Current Alpha Version: 0.1b

Last changed: 10th June 1999

The table below indicates the Current expense list as detailed by Magic Online to handle Internet service in Australia

These expenses change and updates will be made when cheaper expenses become obvious.

Company Resource setup cost
Optus 10*Phone Lines $1200
NetComm 10*56kps Modems $1500
ZipWorld 1*HDSL Connections $1500
Total Cost $4200

Monthly Expenses
Company Resource Monthly Cost
Optus 10*Line Rental $110
AGL Electricity Power Bill $100
ZipWorld 1*HDSL Connections $2000
Total Cost $2200

Other Expenses
Company Resource setup cost
INTERNIC Domain Registration * IP $400/2 years
Office of Fair Trading Business Registration $70/3 years
Total Cost $470

Magic Online calculates their prices based on these Expenses. If you can see a place where we can lower our expenses then email Magic Online and provide webpage details and pricing of the service.

The Less we pay, the less you pay.

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