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اومن - الأخوين رحباني
اومن أن خلف الحبات الوادعات تزهو جنات
اومن أن خلف الليل العاتي الأمواج يعلو سراج
اومن أن القلب الملقى في الأحزان يلقى الحنان ... كلي إيمان
اومن أن خلف الريح الهوجاء شفاه تتلو الصلاة
اومن أن في صمت الكون المقفل من يصغي لي
أني إذ ترنو عيناي للسماء تصفو الأضواء تعلو الألحان ... كلي إيمان


Oumin = I Do Believe

I do believe that behind those humble grains are prosperous heavens

I believe that behind the night full of raging waves , there is the light of a lamp

I believe that the heart that is thrown into sadness will find love and tenderness ,

I do believe ,

I believe that behind the stormy winds  , there are lips saying the prayers

I believe that in the closed silence of the universe SOMEONE IS LISTENING TO ME

As my eyes turn towards the skies the lights become more clear , the hymns rise more and more , I do believe , I do BELIEVE


This song has been the best prayer I ever heard since long ago , and the voice of fairouz makes it much more beautiful , if we all could believe in God , and act like it , wouldn't this world have been a much more pleasant  place to live in ?




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