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His father was the greatest of Heroes, saving the entire universe from subjugation time and time again! Now he must continue that tradition , his powers are the same, but his outlook is different. He wields the mighty Nega bands and has the Celestial insight of Cosmic Awareness. The universe is his inheritance, for he is its Protector as he struggles to find his place amidst the Heavens, his buds call him Genis, but he's known and feared by his enemies as....

The Sensational Captain Marvel !

Captain Marvel #99

Atlantis attacked!

By Ralph Angelo

Captain Marvel floats in the cool ocean currents near Atlantis, his eyes wide in shock. The reason? Namor the Sub Mariner, rightful monarch of Atlantis hangs suspended from a huge blue crab like space ship which seemingly engulfs the undersea city, a warning to those who would try to enter the captive city. A warning the cosmic hero ignores.

"This is crazy, Nick Fury sent me here to see what had happened to Atlantis after an Atlantean soldier petitioned the UN for help, and he asked me to take a look." muses Genis-Vell as he flies towards the captive Sub Mariner.

Pulling up short in the dark waters, Genis examines the glowing chains that surround Namors wrists., when a seeming miracle happens. Namor lifts his head painfully and meets his eyes to Captain Marvel's .

"F-free me." he painfully moans to Genis.

"I will, Prince" Genis answers as he grasps the glowing chains and is immediately thrown into spasm ing agony!

"Aggghhh"! Captain Marvel shouts into the open sea, as he is flung away from the chains.

"S-some kind of neural scrambler. N-no wonder Namor is trapped."

After a moment, Genis girds himself, returning to cognizance.

"Okay Prince Namor, this is probably going to hurt, a lot."

He raises his hands and unleashes his photonic power, energy blasts rip into the glowing chains, instantly shattering them!

The sub Mariner floats towards the briny ocean floor as Captain Marvel swoops in to lift him up.

"Prince, are you all right?" The cosmic protector asks

Namors eyes flutter open as he immediately shakes himself free from Genis' grip. "Release me, boy. The Prince of Atlantis requires no ones aid."

As Namor stands, he shakes slightly and begins to fall, but waves Genis' hand off, and finally stands on his own.

"These usurpers will pay for what they did." Namor angrily growls.

"Yeah, but not right now."Genis stops him, "Look"

Captain Marvel points at the blue crab ship, as dozens of blue suited marauders stream towards them both.

"Lets get outta here, Namor. We'll be back when you're feeling better."

Genis grabs Namor, and streaks away in a blast of photonic energy, leaving the perplexed aliens staring at his photon trail.

Across the galaxy...

A mysterious figure flies haphazardly, and in obvious pain, holding his side, as it cuts through hyperspace, one thought burning in his mind.

"I must find Captain Marvel. Only he can help."


Starfox stands nearby the "Rapier Wit" as workers finish up their repairs required by damage the "Wit" received when Genis tried to escape his earthly prison *.

*See issue #97

Elysius approaches

"How are things progressing, Eros?" She asks with a smile that masks her nervousness.

He turns and returns her smile, warmly.

"All goes well 'Lysie. The Wit will be ready in another hour or two at most."

He approaches her and lays his hand atop hers.

"But this still means nothing. We repaired the Wit as a matter of course. You know the Titanian fleet has any number of ships that can return to Earth as fast as the Wit can."

"I-I know Eros." She stammers, "But he always liked this ship."

Starfox runs his hand over the sleek star cruisers side before continuing.

"Don't worry , 'Lysie. Your son is touched by the hands of the gods themselves. He'll be free of his so called prison soon enough, one way or another. Besides, it's Earth. We've all spent time there in the past. What trouble could he possibly be in?"

Earth, under the deep sea. A thousand miles from Atlantis. A cave in the ocean walls...

The Sub Mariner sits with his back against a wall as Genis uses his photonic energy to heat rocks.

"There Namor, that should keep you warm."

"I require no warmth, Captain Marvel. I am the prince of the blood. The rage in my soul warms me enough."

"You're still weak, Prince Namor. You have to regain your strength, then we can deal with those aliens.''

"I require no coddling, Captain. I am the Avenging son. I will have my vengeance on these...things that have invaded my realm."

"What do they want , Prince Namor?"

"My people. That is what they require. They are taking the denizens of my realm and preparing them for something away from my world. I can only assume slavery of some kind on a water based world. Perhaps mining something of value to them in an environment that is hostile to their species? I do not know."

"How'd they beat you?"

"Their ship materialized atop my realm. I and several hundred of my sea dragon legion attack them immediately, but just as swiftly, we were defeated by their neural technology. Our minds were scrambled, and we lay insensate."

He turns towards the caves mouth and bristles with anger.

"After they had discerned I was the leader of fair Atlantis, they strung me up like a prize Tuna at the festival of ancestors ."

He angrily turns towards Genis then.

"We must return, Captain. Now."

"I guess there's no arguing with you about this, huh?"

"No Captain Marvel, there is not. We must wrest my people from the hands of these alien usurpers, immediately."

"Okay, Namor. But we do it my way. I want you to get a little of the help you had with you the last time we met." *

*See CM #77

"I will do whatever is required to free my people." The prince of the realm proudly answers.

"Good, then lets get out of here."

Both men disappear in a burst of photonic energy, as Captain Marvel flies them both away through the ocean towards Atlantis.

Minutes later...

Captain Marvel suddenly appears over a ridge near Atlantis streaking fast towards the captive city, hands glowing.

"Okay boys , time to party. Welcome to the game." As he talks, he fires twin photon beams at the Blue Crab ship, blasting it in its side, instantly the great ship lurches to the side as a watery, smoke filled plume rises from the point of impact on the Crab..

Instantly dozens of troops exit the ships insides, sliding through the murky depths, energy lances at the ready to attack. Their blue armor gleaming beneath the sea, while their blank, blue face plates gleam menacingly.

Instantly Genis is attacked, as the alien marauders swarm over him, energy lances glowing dangerously!

"Unnghh!" He grunts inwardly, "Those things pack some kind of wallop! Time to show them what I pack!"

Captain Marvel kicks the nearest alien away from him, sending the blue armored figure away like it was shot out of a cannon, careening into it's brethren, scattering them like bowling pins!


But on they continue! More of them leave the ship instantly, surging forwards towards Genis-Vell

"Okay boys," Genis quips," If you are boys under that armor anyway, I guess I'm going to have to get rough."

He streaks into them, ramming them, his fists flying! The aliens surround him, as nearby the Blue Crab ship begins to move, as it glows faintly.

Captain Marvel sends a spinning wheel kick through the hordes, scattering them and their weapons.

"That ship is starting to pull off Atlantis, getting ready to head to the stars, with the Atlanteans aboard. Where's Namor???"

As if in answer, a blood curdling howl cuts through the melee, as all heads turn towards the sound! The mouth that authored that roar is suddenly seen, as Giganto, the whale that walks like a man appears in the ocean murk, with the Prince of Atlantis upon its back!

"Forward Giganto! We must stop these usurpers!"

The whale-thing answers, grasping the ship in its mighty hands pulling it back to the ocean bottom as the ship struggles to lift sky ward!

Suddenly the great vessel disgorges more blue armored warriors that swarm towards Giganto, but then Namor is there! Racing through the sea to slam into the troops!

"Imperious rex! He howls in a deep rage, as his fists flash through them. The Submariner lifts one above his head in his right arm, and backhands another with his left as others burn him with their energy lances.

"You think these toys shall even slow a Prince of the blood? Not now, nor ever you foul carrion!"

He heaves the insensate warrior in his right hand at the nearest group surrounding him, and as he does, he gets a horrific surprise. The mask pops off the fallen foe, and the face revealed is...

"An Atlantean??? My people are these warriors?" Namor turns towards Genis and swims towards him at break neck speed. " Captain Marvel, stop! These are my people!"

'What??? "Genis stammers as he fires off a powerful left round house, smashing another half dozen back. Again a blue armored mask shatters, and revealed is a wide eyed, blue skinned female.

Genis turns towards the ship, as it sends s bursts of energy through its hull smashing free of the enraged Giganto's grip upon it!

Then it begins to take off, rocketing towards the sky, breaking free of the water and accelerating mightily !

A half instant later, a photon enshrouded figure follows, and overtakes the streaking crab ship! Captain Marvel streaks ahead of the ship, as it's cannons fire deadly energy all around him..

"If I rip into this ship , I know I can disable it, but I don't know how long it'll take. I can't use Cosmic Awareness to find its weak points. Damn! What do I do? There are Atlanteans on there"

Genis and the ship both begin to reach the upper atmosphere when the ship suddenly changes tactics and rams him! Accelerating madly as it does!


"Unnghhh! W-what are they d-doing? They're accelerating so fast, I can't get enough lift to break free. They're going to r-ram the..."


Suddenly the ship rams the barrier placed around the Earth by the cosmic unity, and Captain Marvel is slammed through the ships hull, in one side, and out the other!

"AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!" Screams the cosmic hero in agony as he's hurled out the back of the ship.

Slowly the devastated vessel begins to float back towards the earth immediately, as the holes fore and aft automatically seal, but the damage is done. Suddenly dozens of small escape ships spring from the hull of the crab ship and warp away into space.

Genis floats in agony, broken and bleeding, but still conscious. With a supreme effort, he concentrates on his Nega Bands, and on healing himself.

"G-gotta save the Atlanteans." The thought burns in his mind as does the photonic energy mending his flesh.

In an instant, he grabs the falling ship and begins to slow its descent, struggling powerfully.

"This thing weighs hundreds of tons. There's no way I could lift it normally, but by flying it down I can lift many times what I normally would . But damn this is hard. I've gotta save this ship, and all the people!"

He struggles beyond belief, his body quaking in pain after the terrible beating he's been through.

"Not-gonna-make-it!" He grunts agonizingly as the ship begins to glow from the terrible heat of free fall reentry.

"To-late." He moans as he begins to black out, the battle and subsequent healing finally taking its toll as he begins to surrender to the encroaching darkness.

But suddenly the ship stops! Genis opens his pain wracked eyes as he sees above him a great shadow. The shadow of the SHIELD Helicarrier. And then Nick Fury's voice rings in his ears from a speaker aboard the ship.

"Relax soldier. You did yer duty. The Helicarrier's tractor beams have this thing now."

And Genis smiles as he lands on the carriers deck, and blissfully passes out.


Captain Marvel sits up in his bed aboard the Helicarrier as Fury enters the hospital room.

"Ya did good Captain. The Atlanteans are all safe, and we're helpin' Namor and the rest o' his people de-program the ones who were taken."

"What about those Aliens?" Genis asks.

"They're all gone. They must'a all escaped before the ship fell back ta the Earth. We got no idea who they were."

"Well at least everyone's safe." Genis sighs as he sinks back into the bed.


Suddenly the Helicarrier shakes violently, as alarms go off everywhere, Fury leaps into action but before he can get two steps a bulkhead shatters behind them, and a caped figure falls to the floor of the medical area. The very same figure we saw earlier speeding through space Slowly the figure lifts his head, blonde hair falls from his face.

"Quasar?" Genis states in disbelief.

"Captain Marvel.. I...need your...help. You...have to...stop her..."

"Who Wendall?" Genis asks as he leaps from the bed, and lifts Quasar up into it.

"She's so...powerful...and ...totally ...insane. What happened to...her ? " Quasar stammers.

"Who Quasar? Who?"

"Starbrand..my girlfriend...Starbrand...Kayla. Kayla Ballantine."

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