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مهما تأخّر جايي     مابيضيع اللي جايي

عا غفلة بيوصل من قلب الضوّ من خلف الغيم

ما حدا بيعرف يللي جايي كيف يبقى جايي

إيماني ساطع يا بحر الليل

إيماني الشمس , المدى و الليل

ما بيتكسّر إيماني و لا بيتعب إيماني إنت اللي ما بتنساني

أنا إيماني الفرح الوسيع     من خلف العواصف جايي ربيع

إذا كبرت أحزاني  نسيني العمر التّاني إنت اللي ما بتنساني


No Matter How Late He is , He shall Come

The Coming shall never be lost

He shall come suddenly , from within the light , from beyond the clouds

No one knows the hour or the time , or How he Shall Come

My Faith is strong , Shining like the Sun oh sea of Darkness

My Faith is like the Sun The Horizon and the Night

My Faith shall Never be broken nor Shall I be tired of believing

Because You are the One who Never Abandons me

My faith is the vast Joy, that after the storms spring shall come

If my pains grew , and the other life abandoned me



This wallpaper was made the day before the starting of Christmas Lent of the year 2002 , this year all the East will be fasting and praying together , 15 days ago our Muslim brothers started the Holy Month of Ramadan and tomorrow the Christian community will start the third and last fast of the year , which unlike the Easter Lent ( Al Saoum Al Kabir ) which occurs in the spring usually and spans for 50 days , this Lent is for 40 days and ends by celebrating Christmas , I hope that this period or prayers will help the east the move away from the ghosts of war . After all Like the play ( from which this song is taken ) Al Mahatta , ( the train station ) this is how everyday of our lives should end , with a hope in another better day . And in Believing THAT HE SHALL COME , And Waiting for him ever moment and every day because No One Knows the Hour nor the day.


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