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Battletech / Mercenaries

Spartan Guards Regiments Page 2

A Thunderbolt advances.

Spartan Guards FACTS

            Where formed -  UNKNOWN   Date founded - UNKNOWN  
        First Contractor - Magistracy of Canopus   Date - 3005
        All Past Contractors as of 3045 - Magistracy of Canopus,
        Outworlds Alliance, Taurian Concordatt, House Marik, 
        House Steiner, and House Kurita.
        Current Contractor - House Davion / Federated Commonwealth
        Date Contracted - 3029   Contract Expiration - INDETERMINATE
        Current Commander - Colonel James Rommel Sutherland (51 yrs old)
        Wolfs Dragoons Rating - A+ 
        Completed Missions - 314 to date
        Unit Composition - 1 Battlemech Regiment-Class/ASSAULT
                           1 Combined Arms Regiment-Class/ASSAULT 
                           1 Battlemech Regiment-Class/ASSAULT
                           1 Provisional Combined Arms Regiment-Class/ASSAULT 
       Aligned Mech Units - Argent Scorpions (RCT, 3 Regiments)
                               Commander Baron Nicolas D'anger
                             42nd Special Ops Group (Heavy Battalion)
                              Commander LCOL Clive Xaviar Talbot
                             Bloodfire (2 Regiments)
                              Commander Colonel Tomaz Xavier
                             The Black Bear Brigade (Heavy Regiment)
                               Commander Colonel Michael Black

Honor Roll Call / Fallen Comrades
Arthur's Immortals (2 Regiments) Commander Colonel Thomas Redfield

Transgressor Aerospace Fighter
"Bein' in the Ground Stompers is just a way for me to keep those mech
 jocks honest and maybe just a little humble." Major Peter Finnegan, CO
                                               38th Aero Assault Wing
                                              'A' Company/Ground Stompers


By Jon P. Wolland

Planet Suzanno 3010
"What the hell is going on !?" "We've got raiders in the HQ perimeter!" "Well just don't sit there, call in the 2nd Ranger Company and let's mount up!" "On the way..." "Keep it tight people the Colonels giving 'em hell and we're gonna shut the door." "Roger!" "Let's get 'em cap!" "Yaahooo!" "Allright, allright, cut the crap. Let's kick ass!" The battlemechs of the 4th Panzer Company strode into a nightmarish scene of fire, autocannon bursts, rocket contrails, and cyan bolts of energy lighting up the twilight sky. The headquarters was in a state of chaos with troops fleeing the hand to hand struggles of nearby mechs. A booming crash sounded as a mech fell backwards into a barracks. "Captain Prince, this is Branden. I'm at the warehouse and the Colonels Atlas is surrounded! They're hammering him to pieces!" "We're on the way Branden, hold on!" "I'm going in Cap." A missle barrage struck nearby as Prince turned his Battlemaster and answered with a PPC bolt. On the radio there was a long staticy silence, "Captain," the mans voice was anguished, "it's too late. He's gone..." "Jesus Christ..." "Captain, this is Taylor, the Rangers are at the south end."Send 'em after those bastards!" "Sir, the Colonels son doesn't know yet." 'Crap' to himself, "Tell him to meet us at the warehouse... I'll tell him." "O.K.boss, I wouldn't want to tell him." "Yeh, thanks. Prince out." He stabbed at the com link then turned his Battlemaster towards the warehouse the fighting here had ended. "He put up a hell of a fight but now, he's gone. You, James, are now the Colonel." only static answered the Captain. "Do you copy sir?" The Cyclops battlemech made no move. Several moments passed and then a slow stam- mering voice began to answer, soon becoming firm with resolve. "Y-Ye-Yes Ca-Captain, I understand. It's up to me now." "Yes sir, and your orders? " Several more moments passed then, " We hunt them down. We hunt them until they are dead, Dead, DEAD!" and to punctuate his order a long AC20 burst issued from the Cyclops into the night air spinning the rotary cannons until they were empty. "Yes Colonel, as you command." The fires glow from the burning warehouse danced across the brooding Cyclops' face...


1st Spartan Regiment

Open T.O. & E. 1st Regiment
       Table by Name, Type Equipment, Class, and Tonnage 

10th Regimental Command Company (12 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/675 7th Battalion Command Lance/Lewis's Lancers (4 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/300 12th Assault Company (12 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/810 50th Shock Company (12 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/710 19th Tiger Company (12 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/640 101st Battalion Command Lance/Scott's Stingers (4 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons270 3rd Cavalry Company (12 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/605 81st Hussars Company (12 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/645 5th Cavalry Company (12 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/605 1st Cavalry Battalion Command Lance/Coleman's Crushers (4 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/240 4th Panzer Company (12 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/715 27th LRP Company (12 Mechs) Class/MED Tons/490 46th Force Recon (12 Mechs) Class/MED Tons/450 123rd Mech Breaker Wing 'A' Company/Nighthawks (6 Aerospace Fighters) Class/ASL Tons/360 'B' Company/Firebirds (6 Aerospace Fighters) Class/HVY Tons/320 4 Overlord Class Dropships (Prometheus,Theseus,Perseus,Zeus) 3 Union Class Dropships (Heracles,Achilles,Odyseus) 1 Monolith Class Jumpship (Agamemnon)

Class = Classification of Unit by weight *Tons = ASL/750-up HVY/545-745 MED/365-540 LGT/360-down *Numbers are in relation to company sized units,mechs or tanks.

'Ever Vigilant, Our Honor is Our Blood.'

Gyro Slug Rifle

Death Before Dishonor


1997 jwolland@aol.com

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