Starlit Dreams - The New Reality

Late one night I dreamt a dream of the dreamless. Their faces ashen and lifeless as their lives floated in the void between reality and fantasy, athletes running a race without knowing why, or where they are running to.

I saw these people and I was sad, so I asked of them "Why are you running?"

One turned to me and said "What else is there for us to do?"

Enlightened, I awoke and went forth to share my dreams with everyone, but most importantly with those who have yet to find their own dream, and their true reason for living.

Welcome to Starlit Dreams.


It's been a long time since I updated this page, so it's due a complete overhaul i'd say. I'm getting rid of the world creator award and the starlight software pages. I just don't have the time for them anymore, and the world creator award was depressing me - there were too few of us out there I discovered.

There are some completely new sections up now or on the way to replace the ones lost, one of which is a section dedicated to 3D Art, in particular the three of four peices i've made while playing with various peices of software. Another section soon to come is a small section on Magickal workings, which will contain a variety of hard-to-find books by the famous author Aleister Crowley, one of the most important figures in thelemic history, for download. It will also contain several other bits and peices I have found littering the corners of the net.

As far as poetry is concerned, I have added another poem to the "Poems by Starlight" collection, a small peice I wrote a long time ago called 'Circles'. I've also added a new collection, "Fear and Misery" which is fairly small at the moment, but contains the poems "Demon Vixen", "Flight through Fear" and "The Lost Muse."

More news, Clara of Gerl Publishing is preparing another book for release, the followup of Wings of Inspiration, Shades of Expression. Another one of my poems will appear in it, although it's a smaller part this time. The book will feature poems by lots more amazing poets and will be well worth a look.

This is my home in cyberspace, the place where I store all my dreams, lest I forget.

Remember, Nothing is real until you make it so.

My Dreams once spawned are always remembered.

1. Creating Realities: The Art of Fiction.
2. Starlit Dreamer's Poetry
3. Reality Check: The Smurf Squad
4. Reality Check: The Temple of Dingo
5. 1998's Great Quotes
6. 3D Art
7. Magickal Texts - Selected works of Aleister Crowley and others

Special - A Tribute to Baudelaire, one of the great twisted souls of all time.
Complaints of an Icarus: An Interpretation.

The Starlit Dreamer

Strip my soul of all thats left, for nothing there is worth my breath,
Cast aside the broken peices, leave me standing in the sun.
When at last the dark draws near, i'll know i've nothing left to fear,
When shadows creep across the land, i'll smile up for i'll have won.
Just to stand before the storm, naked shivering fearless form,
To survive the night and face the dawn, is a truly mighty feat.
Then i'll fall down from my place, pain at last adorns my face,
I'll fall to rise again, my friend, to endlessly repeat.
This is my curse I tell to you, i'll lie amongst the morning dew,
Slowly when to rise again, i'll stand alone once more.
Live forever in my speaking, in my pain and in my weeping,
In the days that pass my mind and in my teardrops on the floor.
When you look up at the starlight, and you stare into the dark night,
When the world gets darker, and the cruel just keep on meaner.
Close your eyes and try to listen, hear the dewdrops as they glisten,
And i'll be there beside you, i'll be there The Starlit Dreamer.

The Starlit Dreamer II

The thunder rolls and thunder crashes,
The skies lit bright as lightening flashes,
Rain pounds down on soil and ground,
Storm rages on, and it's deafening sound.

But later, when rain and clouds are gone,
The stars and the dreamer carry on,
He carries beside his torch of hope,
Moves through minds with a poets lope.

Each mind he touches lights up bright,
Through the dreams he travels each night,
He brings his hope and love, in every guise,
Replaces the sparkle in jaded eyes.

His smile is enchanting, his words are hypnotic,
When he starts up a dream, no lies made can stop it.
It darts like a sparrow, to each and every place,
Bringing with it smiles, for each and ever face.

So in your feelings, in your mind,
Look inside, I know you'll find.
Raise your eyes and you will see,
The Starlit Dreamer.. for he is Me.

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