts the curtains.


Genis shrugs and flies towards the Wit. Once aboard, he immediately calls Eon.


“Okay, what happened? Did she convince you or not?”


Eon appears once more. “She convinced me of something.”




“That this world has no place amongst civilized worlds. Something I already knew.”


“Huh? I don’t get it? What happened in there?”


“Genis-Vell, do you recall my telling you that they birth in pairs. Did you notice she had but one child with her?”


“Yes of course, what happened to the other one?”


“She told me the other one was born defective. The child was born with a stunted limb. It wold have hobbled all its life.”


Genis feels a knot tighten in his stomach as Eon continues.


“But on this world they believe that nothing should go to waste, ever.”


“What are you telling me, Eon?”


“Captain, on this world it is common practice to do away with, to kill those not deemed perfect at birth, and then to eat their remains.”


Captain Marvel gags, as he looks out the main view screen at the world below him, then he turns away, and sits back behind the controls of the ship, plotting a course in the navi-computer, and arcing the ship away from the lone planet. Eon disappears from the deck, and as the Wit is about to cross over to hyper drive, the star behind it flares brightly momentarily , and then goes out.


At the controls of the Rapier Wit, the Protector of the universe entire sheds a single tear, and wonders just what his title actually means...


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