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Please NOTE that these stories are generally dark... they do not have little kids, pregnancy, marriage, and the other sweet little things in life.

Until We Meet Again Part 2 Part 3 J/C R
They're back on Earth, and Janeway's avoiding Chakotay and her crew. Has she changed for the worse, or is there something else going on?
Written in August, 2001

Passing Years J, K, EMH, 7, C R
The terrible future of Admiral Janeway. Warning: If there's something nasty or unpleasant you can think of, odds are it's in this story. Cannibalism, assault, murder, and yes-- even C/7.
Written in June, 2001

The Starfleet Officer J, C, Seska, ALL R
Chakotay finds out Janeway's been lying to the crew all along...
Written in 2000

Genuine Lies J & P, J/Ka, J/C, P/T NC-17
Kashyk holds Janeway and Paris prisoner. Janeway has to cunningly manipulate him to escape. Again.
Written in 1999

In the Name of Love J/C NC-17 (violence, non-consensual sex)
After the events of Scorpion, Janeway and Chakotay are at each other's throats. Can they now stand united against new enemies, both those from without, and those from within?
BTW-- This was my first fanfic. I have a sentimental attachment to it, hence why it's here and not in the secondary archive.
Written in 1997

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Cabbage Soup J, C, 7 G
Chakotay's obese, Janeway's superficial, and Seven's dead.
Written in July, 2001

The Dark Room J/P NC-17 (mindless smut)
Janeway and Paris wake up in a strange room with no idea how they got there.
Written in 1999

A Mary Sue for Janeway J/C/Mary Sue f/f NC-17
Voyager has a very special young woman on board...
Written in August, 2001

Questions J/Garak NC-17 (Very DARK)
Answer to a challenge: Write an unusual pairing. Garak screws with a young Ensign Janeway's mind.
Written in 1999

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