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Spartan Guards Regiments Page 7

A Warrior H8 on patrol.

4th Spartan Regiment (Provisional)

Open T.O. & E. 4th Regiment

Regimental Command Company Tainui Dragoons (15 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/715 Special Operations Unit Iron Horde (48 Achilius and 48 Longinius Battle Armor INF) Class/ASL Tons/Classified 1st Cameron Battalion 53rd Pennsylvania Minutemen (12 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/810 Farragut's Fusiliers (6 Mechs, 6 Tanks, 4 Hover, 4 Choppers, INF) Class/ASL Tons/1077 Lord's Hammer (12 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/885 2nd Conan Battalion 117th Tiger Rangers (12 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/885 Panzerjager (12 Tanks, 4 Arty, INF) Class/ASL Tons/1072 Gladiator Guards (12 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/830 3rd Canberra Battalion IceCat Slashers Class/ASL Tons/795 (12 Mechs) 1st Royal Stewart Company Class/ASLTons/825 (15 Mechs) 22nd Mammoth Hunters Class/ASL Tons/815 (7 Tanks,4 IFV's,INF,4 Scouts,2 Arty, 1 Wheeled HQ, 2 Karnov's, 4 Mechs ) Lafayette Escadrille A Company/Flying Tigers Class/ASL Tons/360 (6 Fighters) B Company/Newport Francais CLass/HVY Tons/300 (6 Fighters) 4 Overlord Dropship (Darius,Tarsus,Columbia,Viking) 3 Fortress Dropships (Lexington,Independence,Geronimo) 1 Fredasa Class Warship (Victorious) 1 Starlord Class Jumpship (Valencia)


Class = Classification of unit by weight *Tons = ASL/750-up HVY/545-745 MED/365-540 lgt/360-Down *Numbers are in relation to company sized units, mechs or tanks.

An HPG (Hyper Pulse Generator) location: CLASSIFIED.

SGR, Our Original Mission

The Spartan Guards Regiments were commissioned by the Clan khans of Clan Diamond Shark to explore and report every piece of information about the Inner Sphere economics they could. It was thought the best way to 'get around' in the Inner Sphere was as a mercenary unit. This mission was not sanctioned or known by any of the other clans as it strives for information for the merchant caste of Clan Diamond Shark. This is unheard of in the Clans, but then again Diamond Shark was once Clan Sea Fox and their maverick spirit persists to this day. The plan was that with this advantage of economic knowledge Clan Diamond Shark would control all trade of goods and mercantile during the Clan invasion and then, even more importantly, after the Clan occupation. The first part has certainly come to pass. Eventually this would lead to Diamond Shark having such a grip on the Inner Sphere that by force of economic power an Ilkhan would have to be chosen from Diamond shark to lead the newly evolving Star League. The Spartan Guards reported to Clan Diamond Shark right up until the invasion. They were ordered not to engage Clan units during the invasion and so aligned their assignments to include protection of Davion worlds on the Periphery thereby freeing up Federated Commonwealth House units to engage the Clans. From these vantage points the Spartan Guards waited and watched. Then Tukayid... The Dishonor of Clan Diamond Sharks Defeat and near total destruction of that Clans committed forces caused a cry of outrage and humiliation amongst those warriors in the SGR who knew of our history and origins. These warriors declared that as Nicholas Kerensky had willed it, only the strong should survive. A trial of refusal was fought between those still loyal to Clan Diamond Shark and those who felt Desgrah at the mention of the name. Three stars of mechs fought on each side but victory, as at Tukayid, went to the Inner Sphere. The Sea Fox was our Clan symbol and yet it was not strong enough, the Diamond Shark was our Clan symbol and now it, is not strong enough. We fight now for the Inner Sphere who through Trial by Combat, have shown they can and will be the Strongest. The twilight of the Clans is upon us. We are Wardens or we are Citizens either way, we side with Terra and the new Star League.

A New Mauler exercising trial by combat.

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MSGT Nick Kincaids' Akuma of the 117th Tiger Rangers Command Section signalling unit halt.

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Take Heart Fellow Warriors The Enemy is Thick, but Our Blades are Sharp!
Jon Wolland circa 1996 AD

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