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Jessica Yuen
My name is Jess. I go to the Australian International School Hong Kong and am currently studying for my HSC and trying to get an UAI to get into university. I am Australian and hope to go back to Brisbane for University at the University of Queensland. As I build up this sight I hope you find things that will help you with your studies or whatever. See you around, emailing is most welcome, I'm always looking to innovate this website (improve it).
Angela's page
I enjoy reading, playing games and playing every sport with the exception of gold and a few others. I enjoy travelling to other places for holidays especially on the beach. I find history interesting and am developing an artistic thing. I'm interested in most things although I can be known to get up to mischief. I aim to study hard and to get high grades. My advice to you is to try your best all the time and don't always slack off. Give it your all. I will continually be putting stuff on the site that i hope everyone likes.  MSN
I have some great friends in Hong Kong and Australia. My friends like Howard Chong provide a lot of advice and help whenever I need it. I have several other friends like Jessica Lui, Lisa Tam and a few others. They are caring and always helping me get better. My family are supportive especially my Mum, Dad and my sister Natalie. They give me advice all the way. I try to listen to my friends and family as they are the most important people in your teenage years as well as when you're younger or older. I have great friends and family as well as people who help me out like Yukiko and Angela and some other buddies who provide everything to make my life good and worthwhile.