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Spartan Guards Regiments Page 6

SGR Super Demolisher 120 tons
"The 73rd Panzer is the toughest tank company in the Inner Sphere, period."
Comments overheard in a Bar on the planet 'Galatea'. A fight soon erupted...


Colonel James Rommel Sutherland ; Commander of the SGR and the 2nd Spartan Regiment piloting a Cyclops SS model. Took command of the SGR in 3010 when his father was killed by mercenary raiders. The attackers were hunted down and destroyed to the last man by his fathers own 2nd Regiment led by James in 3011. James is 45 in appearance with a medium build on a 6 foot frame. His face is rugged yet not unhandsome. His eyes are an inky black and piercing to many. He is a tactical wizard with a hard but likeable personality the troops have become accustomed to. His diplomacy skills are well used to promote and protect his Regiments and their families.

Colonel Artemis Becht ; Commander of the 1st Spartan Regiment piloting a Mauler SS model. A serious individual when it comes to mechs and his personnel. Artemis is a highly educated career military man who found the Great House militaries lacking in concept and the SGR an island of honorable men and women following a long dead but refreshing Star League code of justice. This appeal led to his joining and rising in the ranks to Regimental Commander. His word is his bond.

Captain Kelly McKenzie ; Commander of the 19th Tiger Company piloting a Griffin SS model. Kelly's first remembered toy was a Super Erector 6000 building set. She promptly built a Shadowhawk mech, the rest is history. Kelly wanted to fight in mechs so bad she could taste it and when the SGR came thru her Home World's port she dropped out of college and immediately signed up. Her family was furious but now with her command and the great respect she has earned, her family does approve. Being the Tiger leader she reflects that cats tenacity in her fighting style and her unit tries to be each and everyone a Tiger like their commander.

Major Shaka Zorria ; Commander of the Rhodesian Highlanders piloting a Battlemaster SS model. His name was given to him by a village witch woman who said the spirit of Shaka Zulu resided in the newborn child and that he was destined for greatness. His ancestry can in fact be traced back to that great Zulu chieftain and to his troops he is a great and gifted Warrior Leader. Their all black unit was formed on New Caledonia after Major Zorria retired from the LCAF. Shakas love of Kilts and bagpipes along with the fact that some of his personnel actually had Irish and Scottish ancestry here and there led to their kilted dress uniforms and their ever present pipers. Also a Fully feathered and armed Zulu warrior always appears at ceremonies reflecting their African heritage.

Captain Pierre LaSalle ; Commander of the 'Le Soissonnais' Company piloting an Axeman II. Hailing from New Paris the dashing Frenchman Pierre is always looking for a draught of wine or some fetching damsel to catch his eye. His unit carries on the honorable name and tradition of the oldest standing French Regiment in Terran history, 'Le Soissonnais'. He and his men fight with Legionnaire heart and determined enthusiasm and complete their missions with true French style. Napoleon would be proud of them.

Major Rachel Dunn ; Commander of 'A' Company/Firebirds 123rd Breaker Wing piloting a Samurai Aerospace Fighter. Rachels mother was an original commanding member of the SGR when they first appeared in the Inner Sphere. Her heritage is therefore unknown and not subject to discussion. With blue eyes, firey red hair, and definite sex-appeal, Rachel is always welcomed by the men anywhere she goes however no one would dare cross the Jeet Kune Do practioner. Her anger would definitely result in hurting on the other persons part. She leads with a passion discerned from her love of flying. Her company executes their maneuvers with deadly precision. Rachel is truly at home in any sky or the velvet blanket of space.

Major Montgomery Hunter ; Commander of the 221st Mech Destroyer Company piloting a Victor SS model. Montgomery or 'Monty' feels blessed by the multi-talented mechwarriors he has in his company. From Arrow IV to Wheel bearings someone in his group knows something about it. Being known as a 'Troubleshooter' unit Monty is fully aware of the capabilites and raw destructive power his Assault Company possesses. His plans and strategems are well rehearsed and build upon their 4 Lance concept.

Captain Dirk Nicoletti ; Commander of the 27th LRP Company piloting a Dervish 7D model. Dirk is of off the mean streets of Solaris where as a child he pilfered to help his family income situation. Dirk has always had an answer to any tactical situation he and his command have been placed in. He appears to have rough edges but is fair and trusted by his troops.

Major Janey Scott ; Commander of the 101st Mech Battalion piloting a Marauder II 5a model. Janeys parents were also in the SGR when they first appeared in the Innersphere. Janey appears to be Philipinno or at least some type of Asian/Islander decent. Her Battalion is known as the 'Screamin Eagles' and all the mechwarriors live up to it. Janey is married to the unit historian Francis H. Scott, who has no official rank, but is still a very valued unit member.

Captain Joshua Waynewright (Bluey) ; Commander of the 50th Shock Company piloting an Atlas Emperor (SGR Super Atlas). Joshua or 'Bluey' as he is affectionately known, is a red headed tall Australian straight from the Australian Outback. His father owns and runs a huge ranch there and can't wait for the day 'Bluey' returns home to take over and relax from his best and favorite past time leading troops to victory in Battlemechs. He gets rowdy with his men and believes in 'Fight Hard Play Hard'. Joshua's Tech is an Aboriginal from his fathers ranch who is seen often late at night smoking a pipe and telling 'Bluey' of the Dream Times in early Australian Aboriginal history.

Lieutenant Colonel Gerald Coleman ; Commander of the 1st Cavalry Battalion piloting a Highlander. Appearing young for someone with such responsibility and control of so many lives belies the fact he is one of the best liked commanders in the regiment and well respected from his fellow officers to the lowliest astech in the hanger bays. His confidence, quick wit, and decidely personable behavior are matched by his sound tactical decisions and demand that his people take care of their own.

The Invader Class Jumship 'Gilgamesh'.

NOTE: SS models are Spartan Regiment modified units. Stats are available upon request.


ITEM 1- It was announced today by the Spartan Guards Liason Office that a fourth Regiment is currently being recruited through Solaris, Outreach, and Galatea. So far 6 companies have been recruited including, The Tainui Dragoons, Farragut's Fusiliers, Lords Hammer, 53rd Pennsylvania Minutemen, 117th Tiger Rangers, and Panzerjager.

ITEM 2- The 3rd Regiment has recieved tacit approval to remove the 'Provisional' tag from its Regiment Name. This unit has more than proved its Honor and Loyalty and has been accepted as a full member for sometime. This move is felt necessary to promote unity and morale. The new 4th Regiment will carry the 'Provisional' tag in the future.

ITEM 3- The Spartan Guards archives museum has announced the opening of the Clan Wars Display along with the Full disclosure of our pre-Inner Sphere existence. This information, in light of the last few years of Clan fighting, needed to be revealed in order to 'clear the air'.' We once were Clan Warriors' would probably make a good title for a holovid series. Only time will tell. If we are Clan we are Wardens, if we are Inner Sphere we are citizens. Either way, our loyalties lie with the original Star League members and Terra.

ITEM 4- The Spartan Guards Commander Colonel Sutherland announced in June, an agreement of mutual aid has been concluded and signed with The Brawlers Regiments. This outfit has proven its ability to fight the Clans and its honor in preserving the Inner Sphere. We salute our brothers at arms.

ITEM 5- September now marks the completion of the 4th Regiment Provisional hiring. The final mercenary units to join are to makeup the 3rd Canberra Battalion of the 4th Spartan Guards Regiment/Provisional. Those units are, the 1st Royal Stewart company, the IceCat Slashers, and the 22nd Mammoth Hunters. Colonel Sutherland and the Spartan Guards welcome these new honorable units to the family and tradition of the SGR. As a note of interest, hiring of an aerospace wing or 2 to 3 companies to form a space wing are still on going.

ITEM 6- Acquiring of new jumpships and dropships for the 4th Regiment 'provisional' is nearly complete. 2 Jumpships and a total of 6 dropships have been or are in final acquisition at this time. October will see the new craft available for duty.

ITEM 7- "It is with a heavy heart that this announcement is made. Our allies 'Arthurs Immortals' have fallen in a glorious battle on the planet Sudeten to the Jade Falcons. Outnumbered, the 'Immortals' managed to destroy 6 full trinaries of Mechs and 1 trinary of elementals. Their bravery shall always be remembered as we embrace their unit into our own heritage and memories. Long live the Immortals!" Statement read by Colonel James Rommel Sutherland to all Spartan Guards Units over all Comstar frequencies 8 February 3056. A display of 'Arthurs Immortals' arms and regimental flag and insignias has been placed in the Spartan Guards Museum along with their combat record and history to be preserved for all time.

A popular command Mech in the SGR, the Battlemaster.

15th Dieron Regulars--------------------------5th Sword of Light
3rd Pesht Regulars-------------------------6th Benjamin Regulars
1st Amphigean Assault group--------------------Wolfs Dragoons
2nd Kearny Highlanders------------------------Sung's Curassiers
Grave Walkers-------------------------------1st St. Ives Lancers
Phantom Regiment----------------------------3rd Orient Hussars
6th Marik Militia---------------------Smithson's Chinese Bandits
McCarron's Armored Cavalry---------------------Head Hunters

Grand Dragon SS Model
The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.

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