The Crab Society was formed way back when the founding members were in their Last Year of their beloved (???) High School. |It did not gather a lot of members though but we know who we are and we are proud of who and what we are today.

We are the.....












"To pull and pull you down until we succeed."

..::Enter our Crabhole::..








According to Dictionary.com, the word CRAB means a lot of things.


That's not our definition of a crab.

A crab is someone who only thinks of one's self, a grade conscious (GC) person who'd do everything to be on the top, and that includes pulling other people down or stepping on others. That is a crab.









This page is forever under construction.


There's never anything new.




So what are you looking for???







See where we came from.

IV-A 2k1







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