Year 2 - N° 7 - Buenos Aires - November 2002    

Take UL's “fast-track”
        to a quicker product certification...
at half the price and
     half the time.

UL launches “fast-track”
certification programs for products
in three industry segments
and for all components.









Effective Nov. 1, clients who submit end products in any of three key industry segments to UL for new-product evaluations for the United States will also receive the C-UL Mark for Canada at no extra cost. What’s more, if the product already has CSA certification, UL will provide both the UL and C-UL marks at half the cost of obtaining the UL Mark alone.

“If UL fails to meet the mutually agreed upon promise date” - says Loring W. Knoblauch, UL’s president and CEO - “clients will receive their U.S. and Canadian certifications absolutely free.”

The three industry segments include:

•Industrial control equipment
-----------------motor controllers
-----------------auxiliary devices
-----------------high voltage accessories
-----------------power conversion equipment
-----------------programmable controllers
-----------------protective relays
-----------------switches and terminal blocks
•Industrial control panels
•Laboratory, test and measurement equipment.

All components included
The fast-track program also extends to all components - regardless of their end-product use - that have already received CSA certification for the United States and Canada.

“When a manufacturer submits a product that contains CSA-certified components to UL for certification in the United States or Canada - Knoblauch says - we will offer the component supplier the option of having UL certify the component under the half-price ‘fast-track’ program.”

If the supplier agrees, UL will provisionally accept the CSA-certified component, then test it and the end product at the same time. If the component is certified within 120 days, then UL’s acceptance of the CSA-certified component stands. If UL is unable to satisfactorily certify the component, UL will offer the customer 90 days to source another, already UL-certified component. If a suitable alternative UL-certified component cannot be found, UL will withdraw its acceptance of both the CSA-certified component and the end product.

“UL’s ‘fast-track’ component offer lets customers reduce their time-to-market while providing the reassurance UL needs that the level of safety for those components and products remains high,” says Knoblauch. “The fast-track program gives our customers what they’ve been asking for - fast, efficient, higher-value product certifications.”

For more information about UL’s new “fast-track” certification program, visit UL on the Web at




Agreement Between UL and SIAM

UL has executed an agreement with SIAM, whereby UL will supply training and education services.

SIAM’s return to the market within a production framework of business partnerships, posts a challenge that UL de Argentina accepts upfront through this agreement.

We understand that SIAM’s project success, based on the cluster theory, will allow to show the way toward a competitive growth that will override the current management paradigms in Argentina.

UL de Argentina will contribute with its expertise and worldwide presence to allow SIAM to compete internationally.

For this purpose, SIAM has decided to develop a strategic alliance with UL de Argentina to build a technical assistance program for standardization, certification and testing of both their products and suppliers

The benefits of this alliance are:
1-Comply with laws in force, certifying products against regulatory requirements and the MQS ISO 9000:2000.

2-Get internationally recognized marks to facilitate the access to exportation markets.

3- Develop education and follow-up activities for production and management areas, including ancillary services.

4- Expand these activities to all goods or service suppliers included in the value chain.

5-The tasks covered are: education, audits, inspections, testing, design reviews, testing and production equipment validation process review, parts/components development evaluation, standard update and interpretation.

SIAM has chosen UL de Argentina based on a collective strategy stand-point, as both organizations share common objectives and responses in relation to their respective sectors, are tightly connected by permanent links, and they share the same resource niches



Lowe Choose UL

Lowe’s Home Improvement, one of the U.S.’s largest retailers (and a company deeply dedicated to Public Safety) has decided that all electrical, electro-mechanical, and gas products sold in their stores must be Certified by UL (displacing at least three of our major competitors).


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