Tiffmeister's "Keepin' the 80s ALIVE!" Award--Circle of Winners!

The below listed names are the proud web pages and sites that are doing their darnest to keep the 80s from becoming just another forgotten and copied decade.
Together, we are keepin' the 80s ALIVE!!!

So, you think your site is keepin' the 80s alive?

Well, then apply for this award!!!---HELLO MCFLY, like, I'm so sure...Than you can place this handsome award on your site.(It's not the Oscars, but heah, we 80s buffs need some acknowledgement.)

If you think you deserve a Keepin' the 80s Alive Award or know someone that does....

Please tell me as much info about your 80s site as possible!

Please tell me your name: (Do not hit return) Please tell me your site URL: (Do not hit return) Please tell me your site's/page's name: (Do not hit return)

1) Please provide comments about your page..description, etc. What you've done everywhere else.

2) What 80s decade subject does your site deal with?

OR the old fashioned way:EMAIL THE TIFFMEISTER with your:

All winners will be listed on this winner's circle page!! GOOD LUCK!

Know a great 80s site you want to reccommend for an award?

Know a great 80s site, or just want to get yours at the top of the list? Fill in the form above. Thanks for helping to keep the 80s alive!

Just a little FYI

Ok, this is a brand new award, as of Feb. 8, 1998. Don't be daunted by the few winners so far listed. It's growing, and pretty easy to win if your site is 80s related. And my friend's used to laugh at me when I'd watch 80s videos, and listen to 80s music, build an 80s website...seems now I'm doing a public service.

Play with my 80s cube. See where it leads you.

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