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To download this movie as a SCREENSAVER with the complete song CLICK HERE and you will Download the Zip File , unzip the file and click on the screensaver file to install it , or right click on the file to choose between Configure , install and test . Hope you Like it .

You Can also see the wallpaper I made previously for this same song

Bitzakkarak Bil Kharif

This is the Lebanese version of the Autumn Leaves or let's say the "Fairouz Version" of the Famous song of Yves Montand , also performed by Piaf , and many others , this is the short version of the song that has appeared in Fairouz last album "Wala Kif"

It Is still familiar , and you are still cute

Does the autumn still mean to you

As much as it does to me ?

Tell me if , you still miss me

I don't know , why I am saying that

Nor how.


Do you miss any one special ? ............. I do .




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