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USS Atlantis NCC 73660 - A

Sovereign Class

Federation Starship

The USS Atlantis is a Star Trek AES PBeM RPG, that takes place in 2377 four years after Deep Space 9 timeline.

The USS Atlantis-A was one of the newest Sovereign Class Starship to be built. Her mission is to continue the exploring deep into the Alpha Quaderant. Her crew will be out to explore the unknown, and her captain is a man of exploration. This sim takes place in the current DS9 timeline. The year is 2377 and the place is the USS Atlantis, home for great simming action.

The USS Atlantis has been a Star Trek Role Playing Game now for over 4 years and continues to generate interest by many fans.

Frames version is recommended.

Website Notes: 05/23/01 - I have recently updated the Frames operation. The no-frames will be updated later on, once time permits.

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AES is a totally free Email Organization

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black-pg13.gif (299 bytes) This sim has been voluntarily rated PG-13 by its administrators. It involves content of a violent
nature as well as adult situations.

PG-13 indicates that the sim is similar to a PG sim but there may be more adult content, such as dating (GASP!), kissing, and IMPLIED sexual relations, meaning they are alluded to but never "seen". A typical episode from the latest Deep Space 9 series.



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