Episode (2) Pokemon Emergency
All the clinging for fear of bugs starts here clinging to Ash ^_~
Episode (3) Ash Catches a pokemon
Ash is so happy he links arms with Misty and dances around! weeeeee!
Also, at the end sometime Misty says, 'Wow! I never knew anyone like him;
Episode (10) Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village
Misty clings to Ash for dear life - literally It's a cute seen ^_^
Episode (12) Here comes the squrtle squad!
When Ash came in the hideout late and no one was there, one of the first htings he was worried about was Misty's well being ^_~ Let's not forget he asked Misty about her hair instead of about Pikachu.
Episode (16) POkemon Shipwreck
At the end when they were in the dragon rage attack, they both held hands, okay, so they held hands with Brock and Pikachu too, but it's still cute.
Episode (17) Island of the giant pokemon
Not much of a hint, but it's really cute, in the beginning, Ash was worried about Misty and shook her to wake her up
Episode (20) The ghost of maiden's peak
       Ah, this one. When the gastly called out the ghost,
Misy clung to Ash and he didn't seem to mind too much.
And and at the end, Misty dresses up for
the first time and Ash is speechless,
then comes the ever famous picture of Ash and Misty dancing.
Episode (23) the tower of terror
When Ash was a ghost, he picked up Misty and said 'Come play with me Misty!' (Not Brock)
Misty also cried over ash when she thought he was dead
Episode (27) Hypno's naptime
When Misty decided to try the hypno waves and was acting all weird, Ash was the one who was worreid about her, and he was the first one to go after her. ^_^
There's some cute small things in there, so just watch that episode
Episode (29) The punchy pokemon
During Ash's battle Misty stands up cheering like a mad  woman, she even scared the girl beside her ^_~
Episode (32) The Ninja poke-showdown
Misty was so mad at Psyduck she was about to hit him, but Ash held her back and tried to calm her down
Episode (--) Legend of Dratini
(hint submitted by Furry Fan, paraphrased by Joy-girl)
In this episode that never aired in America for reasons of gun usage, Team Rocket throws a bomb in the ocean and Ash, being the hero that he is, feel the need to help or stop it. Misty in turn freaks out and holds Ash back. Ash tells her that he needs to help (hero complex) so Misty lets him go, but preceeds to worry about him and send her pokemon to help him. Ash ends up running out of air in the water and Misty continues to have a near heart attack.
Episode (36) Ditto's mysterious masion
It isn't much of a hint, but it's really funny when the group plus Duplica do the Team Rocket motto,
Episode (41)  March of the Executtor squad
misty decides to help Marvin and has to wear this cute Goldeen outfit and Ash sees her in it and saysd, "That's a real cue outfit Misty!"
Episode (59) The Mermaid Misty
While Misty getting ready for the water balle thing, ash says 'I can't wait to see Misty!' Then when she's in trouble he rushes to help ^_^
Episode (82) A scare in the Air
Ash didn't want Misty to fall, so he brought out bulbasaur
Episode (83) Pokemon Peril
At the end when brock left, Team Rocket caught them in a cage and said,
"We caught so romantic creatures in out cage!"
"YOu mean? Aw!"
"Der love boyds!"
And both Ash and Misty blushed and denied it,
Episode (93) ***Naval Manuevers***
Just watch the whole episode! Misty likes Danny because he was actually nice about it, and at one point, Ash asked 'Who does this guy think he is?' And when Misty was worried about Danny going up the hill, Ash got jeleaus and slipped. AND when they finally got up the hill, Misty ran past Ash and greeted Danny. Ash was disapointed and  asked, 'What about me?' ^_~
Episode (99) Wherefore art thou, pokemon?
When the Nidoran kiss, then evovle, Ash asks, 'Do people chane when they get kissed?' Misty says. 'We'll just have to wait and see' It was cute
Episode (101) ***Get along little pokemon***
IN the beginning when the sotrm came, Misty couldn't walk anymore so Ash helped her up and when they went under the rock, Ash was looking a her in concern ^_^
***Episode (103) Misty meets her match***
Rudy asks Misty to stay on the island! But instead of staying with someone who would treat her wonderfully and be really nice to her, she decides to stay with Ash. Plus, at the end Rudy says, "You know ash, you're a very lucky guy" Ash of course is confused, but then Rudy says, "You'll fins out someday."
Episode (110) The stun spore detour
At the end after Ash was all better, Ash thanks Misty, but Tracey didn't ^_~ it was really sweet

***This means major hints***
**This means hints throughout the episode**
In almost every episdoe, there are small cute hints, like most of the time it's Misty worrying about Ash and calling his name, or vice versa. Since I don't feel like typing every single episode with Misty and/or Ash calling out or being worried, I'll just let the small cute stuff go, so if you REALLY want to know about those things, then watch pokemon!
Ghost of maidens peak
Pokemon Peril
Pokemon Paril
Bulbasaur and the hidden village
Ditto's mysterious mantion
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