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Leprechaun in Tha Hood website..
Here you will be able to take a look at some of the photos from the movie as well as the trailer to the movie. Lep in tha hood Stars Warwick davis "from The Movie Willow" and Ice-T, Cooleo also Makes his apearence in the movie.
just to get you geared up the right way, Lep in the Hood is one of those Horror movies that is more funnier than Scarey, if you keep that in mind you will really have a good time with the Movie.
The Movie Takes place in Los Angeles California "Well known as South Cental"
Mack daddy has taken the Leprechauns golden magic flute from our boy, and he's pissed!!, you don't mess with a Leprechauns gold, or his golden flute or thier will be hell to pay..
So sit back relax and enjoy the vison and Go out and rent Lep in tha Hood!!

Click Here to Bail to tha Hood!!"
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