Detail for iLEEP (Tentative)

  1. Program's Name: iLEEP - International Language Education Exchange Program

  2. Venue: Higashi-shirakawa Mura Village in Gifu Prefecture in Japan

  3. Meeting point: Shirakawa-guchi Station(Access detail to be announced later)

  4. Hosting Organization: IVC at NUCB - International Volunteer Club at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business

  5. Period: August 14th - 27th, 2004

  6. Contents:
    1. Study Japanese
    2. Teach your mother language or English to Japanese collage students
    3. Enjoy Japanese traditional summer festival
    4. Play with small children and have conversation by using Japanese (on-site training!)
    5. On-site training by walking around in the village


    Last Updated
    May 31st, 2004