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Comics Links

Online ComicsAbout Comics
These are various sites having to do with comics, either in general or a particular title or creator. Many of them are found in various places on this website, and are consolidated here. Just as many, maybe more, are found only here for now, though they will eventually be integrated into other pages as well.

General Comics Sites

Wraithspace Comix
Hosts the "AAA Ardvark" site below, otherwise devoted mostly to alternative comics
AAA Ardvark (aka the WraithSpace Comics Index)
The best all-round comprehensive comics site.
Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources
Another large general comics site.
Cerebus the Gopher
Despite its name, this is not a Cerebus-specific page, but a general comics site that is part of the larger Negative Space.
Negative Space
Comics is only one of the interests of the maintainer of this eclectic, interesting site.
The New Comic Book Releases List Web Site
New comics released this week, a couple of late comic reports, professionals on the 'net, and more.
Welcome to the Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Virtual Museum & Encyclopedia
A very interesting site I really haven't had the time to explore properly.
The History of Superhero Comic Books!
Fellow Geocitizen Jaime Coville has done a pretty good job with this.
The Comic Page - comic book history
A very superhero-oriented look at comics history from 1896 to (so far) 1982.
Friends of Lulu Home Page
An organization devoted to bringing more girls and women to the reading and creation of comics.
Comics Australia
Site devoted to Austrailian comics. Some good stuff here.
Yahoo! - Entertainment:Comics and Animation
The Yahoo Directory's Comics Links
Tony's Online Tips
Tony Isabella, comics writer and columnist for the Comic Buyer's Guide.
Writing For Comics
I haven't had time to thoroughly investigate this, but at a cursory glance it looks pretty good. Script mechanics, and some good tips for writing anything.
Beek's Books
Todd's site is much prettier than mine, and he has LOTS of full-size reviews, broken down by category and rated for quality. A very interesting site.
An attempt at building a database of the first appearance of comics magazine characters.
The Grand Comic-Book Database Project
This is an attempt to build something like the famous an popular Internet Movie Database. At the moment, it's still in the building stage, and access to the data is limited to the volunteers helping to build it.
The Comic Book Home Page
Thoughts on comics and some recommended reading from a fellow geocitizen.
Gallery of Comics
A fellow geocitizen with interesting tastes (Starman, Cerebus and Transformers, among others)
Small Press Zone - Home of Small Press Comics and Zines
Despite the fact that it sounds like an online shop selling comics, it's really a fan page devoted to really tiny comics - most of the stuff reviewed here never showed up at your local comic shop, but some of it is pretty good, at least according to Andy Hamerlinck.

Comics Online

Comic Strips
Alphabetical list links ALL of the major syndicated comics and a couple dozen web comics. Great site!
POSTnet Comics Page
A collection of comic strips from the electronic version of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
AstroNerdBoy's Comic Strips!
All the comics from the major syndicates below, plus many online-only comics, arranged in alphabetical order. Your one-stop comic strip shop.
The Comic Strip (r)
United Media's Syndicated Comics
King Features Syndicate
King Features' Syndicated Comics.
Universal Press Comics
Universal Press' Syndicated Comics.
Calvin & Hobbes
What a neat idea! A daily dose of one of the best comic strips of all time, exactly as it was published 11 years ago today.
Art Comics
An online comics site.
Jim Ottaviani's Comic Art Gallery
A collection of scans of original comics art from Jim Ottaviani's extensive collection.
Comic Art Collection Home Page
Another collection of comic art.
The Bruno the Bandit Home Page
An online comic strip by Ian McDonald that I like very much.
The Green Guys
They're also selling this in book form, I think, but they've got a several one-page stories on the website.
WebComics - Your Comics Homepage
A collection of online comic strips - as in most of them are available only online
Gallery of Comic Book Covers From The 1940s: Monthly Feature
Each month a new 1940s comic cover. No archive. Not really an online comic, but it's here.

Commercial Sites

Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.
The online version of Previews is the highlight of this site.
Thieves & Kings
The unofficial site's better as a description, but M'Oak's page lets you order T&K stuff.
7 Stories Tall - Independent, Self-published Comics
Seven Self Publishers sharing a co-op website. Includes M'Oak of Thieves & Kings
Publishers of graphic novels, especially American editions of French and other European works.
Mile High Comics
Comic store in Denver, Colo. - one of the biggest & most famous around.
COMICKAZE Comics,Cards,Video and More
Website of a store owned by a rac.* regular.
Welcome to the Comics Journal Web Site!
Home Page of the magazine.
Sirius Entertainment "Don't Miss a Trick"
Official site of Sirius Comics, publishers of Poison Elves and several other formerly self-published books.
Vertigo Comics
Division of DC responsible for Sandman, The Invisibles, Preacher, and many other fine comics.
The Superhighway of Superheroes
Auction/Consignment site specializing in comic books for sale.
Independent Comics - Mail Order
Jeff Mason's online comic book store specializing in small press and alternative comics.
Indy Magazine
Jeff Mason's magazine, a smaller, less caustic companion to The Comics Journal
Alternative Press
Alternative Press, Jeff Mason's pubishing house, which like Fantagraphics publishes the kind of comics the magazine promotes.
Library of Comics
A really good looking online comics store. Haven't tried it yet.
Twist and Shout Comics Home Page
Torn about where to put this, as it also has the online comic "Flies in Black"
THE MASTER LIST of comic & card stores!
At least one comic shop in my area is not on here, and at least two are closed (one has been for quite a while), but it looks pretty impressive.

Individual Comics & Creators

Alphabetical by Comic Title or Creator, as appropriate

Astro City Homepage
An unofficial but quite good site maintained by fan Martin Wisse.
Batman The Animated Series
A fan page devoted to the cartoon series. Has a link to my "Mask of the Phantasm" review.
Official BONE Web Page.
A basic description of the series so far, character profiles, etc.
The Eddie Campbell Web Page
An official page done with Campbell's blessing - you can e-mail him here, too.
Operation Crazed Ferret
A semi-official Cerebus site originally set up with Dave's blessing (back when the Web was in its infancy) that includes a scanned version of the Free Cerebus comic Dave did after the first 150 issues to help introduce Cerebus to new readers.
Gah! (the unofficial Cerebus website)
A new, unfinished but already very good site. Includes scans of covers of each issue and quotes, will eventually have character profiles and other fun stuff.
Cerebus the Aardvark
A page about Cerebus from a fellow Geocitizen.
Melvinbone's Cerebus Page (Version 3.0)
Another fellow Geocitizen's Cerebus page.
Dino's Café
Steve Rolston maintains this page devoted to Melmoth, Book Six of the Cerebus saga.
Cerebus Rex
Contains an index and summary of the first 150 or so issues..
a page from Cerebus
This is from Jim Ottaviani's Comic Art Gallery
The Wharton Journal Online : Mon, Dec 11, 1995 : Comic Review: Cerebus: 200 out of 300 -- (200K graphics)
Review of Cerebus from The Wharton Journal with two full page reproductions.
Page devoted to the upcoming series by Wandering Star creator Teri S. Wood
The Desert Peach Annotations
A complete list of annotations for The Desert Peach
The Desert Peach FAQ
A list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about The Desert Peach.
From Hell Web Page
One of several
Garth Ennis Fan Page
From the same folks who did Scripta Mira, the Grant Morrison page (I think)
A very, very good promotional page for a very, very good comic book. Visit. Read. Buy.
Gerber's Alarming World
Steve Gerber's website.
Denise Voskuil deserves a medal for creating and maintaining this official Hepcats website
Best Man Fall
An unofficial but very good Invisibles page from fellow Geocitizen Paul McCann
BARBELITH: An Invisible(s) Website
Includes extensive annotations to the series.
The Sixmonkey Home Page - The Invisbles Cover Art Gallery
All the covers of both series.
Scripta Mira
A Grant Morrison fan page, including the Invisibles and other comics.
Love & Rockets Links
Just what it says; maintained by Mark Rosenfelder.
Jaime Hernandez Chronology
Also by Mark R.; a chronology of events that occur or are referred to in Jaime's L&R stories.
Mi Vida Loca: A Love and Rockets Resource
An excellent Love & Rockets site from fellow geocitizen Sarah Graham.
Minimum Wage Page
Official page by Bob Fingerman - check it out!
Official Roberta Gregory Website
What it says, not just Naughty Bits but Gregory's other work as well.
BAD HABIT: The comic book art of Jeff Nicholson
Nicholson is the creator of Ultra Klutz, Through the Habitrails and other great comics you've never heard of. Shame on you.
Poison Elves Home Page
Unofficial site maintained by Brad Chamberlain.
Poison Elves Guide
Yet another Poison Elves page
Hyena: A Fan Page
Devoted to a character in Poison Elves
The Wake
A beautiful page devoted to Neil Gaiman's Sandman.
The Dreaming
Another page devoted to The Sandman, including Neil Gaiman news and extensive links.
Sandman annotations
Everything you wanted to know about The Sandman but were afraid to ask.
(Dylan Verheul's The Wake is supposed to be the official repository for this now, but he's putting them up one at a time. I'm gonna link to this one until he gets the whole thing up)
Magian Line Menu
Online version of the Neil Gaiman fan-club magaine, not just devoted to Sandman, but I decided to put it here anyway.
A Sandman Page
Jessica Palmer scanned some of the images I've got on my page. She's got a lot of Delirium stuff.
Neil Gaiman's Sandman
Yet another good Sandman page.
The Pages of Magic
A Neil Gaiman fanpage that is mostly about Sandman but has some other stuff, too.
Gallery of the Endless
Dan Carrington's site has descriptions and pictures of all of Dream's family
The Shaper's Realm -- Welcome
Another Sandman page ("Shaper" was another of Dream's names)
A Distant Skerry of the Dreaming
What is it about Neil that inspires so many pages? This Sandman page is by Jennifer Jo Reinhart.
Gates of Ivory
Stephanie Moore at Yale maintains this nifty collection of images of Dream from Sandman
Alex Tam shows how a fan-originated site can be slicker and more professional-looking than many publisher-based sites.
The Unofficial Starman Homepage
Another fan page, from a fellow geocitizen. Not as good as Alex Tam's, but not bad.
Strangers In Paradise Website
Unofficial site maintained by Maida Carpio Scott.
Thieves & Kings Web Page
An unofficial but wonderful homage by Matt Brooks.
The Transmet Feed
A wonderful Transmetropolitan site.
Transmetropolitan: Pupin Grove
Another Transmetropolitan fan page.
Warren Ellis, writer of the absolutely brilliant Transmetropolitan (among other comics), has his own home page.
Watching the Detectives
A panel-by-panel examination Alan Moore's and Dave Gibbon's masterpiece, Watchmen, by Suart Moulthrop and assorted volunteers. Possibly the first set of hypertext annotations of a comic on the World Wide Web.
The Annotated Watchmen
Yet another set of Watchmen annotations, this one from Jason Fliegel.
Barry Windsor-Smith
Official page that seems to be maintained by BWS himself.
Fans of Teri Sue Wood Page
A page all about the creator of Wandering Star and the upcoming Darklight

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