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The Willow/Shadow Moon Saga

A synopsis of the Willow movie, with summaries of Shadow Moon and Shadow Dawn soon to come.
The only way to get around if you ever find yourself lost in the World of Willow.
Don't know your Aldwins from your Angwyns? The Encyclopedia is the only guide to all the creatures, magic spells, mysterious places, and all the other things that make up the universe of Willow and Shadow Moon.

The Story Behind the Saga

The scoop on how George Lucas and his collaborators made this modern masterpiece of fantasy.
Here you'll find the Willow script, interviews with the stars, reviews of both the movie and the books, and a whole lot more.
An exclusive collection of Willow characters and creatures as they were conceived early in pre-production.
A detailed catalogue of the merchandising bonanza surrounding Willow.
A list of other sites that might be of interest to Willow and Shadow Moon fans.

Last update: 6/21/99
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