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No dead bodies here, "the morgue" is an old newspaper term for the Reference Dept. or Library (the repository of dead news, originally used mainly to compile obituaries or prominent people). At the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, it's now officially called the N ws Research Dept., and that's where I work.The main holdings of newspapers morgues have always been clipping files of stories from past papers. Nowadays, we have computer databases of all stories in electronic form. This is my morgue of visitor comments.

Paul - Ireland - 08/10/00 04:39:16

Great page - nice to see the depth of your interest. I'm a fellow English graduate, and I too appreciate its literary qualities. It would/will be interesting to see if it gets the deserved width of recognition.

Doc Vacation - 01/09/00 14:40:52
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Great side! I esp like the Sandmanessay, but then again, I like most things that are Sandmanrelated. Keep upo the good work, and be proud, cause now you're on my Linklist

Susan Sebranek - 12/09/99 10:37:49
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Sandman was reccomended by my newsgroup (alt.books.m-lackey). It was reading the descriptions of Sandman on your webpage that decided it for me. I chose to try it.

cas - 11/27/99 21:09:45
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I tried to look up Sandman sites with a search, but none so splendid came up! I've read most of the comics in paperback and have just decided to purchase them all-one by one. I though Good Omens was a pretty good book. Rather funny and inventive. Righ now I'm reading 'The Grapes of Wrath'. This book kicks ass! It is most likely the best book ever written! merry christmas everyone response is appreciated

- 10/05/99 19:49:14


Alex Sydorenko - 10/05/99 19:45:19
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Nice Cerebus stuff. I was reading cerebus way back when I was a kid in the 80s when Reagan was president and the natives were restless. Around that time, creator Dave Sims was putting out the comics that form the "High Society" book where cerebus runs f r prime minister...Now its the end of the 90s and I've gone back to cerebus, reading High Society, Church & State (parts 1 and 2) and now Ive started Jaka's book....The Cerbus comic is truly a masterwork....Alex Sydorenko, Oct 1999, Chicago

Johan Fröstberg - 08/05/99 21:38:57
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Hi, nice homepage!! If you are searching for DVD, Comic just drop in to my homepage.I live in Sweden itis a very nice place on earth!!!

wes - 07/11/99 00:17:47
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Very nice site - hope we can see more weekly reviews soon

Chris Crosby - 04/24/99 04:50:23
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Please check out my daily comic strip, SUPEROSITY! It would be an honor to be read by Steve, even if Steve doesn't like it. http://www.superosity.com

Melissa - 03/18/99 16:44:09
My Email:MarcinkM@ors.od.nih.gov

I am looking for the From Hell Volumes 4, 5, and 8-12. If anybody is willing to sell for a fair or even absurd price or knows where I can get my hands on these, please let me know.

Jonathan Weisberg - 03/15/99 08:26:19
My Email:jweisberg@hotmail.com

Boy, what an incredible find! Fascinating reviews. Your commentary on Cerebus is excellent. As one of those "non-superhero" readers of comics, I was really intrigued by your essay on alternative comics and the growth of the industry. Excellent writing

Becky - 03/10/99 18:51:11
My Email:BecaDSWIM@AOL.com

I like your page..if you know of any good Bradbury sites let me know. I'm doing a bit of research on him...it would be very helpful. Thanks.

BONUS - 01/04/99 18:00:02
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hi! ammm... ammm... :)
are you ready to meat bubble girl?

- 11/23/98 12:53:23


jo brown - 11/23/98 12:53:01
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Steve - 10/17/98 05:08:54
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Love your pages and sorry to hear abt your father-in-law. Must be the summer for it. :(

10/16/98 09:42:01
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Just surfing. Thanks.

Steven M. Bergson - 09/24/98 18:01:44
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Wow! Another Geocities member by the name of Steve, who is a comics scholar and writes occassionally. What are the oddds of that, eh?

- 09/21/98 00:58:31
My Email:BleuJello@aol.com

Dear Sir: I am currently doing research in sequential art as it relates to the subversive side of contemporary quiltmaking, with occasional forays into the annals of medieval literature and submarine rhetoric. Do you still play the guitar? ;)

Andy Piper - 09/12/98 19:45:13
My Email:andy@khazadum.demon.co.uk

Liked the L&R stuff, and always glad to see an appreciation of Sandman & Alan Moore. But where is the Concrete? Does nobody like it enough to do a page? Keep it up, maybe I'll learn something from you ;)

- 08/15/98 04:05:06
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you never know who might turn up in cyberspace. yr cursepondent.com

Oscar the Wiener Dog - 07/18/98 02:35:44
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Can't quite remember how I wander in here. Oh ya, that comic strip guy had a quoter from you. Seems he's your "read" of the week. Wow, there's a lot of text going on here, but somehow I found myself reading it all. I suspect your audience will grow. There s something about your prose that is captivating. (That sounds a little cheesey, I should tone it down but this is just a guestbook). See me in my comic strip if your interested. It's called Not In My Backyard

Oscar the Wiener Dog

Kara Townsend - 07/02/98 20:49:43
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Hi! I was surfing through GeoCities and saw your page. Pretty Cool! My name is Kara. I am 24 years old and live in San Diego, CA. I have been teaching myself HTML for the last several months. Please visit my site, Kara s dynamicSex and tell me what you think of it. I will be adding pictures of myself within the next couple days. I would love to exchange links with you!

Joss O'Kelly - 06/01/98 21:43:08
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Hi Just found your page. I haven't had time to explore it properly yet, but so far it's just what I'm looking for. I became interested in Graphic Novels ( with or wothout the quote marks!) a couple of years ago. Love Sandman, but also rate Watchmen, Hellblaz r and a few others. A recent one that I haven't found on your site (yet) is Mark Waid's Kingdom Come. A Superhero story but with beautiful artwork from Alex Ross. Also have recently been dipping into Spawn, mostly pretty average though the Gaiman volume, ngela, is very funny. I'm a librarian working with schools in Buckinghamshire (UK) and use GNs a lot with pupils. At the moment I'm working on a catalogue of our stock holdings and may well wish to quote from you at some stage, but will get back to you when I can quote chapter and verse. I also have quite a few reviews of my own, designed as purchase aids for teachers/librarians, which I'm sort of saving until I get my own website together, but can send you a sample or two if interested? Best wishes Joss

Martin Ward - 04/13/98 01:51:19
My Email:fish@glinx.com

The email that I have been trying to send you gets bounced back to me. "Service unavailable" it says. Here's what I was writing you in email: I read some more of your page. It's good to see a page full of words and not graphics and links. I like to read opinion columns and reviews. Keep it up. I have to agree with you on the 'comics vs graphic novels vs magazines' and came to the same conclusions a few years back when I was getting more alternatives. I also get several of the comics you listed, so that is another reason why I like your page.

Martin Ward - 04/07/98 18:36:49
My Email:fish@glinx.com

Read your page on Nevada. I, too, have some Howard the Duck comics, but not nearly all. I never bothered to seek out Gerber's stuff though I am aware that he is back at it. However, I may pick up Nevada. Anyway, back to browsing and I have bookmarked your page for further reading.

Randi Mason - 03/28/98 23:55:41
My Email:rimason@yahoo.com

I've been told you don't actually check in on this site that often, but what the heck... You'd made some comments about a site I put up for my friend Lucy over in College Park/Library/3536 - and you're right, it's pretty silly looking, but when your friend is losing her mind and is going to get her ass flamed off, you just act. I'm going to try to change it tonight, if Geocities doesn't get all stupid on me. Sincerely - Randi BTW, like your comics list. May I recommend adding to it Lost Stories and Box Office Poison? The guy who writes L.S. (John Reilly) runs the comic book shop I go to, and is a genuinely nice person. The story is a little like Theives and Kings, but more onvoluted. B.O.P. is a more real to life comic. Alex Robinson, the writer, has to have worked in a book store. I feel like he knows every stupid question and obnoxious customer to ever walk into the Barnes and Noble I'm at.

Island Sunrise - 02/28/98 20:08:43
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Just browsing Geocities and came across your page. Great page.

Bruno Bunkleyutz - 02/15/98 03:40:02
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First off, thanks for signing my own guestbook. Just thought I'd return the favor. Unfortunately, I was hoping to make a few comics recommendations of my own to you, but you already seem to be reading the best that the comics biz has to offer. Keep on anting!

m@t - 02/12/98 06:06:40
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Hey, I found your page on the Bruno the Bandit page guestbook and thought I'd check it out. the first thing I saw was your plea to sign the guest book so I'm doing this before anything else. Dunno if anyone else has yet, but I know how it feels. Take i easy.

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