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Battle Quiz Answers

1. The Fox

2. Regimental Combat Team

3. Cameron

4. Stefan Amaris or Stefan the Usurper

5. The Kell Hounds

6. Morgan Kell and Patrick Kell

7. The Gray Death Legion

8. Snakes

9. Anton Marik

10. Davion,Liao,Marik,Steiner,and Kurita as of 3030

11. Justin Allard

12. Candace Liao and Kai Allard Liao

13. Kearny Fuchida Hyperdrive powered starships that 'Jump' space from one star system to another via jump points.Their primary mission is to transport dropships from system to system at FTL (Faster Than Light) speeds.

14. Mostly Fusion powered (EMH reaction mass) interplanetary spacecraft that allow Jumpship to Planetfall travel. The Dropships primary mission is to deliver goods or mechs to a star systems planets, moons, or asteroids as necessary.

15. Dropship

16. There are 2 normal points for a Jumpship to arrive at near a star system one is at the Nadir point and one is at the Zenith point. Many systems have dangerous alternate arrival points known as Pirate points.

17. There were 7. Clan Wolf, Jade Falcon, Smoke Jaguar, Ghost Bear, Nova Cat, Steel Viper, and Diamond Shark.

18. Wardens are a faction within the clans that believe the Inner Sphere should be protected and not exploited.

19. Crusaders are a faction within the clans that believe the Inner Sphere needs to be conquered and a new clan led Star League put in its place.

20. Disgraced fighting unit.

21. Clan Diamond Shark

22. Sea Fox

23. The Dragons Claws

24. House Marik, Free Worlds League

25. Lionhearts, a SLDF unit commanded by Captain James Cromwell.

Bonus Answers

1. 3005

2. Commander of the SGR was killed on Suzano.

3. James Rommel Sutherland destroys the murderers of his father on Pleione using his father's 2nd Regiment.

4. Francis Scott is the unit Historian.

5. Four full regiments.

6. Major Montgomery Hunter

For each correct answer in the first section give yourself a 4.
For each correct answer in the Bonus section give yourself a 5.
SCORE                  RATING 
0 to 50                Cannon Fodder
51 to 75               Mechwarrior
76 to 90               Company Commander
91 to 100              Battalion Commander
101 to 110             Regiment Commander
111 to 120             Planetary Governor
121 to 126             House Lord
126 to 130             First Lord of the Star League 

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