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11/30/97: Sorry for lack of updates. I've been very busy, and very little has been happening on all fronts. The emulation scene almost seems dead, and things are very quiet regarding Star Wars. Anyway, updated Collecting, Prequel, Computer Gaming, Links, Viewfinder.

11/10/97: SW Prequel news update, SW Collecting, and emulation update. Not much news on the emulation front lately.

10/28/97: Big PC Games update, emultion update, some new prequel info added. Also, added some stuff on my personal page.

10/12/97: Big updates on Prequel and Collecting page. New quiz question. Small update on games page. No emulator updates this time (its been slow).

9/28/97: SW Collecting, Emulation, SW Quiz, PC Games updated.

9/15/97: Prequel, Collecting, and Emulation updates.

9/8/97: New pic on prequel page, new SW collecting info. PC Games updated. Emulator page updated.

9/1/97: A great update: Lots of new pics on Prequel and Collecting pages. Emulator update.

8/22/97: Finally, a new update. I moved last week, os I had tons of things to keep me occupied, but am now "settled". Updated SW Prequels, Collecting, Emulation. Also, I should now be in "The Ring".

8/3/97: I'm back! Updated tons of stuff: SW Prequels, Collecting, Emulation, PC Games.

7/13/97: Updated SW Collecting and Emulation. I will be on vacation till 8/1, so if there are any updates, they will be small. Later!

7/7/97: SW Prequels and Collecting, PC Games, Emulation, new link, new Quiz Question.

6/30/97: SW Collecting, links, PC Games, Emulation update. Added a link to my Telemarketing Pros page.

6/20/97: Emulation and links update, Prequel and Figure Collecting Updates.

6/14/97: Emulation and links update.

6/9/97: PC Games Update, Prequel News. Updated Mangler Doom 2.0 links.

6/6/97:Emulation Update, New SW Collecting and Prequel News.

5/29/97: SW Collecting and Emulation Update. Removed the Guestbook sign-in. Figured one year of names was good enough.

5/25/97: Mangler Doom 2.0 is now on the web, and has been added to the Links, Games, and Mangler pages.

5/23/97: Emulation Update. Mangler Doom 2.0 is complete. I have uploaded it, and the link will appear on this site in a few days.

5/21/97: Prequel News, new links, and a new Viewfinder entry.

5/14/97: Now at our new home at Geocities. Guestbook sign-in will be down for a short period. Emulator page update.

5/11/97: New Quiz question, SW Prequel update, Emulator update, a few other small additions/changes.

5/3/97: Updated XWVTF article, and updated Emulators.

5/2/97: PC Games and SW Collecting Updates.

4/26/97: New Viewfinder links, Some new emulator stuff, and updated the PC Games page a bit more.

4/25/97: New SW quiz, and "Top 10" reasons SW is better than Trek. Prequel and Special Edition update. Emulator and PC Games update.

4/14/97: Emulation Update.

4/11/97: SW Collecting and Emulator Update.

4/5/97: New SW Prequel News, Emulator and PC Games Update.

3/30/97: Happy Easter all! Updated those SW pages for ya. Also updated PC Games.

3/24/97: Emulator and cosmetic changes to many pages. Star Wars updates next - I promise!

3/21/97: Emulator and PC Games Update .

3/14/97: SW Special Edition and Figure Collecting Update .

3/11/97: Emulator Update, cosmetic changes all over, added "Fall of Republic" treatment to New Trilogy Page.

3/5/97: Emulator Update.

3/4/97: SW Collecting Update, some cosmetic changes.

2/27/97: SW Collecting Update, new quiz question, updated release date for ROJ, fixed some links. Small emulation update.

2/24/97: SW Collecting and Special Edition Update, new links, PC Games and Emulation updates.

2/11/97: New Star Wars Quiz question, new prequel, Special Edition, and collecting news. New links.

2/6/97: Nothing too thrilling this update. Mainly transparent changes in the Guestbook and some revisions on the page about Me. Now I will be able to update the Guestbook more often. Also removed the Javascript scroll on the main page and the midis from two of the Star Wars pages. I have heard that many people find the scrolling annoying. Oh, well. If anyone protests, please E-Mail me. Also, separated the Whats New Page and Guestbook into 1996 and 97 versions.

2/2/97: Major SW Trilogy and Collecting update. Emulator Update. Updated new trilogy FAQ.

1/27/97: SW Trilogy and Collecting update. Emulator Update.

1/20/97: SW Trilogy update. PC Games update.

1/16/97: SW Collecting update, new links, Mangler page face-lift. Emulator update.

1/9/97: Several Emulator addtitons and updates. SW Movie and Collecting updates.

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