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Crescendo is the best way to listen to midi files.  Get it HERE

         Here you will find everything I like and hopefully some stuff you like too.  I am a junior in high school and I plan on goin to UNC Chapel Hill.  I am really into Spawn.   You can check out the official web page here.  I have tons of the figures.  I also play paintball.  Hopefully if I get a scanner I will put a picture of my gun up.  I have an automag, the best there is.  The best paintball page is Warpig.  If anyone knows of any kind of Spawn midi, please e-mail me.  My address is below.  Also for you people that came here for the southpark stuff, it's now up.  I got a picture of myself up finally.  You can see it here.  If I get a scanner I will improve it some.  That's all for now....

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Hey all.  As some of you have probably already seen, I've done a complete reconstruction of my Southpark page.  It is now what I think one of   the best on the web.  It has all the EPISODES and tons of other stuff with more to come.  Give me an e-mail to let me know what you think.


Other Links


You know what.  Cyberthrill is a scam.  They haven't paid me a cent and now I'm MAD.  Sorry to all you who clicked on it.  I guess I got what was coming to me for selling out to all those banner things.  I'll never do it again.   Promise.

Dan Barnes Page of Info on Anything - you can find anything, even government docs!!!

The Best Place to Find Computer Stuff - you can find anything and order it from the lowest priced store in the nation!!!

Another Universe - here you can find out about the new southpark toy line and even buy them!!

The Master Potato Cannon Page - gotta love em'

FTP Search - search for anything to download on FTP sites.

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A Couple of Games For You to Play

If you can't play the games then download the program right here

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           Throw a pie at Bill Gates                 Play the Classic Game of Frogger


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This mushroom cloud is dedicated to Austen

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All downloads on this page are zipped using winzip.  If you don't have it get it here!!

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        Well that's all I could come up with for now.  When I get a scanner I will put some more pictures on and hopefully make the page a little better.  If you have any ideas or suggestions you know what to do.....

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