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~*My C.D.'s*~

Quasi-Alphabetical Order


AcDc "Back in Black"
"Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" (sdtk)
"Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" (sdtk)
Aerosmith "Nine Lives"
Alanis Morisette "Jagged Little Pill"
Alanis Morisette "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie"
Alien Ant Farm "ANThology"
Alien Sex Fiend "Bat Cave Masters"
All Star United "International Anthems for the Human Race"
"American Pie 2" (sdtk)
"Anastasia" (sdtk)
"Angus" (sdtk)
Aqua "Aquarium"
Atom & His Package "Redefining Music"
"Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" (sdtk #1)
"Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" (sdtk #2)

Baha Men "Who Let the Dogs Out"
Barenaked Ladies "Stunt"
"Batman Forever" (sdtk)
Baz Luhrman "Soemthing For Everybody"
Beanbag "Free Signal"
Beastie Boys "Hello Nasty"
Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique"
Beastie Boys "Check Your Head"
Beastie Boys "Licensed to Ill"
Beatles "One"
"Beavis & Butthead: The Movie" (sdtk)
Beck "Odelay"
Beck "Mellow Gold"
"Besta Polka" (various)
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy"
Big Wreck "In Loving Memory Of..."
Billy Idol "Billy Idol's Greatest Hits"
Bing Crosby "Holiday Music"
The Blenders (Christmas cd)
Blink 182 "Dude Ranch"
Blink 182 "Enema of the State"
Blink 182 "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket"
Bloodhound Gang "Hooray For Boobies"
Brian Setzer Orchestra "Dirty Boogie"
"Bugs & Friends Sing the Beatles"
Butthole Surfers "Electriclarryland"

Cake "Fashion Nugget"
Cake "Prolonging the Magic"
Cherry Poppin' Daddies "Zoot Suit Riot"
Citizen King "Mobile Estates"
Chumbawumba "Tubthumper"
Common Rider "Last Wave Rockers"
Common Rider "This is Unity Music"
Crazytown "The Gift of Game"

Dave Matthew's Band "Crash"
"Dead Man on Campus" (sdtk)
Dido "No Angel"
The Distillers "Sing Sing Death House"
Drowning Pool "Sinner"
"Dude Where's my Car?" (sdtk)

Eagle Eye Cherry "Desireless"
Eiffel 65 "Europop"
Elvis Presley "Blue Christmas"
Eminem "The Marshall Mathers LP"
Eminem "The Slim Shady LP"
Eminem "Welcome to the Slim Shady Show"
Eve6 "Eve6"
Eve6 "Horrorscope"
Everclear "Sparkle & Fade"

"Family Values Tour '98(?)" (various)
Fastball "All the Pain Money Can Buy"
Five "Five"
Forest for the Trees "Forest For the Trees"

Garbage "Garbage"
Geoff Moore and the Distance "Only a Fool" single
Ghoti Hook "Songs We Didn't Write"
Ghoti Hook "Banana Man"
"Go Ahead Punk ...Make My Day" (various) --Nitro REcords
Good Charlotte "Good Charlotte"
Good Charlotte "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"
Gorillaz "Gorillaz"
Green Day "Dookie"
Green Day "Warning"
Green DAy "Warning" (enhanced edition)
Green Day "Insomniac"
Green Day "International Superhits"
Green Day "1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours"
Green Day "Nimrod"
Green Day "Kerplunk!"

H2O "Go"
"Hackers" (sdtk)
"Hannibal" (sdtk)
Harvey Danger "Where Have all the Merrymakers Gone?"
Hepcat "Scientific"


Jimmy Eat World "Bleed American"
"Jock Jams Vol. 1" (various)
"Jock Jams Vol. 2" (various)

Kid Rock "Devil Without a Cause"
Korn "Follow the Leader"
Korn "Issues"
Korn "All Mixed UP"
"Kung Fu Records Punk Sampler" (various)

Len "Can't Stop the Bum Rush"
Less Than Jake "Boarders and Boundaries"
Less Than Jake "Losing Streak"
Limp Bizkit "Significant Other"
Limp Bizkit "Chocolate Starfish n Hot Dog Flavored Water"
Limp Bizkit "3 Dolla Bill Yall$"
Live "Secret Samahdi"
Live "Throwing Copper"
"Living in the '90's" (various)
Lou Bega "A Little Bit of Mambo"
Luscious Jackson "Fever In Fever Out"

Madonna "Music"
Me First and the GimmeGimmes "Blow in the Wind"
"Millenium Hip Hop Party" (various)
"Millenium 80's New Wave Party" (various)

NSYNC "Celebrity"
NSYNC "No Strings Attatched"
Nelly "Country GRammar"
NewFoundGlory "NewFoundGlory"
Newsboys "Love Liberty Disco"
Newsboys "Going Public"
Newsboys "Not Ashamed"
Newsboys "Take Me To Your Leader"
No Doubt "Rocksteady"
NOFX "50 or 60 Songs..."
"Non-stop Macarena"
"Now 2" (various)
"Now 5" (various)
"Now Christmas" (various)

Oasis "What's the Story Morning Glory"
Offspring "Americana"
Offspring "Conspiracy of One"
Offspring "Ixnay on the Hombre"
Offspring "Smash"
"Oldies But Goodies" (various)
Offspring "Offspring"
Operation Ivy "Operation Ivy"

Philmore "Philmore"
"Physical Fatness: Fat Music Vol. III" (various)--Fat Wreck Chords
Pinhead Gunpowder "Jump Salty"
Pink "Mizzundahstood"
Plankeye "Relocation"
Polarboy "Back From Nowhere"
"Polka Party" (various)
Powerman 5000 "Mega!! Kung Fu Radio"
Powerman 5000 "Tonight the Stars Revolt"
Presidents of the Unites States of America "II"
Prince "1999"
Prince "The Hits II"
"Punk-o-rama 4" (various)
"Punk-o-rama 5?" (various)
"Punk Uprisings Vol. II" (various)

"Queer as Folk" (USA) (sdtk)

RAge AGainst the Machine "Renegades"
Ramones "Greatest Hits Live"
Rancid "...And Out Came the Wolves"
Rancid "Let's Go"
Refreshments "Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy"
Relient K "Relient K"
Rednex "Sex & Violins"
Republica "Republica"
Ricky Martin "Ricky Martin"
Right Said Fred "Up"
Rob Zombie "Hellbilly Deluxe"
Robbie Williams "The Ego has Landed"
"Rocky Horror Picture Show" (sdtk.)-unofficial
"Romeo & Juliet" (sdtk 1)

Adam Sandler "Stan and Judy's Kid"
Adam Sandler "They're All Gonna Laugh At You"
Adam Sandler "What the Hell Happened to Me"
Adam Sandler "What's Your Name"
Savage Garden "Affirmation"
Screeching Weasel
"Scream 2" (sdtk)
"Scooby Doo's Snack Tracks" (various)
"Short Music for Short People" (various) --Fat Wreck Chords
Smashing Pumpkins "Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness"
Smashmouth "Astrolounge"
Smashmouth "Fush Yu Mang"
Sonic Flood "Sonic Flood"
South Park "Bigger, Longer, Uncut" sdtk.
South Park "Chef Aid"
Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Q
Space Monkeys "Daddy of them all"
Spin Doctors "Pocket Full of Kryptonite"
"Spin This" Various
Squirrel Nut Zippers "Hot"
Stone Temple Pilots "Tiny Music from the Vatican's Gift Shop"
Stone Temple Pilots "Core"
Sublime "Second Hand Smoke"
Sublime "Sublime"
Sugar Ray "14:59"
Sugar Ray "Floored"
Sugar Ray "Sugar RAy"
Sum41 "All Killer No Filler"
Sum41 "Does This Look Infected?"

311 "311"
311 "Transistor"
"Tomb Raider" (sdtk)
Tonic "Lemon Parade"
Tonic Sol-fa "Carol"

The Urge "Master of styles"

Vertical Horizon "Everything You Want"
Verve Pipe "Villains"
Vengaboys "The Party Album"
Violent Femmes "Viva Wisconsin"

Wallflowers "Bringing Down the Horse"
Weird Al "Bad Hair Day"
Weird Al "Running with Scissors"
Weird Al "Greatest Hits vol. 2"
Wheatus "Wheatus"
Will Smith "Big Willy Style"
Will Smith "Willenium"



...plus i have a bunch of burned cds, made by both me n my friends
.....To be continued
started 5/9/00
updated 1/8/03