Every  Generation has a Legend... Every Journey has a First Step... Every Saga has a Begining ....
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StarWars: Episode I Phantom Menace Sixteen Years After The Last Episode Of The Story, The Very First Chapter Of The StarWars Saga Finally Unfolds Before Our Eyes. Now we await impaitently for the 2nd part of this saga in hope that it meets  or exceeds our great expectations as StarWars fans and those yet to be!
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Any information , pictures, storylines , info on charecters. that would aid in building my pages would be greatly appreciated.
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Due to factors beyond my Control i will no longer be able to update this page. why you ask, well yahoo has become a greed monkey and has  cut the allocated space i've had for over 3 yaers so now my space is full with the new allocated space they gave me. all because yahoo is getting GREEDY.