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1. Hanse Davion has a nick name, what is it?

2. What do the letters RCT stand for in front of a unit name?

3. What was the family name of the leaders of the Star League?

4. What was the name of the villian who executed the first lord?

5. What mercenary unit owed Katrina Steiner for helping start it?

6. What were the brothers names who started the unit named above?

7. What unit found the Star League Memory core and shared it?

8. The Davion soldiers have a nick name for Kurita Forces, What is it?

9. Whom did Janos Marik fight to become sole Leader of the Free Worlds League?

10. Which houses did Wolf's Dragoons serve?

11. What was the name of the mechwarrior who worked for House Liao but was actually a Davion spy?

12. Who did he marry and what was their famous son's name?

13. What do jumpships do?

14. What do dropships do?

15. A gazelle is a _________ type vessel.

16. A pirate point is a what?

17. How many invading clans were there by the battle of Tukayid?

18. What are Wardens?

19. What are Crusaders?

20. If you are Dezgra, what are you?

21. Which clan is the only one to change its name?

22. What was that clans original namesake?

23. The unit that was put together and led by Takashi Kurita to defend Luthien from the clans was called what?

24. What house fields the 'Longinus' battle armor?

25. What is the name of the unit that traveled through time from Star League to the present?

SGR Bonus Questions

1. When did the Spartan Guards first appear in the Inner Sphere?

2. What happened in 3010?

3. What happened in 3011?

4. What does Janey Scott's husband do for the SGR?

5. How many regiments are there in the SGR?

6. Who commands the 221st Mech Destroyer Company?

How did you do?


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