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Gema has very nice face features and clear light brown skin shade and long hair.  She is small but has woman figure.  She has work as saleslady.  She is a Roman Catholic but will consider man of other Christian faith.  Words that describe her are caring, responsible, joyful, passionate, shy and cute.   She is a a high school graduate and has over 2 years of college education, can type and use computer.
She is looking for a white or Hispanic single or divorced man from 30 to 60.  A man who is family minded and knows about life and is responsible.

  This is first time she ever shown on internet, so be reserve in your 1st letter, OK?

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Gema Cruz 25    5'2"  99lbs.
Gema Cruz   25    5'2"  99lbs.  (dob  Jan 14, 1978)

Miss Gema Cruz 
St. Joseph Timago, Ozamiz City
Misamis Occidental, Philippines 7200

Gema Cruz 25    5'2"  99lbs.

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