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This really is just me saying I'm tired of ranting about the craziness of the "get paid to" programs with just the four corner of my room to hear me so this page is for all those times that I've been reduced to a mere voiceless and faceless "member" of these various programs, suffering in silence amidst these ridiculous misspellings, pms-ing webmistress, weird search results, and everything in between. I hope you'll enjoy my miserable sentiments. This will be updated as often as I feel like it or the next time I see another NPA warning, whichever comes first.


This month's poll (August 2004):

Actually both options needs 2000 clicks to reach pay-out, assuming you don't have any downline. So option B is an obvious choice, but program owners are more likely to pay low $5 pay-out than $60 pay-out and less chance of the program turning to "redeem-for-ads-only" or from disappearing at all. As they say: if it's too good to be true, it probably is.


Object of my afflictions:
typos, mistake or not?
One or two are forgivable, I mean, some of us have day jobs and only doing the Internet at night, so maybe we're tired and all and our fingers have a mind of its own - hitting keys we weren't planning on hitting and our brain refusing to recognize the difference between SURFING and SURPING but really an announcement like "TARRFIC EXCHANGE" is just toooo much! How can anyone sign-up in that program with a banner screaming like that?
search engine, helping or headache?
I dont do search in any of the programs I've joined, partly because I'm not from searching country (I'm soooo honest) and partly because I can't find anything remotely relevant to the keywords I've searched for. I'm just curious, did anyone ever? I've searched for Olympics and viola "Want to buy Olympics on ebay?" If I ever want to search for something I'll do WEBCRAWLER, and no they're not paying me.
pms-ing webmistress
"i've mistakyly sent a ad double, if you click it twice please email me, im not tolerate dishonest member!"


Object of my affections:
favorite PTR of the month: HAULINGCASH
Pay-out is a low $5 with minimum click value of 1/4 cent. Reach pay-out within weeks if you are from searching country, otherwise build your downline. WBM is Mike, he's nice and confirmed paying what is due to his members even without requesting for it! Lots and lots of search e-mails.
all time favorite PTR: AYS
Pay-out is $50 by check with minimum click value of 5 cents. Reach pay-out within two months even without referrals. This is a mus join if you dont ming waiting for more than 6 months. Its August now and they've only sent the December 2003 checks. But the important thing I guess is that you can be sure the checks will arrive. WBMs: Linder & Sharon.


Useful Links (to keeping your sanity while doing the gpt)


Find the latest news on the gpt industry, who's paying or not, get help from fellow clicker or from various program owner, sell or buy an item, and get referrals.


Long, long web address? Shorten it with D4A for free. Visit also their community where you can find even more useful stuff.


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