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Spartan Guards Regiments Page 4

Favorite of SGR Pilots and Mechwarriors, the Vibroblade.

Spartan Guards Table of Organization & Equipment

3rd Spartan Regiment Open T.O. & E. 3rd Regiment

Table by Name, Class, and Tonnage

Epsilon Vyper Militia/Regimental Command Company (16 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/725 1st Merc Battalion Dinachrome Knights (15 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/1005 Le Soissannais (12 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/570 Sheridan's Rangers(12 Tanks,2 Hovers,2 SP Arty,1 M. INF Platoon) Class/ASL Tons/1200 2nd Merc Battalion Rhodesian Highlanders (15 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/830 King's Grenadier Guards (15 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/890 Praetorian Cavalry (12 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/640 3rd Merc Battalion 8th Light of Horse (15 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/800 Imperial Shang Warriors (15 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/905 Kustinov's Cossacks (8 Mechs,4 Tanks,4 Hovers,2 VTOL's) Class/ASL Tons/940 Tactical Aerospace Command Wing 'A' Company/Blacksheep (6 Aerospace Fighters) Class/ASL Tons/375 'B' Company/Flying Circus (6 Aerospace Fighters) Class/ASl Tons/360 1 Overlord Dropship (Nuada) 6 Fortress Dropships (Lord Cameron,Vishnu,Raiden,Kronos,Lei Kung,Caeser) 1 Union Dropship (Saladin) 1 Invader Class Jumpship (Gilgamesh) 1 Starlord Class Jumpship (General Kerensky)


Class = Classification of Units by weight *Tons = ASL/750-up HVY/545-745 MED/365-540 LGT/360-down *These numbers are in relation to company sized unit,mechs or tanks.

'In Victory Our Shields Held High or Dead Upon Them.'

By Jon P. Wolland
Captain McKenzie liked the little tavern his men had found. It was cozy with the right mellow lighting and all the appropriate ales and licquors the Inner Sphere had to offer. The crowd was a little rough but, Mckenzie noticed with satisfaction, his personnel were adding to that roughness with their presence. Loud laughter sounded towards the back of the bar where the warriors sat exchanging stories and giving incredulous looks and laughs at everyone elses tales. "... Ha, ha, ha, you should have seen that lance of light mechs retreating!" Others began to chuckle. "It was great! Those little turds thought Adam had an original Charger with the pop gun armament, boy were they surprised!" "Talk about under estimating your opponent! Ha, ha, ha, ha!" "No shit! Besides everyone should know you don't screw with a goddamn Terra born, firewater drinkin', American Indian!" More laughter sounded at that. "Ha, ha. So, tell us Adam why did you wait so long to open up on those bozos?" The laughter around the table began to settle as attention was given to Adam Running Creek. The members of the Assault lance and the Support lance of the 19th Tiger Company were enjoying this. "Well, gentlemen and lady," his tone was serious, "it comes down to the need of all warriors in my tribe to perform a ritual called 'Counting Coup'. " Some faces sobered at this statement. "What does that mean?" asked Alexi Romanov from the far end of the table. "It means literally, touching the enemy in combat." "AHA! So that's why you let 'em get close and why you grabbed that Stinger by his head, gave him a burst, and then let the rest run away, RIGHT !?" Manney Johnson winked at everyone. "Correct, my sense of warrior honor had been satisfied, so I saw no need to destroy the rest." a few eyes rolled at that one, "However, in the future, I will lend more support to my fellow warriors." He lowered his eyes in a chastened manor, but when he looked back up his mischievious smile brought the table to howls of laughter. "Bar Keep! Another round of firewater !" 'Yep,' Mckenzie thought to himself from across the bar, 'I like this place.'

Marauder 3R Model

"Let them try to take it. They've never seen the likes of us..." CAPT Walter Kendall, XO 221st Mech Destroyer Company

Black Knight

"Bein' linked up with the SGR is a big plus for us. If it ever got too hot, the SGR will back us 110 %. We of course would do the same for them, when called, and our contracts even have a release clause to that affect. My Knight and me feel real secure knowin' we're backed."

Excerpts of an interview with Warrant Officer Jason  R. Potts of 
the Assault Lance, 33rd Mech Destroyer Company Mercenary
 Unit, Tharkad World News.


The Honor of the Regiment, that's why...


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